5 Best Toilets Under $150 & Buying Guide 2022

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The toilet is the necessary part of the house, whether it is an apartment or a building. Toilet for bathroom needs much attention during purchasing. Whether you are replacing the old one or fixing a new toilet, you should choose them wisely.

You can get the best-performed lavatory by investing a small amount. A good bathroom toilet is durable, sturdy, and can clean off in one flush. So it is not a big deal that you do not have much money for toilet installation.

The market is full of expensive and affordable toilet ranges. Some of them are of high-quality, and some are cheap. It is not a guarantee that you will get the best one at a high price. You can get them at a low cost also. We will review the best toilets for under $150.

In the past era, toilets were not uncouth. But with time, people get aware of the importance of the bathroom toilet. Now the life is not possible without this luxury. Everyone wants a comfortable bathroom toilet with a reliable sitting place and a proper flushing system.

You can buy an elegant toilet at a low cost within your range. The low price does not mean to compromise on performance. This article will help you in choosing the best quality toilet for under $150. It will also facilitate you with the main point that helps you in buying the best bathroom toilet.

Best Buying Guide for Purchasing Toilet Under $150:

When you visit the market, you probably remain to confuse about where you should look for these. The first thing is your affordable budget. When you know what is in your pocket for buying a bathroom toilet, you can best deal with the searching issue.


The toilet that consists of a tank and bowl is known as a 2-piece toilet. The 1 piece toilet has a bowl only. Now the point to be thought is what your requirement is? What is your choice, and what is affordable? Usually, a 2 piece toilet is less costly than 1 piece. The cost is also affected by style and brand. Traditional toilets are affordable than modern and stylish. It is up to you what you will like.

The toilet and bowl come in different shapes, such as the oval, elongated, and round. Usually, an elongated toilet with a round bowl is more comfortable. You can choose the more reliable one.


The toilet seat is of plastic, wood and is soft for slow-close. Most toilets come with a toilet seat, while it is absent in some of them. Choose the bathroom toilet with the toilet seat, as it will save the extra burden of about $30-$50 of the toilet seat.

Flushing System

The toilets work on gravity and pressure flushing systems. If your range is limited, you should prefer a dual flushing system. It will save about 70% of water and reduce your expenses also. Moreover, buy a toilet that has WaterSense certification.


The selection of the material for the toilet depends upon the place where you want to fix it. You can’t install a ceramic toilet with a large tank in the RV bathrooms. Such toilets are best for use in homes.


Toilets come with many other accessories, including a seat and cover. If you feel that these attachments are making toilets expensive, you can also buy them separately at a low price. It requires time but will help you a lot in saving money.

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Best Toilets Under $150

Following are the best toilets for use under $150.

  1. TOTO Entrada CST243EF#01 Toilet
  2. American Standard 221CA104.020 Colony
  3. Thetford 31671 Aqua-Magic RV
  4. Dometic 300 series standard height toilet
  5. Mansfield Plumbing Alto toilet

 TOTO Entrada CST243EF#01 Toilet:


TOTO is a Japanese brand that is famous for high-quality & durable plumbing products. TOTO Entrada CST243EF#01 Toilet is among its best quality products. It is a stylish toilet with a large tank & elongated design. The lavatory has Emax 1.28 GPF. It has an ideal height for everyone. The acme is comfortable for every individual. It comes without a seat, and you have to buy a separate seat for it. But you can get that at a bargain price.

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American Standard 221CA104.020 Colony


American Standard 221CA104.020 is the best two-piece toilet for under $150. This toilet is of porcelain and available in three shades; bone, linen, and white. It is highly efficient in performance and claims low consumption of water.

It uses aboit1.28 gallons per flush that is a bit more than standard. This toilet comes without a seat. You have to buy a separate seat. But in front of its working, it is not a big deal. It is also hard to clean by flushing.

 Thetford 31671 Aqua-Magic RV


When you are looking for the best toilet RVs and campus vans, Thetford 31671 Aqua-Magic RV toilet is the best choice for you. It has a compact design with no tank. It has a height of about 18.5 inches. Thetford 31671 Aqua-Magic RV toilet has a one-foot pedal that flushes the waste by putting water into the bowl. It is light in weight and comes with three years warranty.

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Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet


Dometic 300 series standard toilet is the best toilet in quality and performance under $150. It has a compact and space-saving design with no external tank. The thing that makes it a more affordable choice is a full-sized comfortable seat. The toilet is flimsy and thin but elegant and lightweight also. But the seat lid is not much durable. It broke after a few weeks, it was complained about by clients. It has a gravity flush system.

Mansfield Plumbing Alto toilet


Mansfield plumbing alto toilet is a two- pieced vitreous china toilet with a round front and small height. It is suitable for households and is comfortable for use according to ADA requirements.

It has the ideal acme for elders and all individuals in the house. Furthermore, it works on flush technology & has about 1.6GPF water consumption. The other features included a chrome-plated plastic trip lever, anti-siphon ballcock, flushing tower, and glazed tap way.

It has excellent accessibility with a 3-bolt tank-to-bowl connection. It is also one of the best models that you can buy at an affordable price.


It is not an easy task to find out the toilet in the $150 range. But a little bit of attention can help you in finding the high-quality bathroom within range. The above-discussed toilets are among the top picks and affordable.

You can visit the market to check the qualities of the lavatory by appearance. It will aid you in finding the best one according to your requirement.

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