Best Toilets Under $200 in 2022

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The toilet is the best necessity part of the bathroom that compliments your bathroom. To buy a comfortable toilet is a lifetime investment. When you have a limited budget, you lemmatize your ideas also. But now you do not need any worry. We have come with some best toilet ideas under $200.

The toilet is part of the sanitation system. It is the place for the disposal of human feces and urine.  While in some houses there is a separation between bathroom and toilet place. It is up to you and your house location what type of toilet will be better for your home.

Selection of the lavatory is not a compromising thing. A comfortable toilet feels your bathroom proud, flushes accurately, and facilitates you with proper sitting. If the cloakroom is not snug, it can lead to constipation issues. You can get a durable, comfortable, water-efficient toilet at an affordable price.

Guidelines While Choosing The Best Toilet

Following guidelines will help you to buy a high-quality toilet within the range.


The size of the toilet is the first thing that needs attention. Certain factors help to determine the size of the lavatory, such as your bathroom’s space. For renewal of the existing toilet, you need to consider the height from wall to floor drain & rough-in measurement. The standard acme is 12- inch it can be 10 or 14 inches in rough-in if the house is old.


The height of the rim also matters a lot. Usually, the edge of the standard toilet is 14 or 15 inches off the ground. There are also many models having a diameter of about 18 or 19 inches. As if your house has limited mobility, you can buy a toilet with an edge of 16.5 inches.

Toilet Style

The most common toilet style is the two-piece toilet style in which the bowl is separate from the tank. Most people like one-piece toilet style as these toilets are easy to clean. But such toilets are expensive. The other modern looks that are attractive due to the delegate look are wall-mounted toilets. But they are not easy to install.

Flushing Technology

There are many flushing systems in common such as gravity flush system and pressure-assisted flushing technology. Gravity flush system is more common as it requires a little maintenance and easy to flush out content and water by intro force. Pressure-assisted flushing technology pressurizes the water into the water by the air force.

Bowl’s shape

Toilet bowls are of various shapes, such as elongated, round, and ovule. But a round shape is more convenient than all.

Water Efficiency

According to American law, the toilets cannot use more than 1.6 gallons of water. The highly efficient toilets use only 1.1 or 1.2-gallon water per flush to flush out. If your lavatory is consuming more water, you need to replace it.


Before purchasing the toilet, devour the instructions and specifications given with it. It will help you to get one according to the fits and dimensions of your bathroom.

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List of Best Toilet Under $200

  1. American standard H2optimum Siphonic
  2. Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet
  3. Kohler K-3987-RA-O wellworth toilet
  4. TOTO CST244EF#1 toilet

American Standard H2Optimum Siphonic

American standard H2optimum Siphonic is the best choice if you want an eco-friendly, pretty, and cheap toilet under $200. It consumes less water and has an American-style elongated shape perfect for a small bathroom. It uses 1.1GPF water that has a good impact on your wallet also.


Furthermore, it has the best performance that saves you from frustration about cleaning. It has an elegant look with a round bowl and an elongated shape. The additional features include an ever clean surface that prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria and molds. It is all over good in performance. But due to the round bowl, it does not facilitate good comfortable sitting.

Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet

Dometic 300 series standard height toilet is the second best and affordable toilet. It has an RV style, and it uses less water at a worthwhile cost. It does not have a tank that is beneficial if you have a small place. Furthermore, it works on a gravity flush system.


This system eliminates the flush and keeps the surface clean & fresh. It is for RVs and campus, and you cannot install these toilets on a raised platform. It uses about 0.5-liter water per flush which is why it is a good choice according to American standards. Moreover, the toilet has a foot pedal that is adjustable with water. Its height is also perfect.

Kohler K-3987-RA-O Wellworth Toilet

Kohler K-3977-RA-O wellworth toilet is the best two-piece toilet under $200. The appearance of the toilet is classic and pretty by an unusual tulip tank. It uses about 1.1 or 1.6 GPF water. It has class five flushing technology and uses a large valve that ensures smooth flushing into the bowl.


The product has water sense approval and has one-year warranty. The bowl is round that makes it more elegant. It is a perfect choice for compact houses.


TOTO CST244EF#1 is also the best cheap toilet for stylish houses. It is an ever-cleaned two-piece toilet with an elongated shape and round bowl and tank. Both tank and bow are separate with left chrome trip level. It has a comfortable and ideal height for everyone, including children, women, and men. It uses about 1.28 GPF water and has an E-Max flushing system.


The constant flow maintains with a flush valve that helps in providing good pressure. The dirt passes due to the pressure of water. The surfaces of the toilet remain clean due to the glazed trap way. But it does not come with a toilet seat. It is also among the best picks that are under $200.


Every toilet is specific and perfect in its performance. You can buy the one that can meet your requirement within your range. Above 4- toilets are the best toilets under $200. You can buy the best one to give a stylish look to your bathroom.

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