Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 4×4

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Shocks are one of the main components of every vehicle. It does not matter whether it is light or heavy. You can say that without a torsion bar, it is not easy to travel on sandy, wet and rough roads with a terrain. If you want to keep your cherished vehicles tip-top while a start, stop, or travel off the road, make sure the shocks are the best. The Dodge ram1500 4×4 is a light truck but is for heavy load. For the truck owners, it is challenging to find the best shocks for the dodge ram. We have come with the best shock absorbers for dodge ram 1500 4×4 for the owner to have safe traveling.

Dodge ram 1500 is an excellent terrain for heavy loads. Their production started in 1993. Now with time, many models and generations have come. For every design, type, and model of the dodge ram, the shock absorbers are the main component to the main safe ride on and off the roads. Along with the smooth ride, the shocks protect the suspension system while traveling on rough roads with a hefty load. The shock absorbers also make the dodge ram best for heavy towing.

Buying Guidelines for Dodge Ram’s Shocks:

Keep in mind the following guidelines to find excellent shock absorbers for your truck. 

Driving condition:

The first thing that plays a vital role in shock absorbers purchasing is the driving condition. You must know where you have to drive the truck and what problems you may have to face during driving. If the driving is more on off-road, then you can buy nitro shock absorbers. These are best for reducing heat production and improving performance.


The other noticeable thing is to know whether you need adjustable shocks or non-adjustable shocks. Most of the drivers don’t like the adjustable shocks. They prefer non-adjustable over adjustable shocks. The non-adjustable shocks are perfect for off-road driving vehicles.

Control system:

When you go for replacing, the shocks must buy those having an excellent control system. During driving, if you feel that your vehicle has no traction while passing through ups and downs or the shock absorbers are at fault, immediately change them. 

Smooth riding:

For a smooth riding experience, the suspension system should be the best. In the working of the suspension system, shock absorbers are the main components. So buy the shocks that offer a smooth riding experience and control the suspension system well. For a stress-free experience, you need to replace the damaged shocks instantly. It will also improve performance, control, and quality of handling items. 


While you are accelerating, vehicle stability is the main factor that it should have. Buy the shock absorber that guarantees the best stability. In other words, your shocks should be able to carry the heavy load truck and maintain stability as well. An excellent shock absorber provides control, which enhances the performance level. It also increases the confidence of the truck owner while he is driving.


It is the main thing that matters a lot. Most people think quality lies in high prices. But this sentence is not suitable as many brands offer the standard, at an affordable price. It is up to you how much you want to spend and what brand you choose for your terrain. You have an idea of the amount that you have for shocks. It will help you to get the shock absorber of require specification in your range.

Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 4×4

  1. Monroe Load Adjusting Shocks
  2. Bilstein Monotube Gas Shock Front Pair
  3. Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Kit
  4. Rancho Suspension Quicklift Struts
  5. Detroit Axle Shock Absorber

Monroe Load Adjusting Shocks:


Monroe Load Adjusting Shocks are the special shocks for dodge ram 1500. These are excellent for reducing friction and enhancing performance.  In these, the valving system adjusts automatically. These shocks are best for terrains with heightened rears. Monroe Load Adjusting Shocks raise the hoist body and increase the stability of the vehicles. The Fluon band in these are for excellent sealing between piston and pressure tube. They are sturdy and durable & you can use them for heavy-duty trucks as well. They are self-adjusting but a little bit noisy also.

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Bilstein Monotube Gas Shock Front Pair:

Bilstein Monotube Gas Shock Front Pair is just like that of Monotube shocks with the high-tech digressive piston. They are perfect for dodge ram trucks. The front lift is expendable from 0 to 0.75 inches. The piston has a disc valve that makes it self-adjusting. Its features make it lovely for hauling purposes.


Bilstein Monotube Gas Shock Front Pair is durable and provides smooth riding. They give an incredible experience of driving on the road. These shocks have smooth riding no matter how sound and firm the roads. They are perfect for off-road driving. These shocks are the best due to reliability and strength. They have a Monotube design and provide the maximum performance for heavy-duty trucks. These are ISO-certified for quality. Moreover, they have a lifetime warranty.

Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Kit:


Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Kit is the best option if you like shocks with a bit of lift and a high-quality ride for trucks. It is suitable for heavy tires. These shocks are preferable due to fading, high stability & performance, and Monotube design. The Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Kit contains the four shock absorbers that are for the front and rear uplift. These shock absorbers have a zinc coating for prevention against corrosion. When you drive dodge ram over bumps, use Bilstein 5100 Series Shocks to maintain the performance and provide a smooth and reliable ride to you. In this, nitrogen and oil are separate that reduces foam. This quality makes it more lovely and adorable in use. They have a lifetime warranty and are easy to install.

Rancho Suspension Quicklift Struts:


Rancho Suspension Quicklift Struts are among the best ones for dodge ram. It consists of a front pair of struts and springs and 2- rear shocks at the factory height. It facilitates the truck owners with 9- adjustable positions of compression and damping. Furthermore, it provides safe and soft riding off and on the road. These shocks are highly adjustable for dodge ram 1500 with width 4*4. The front height is not in adjusted form. It claims a 90 days ride guarantee and a lifetime warranty for the truck owners. It is for the heavy rides. Not only that, but it has liquid finishing. At the rear, the 9- adjustment positions are at the knob, protective boot, a rebound bumper, sintered iron piston, self-lubricating, and Fluon banded piston & among other things.

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Detroit Axle Shock Absorber:

Detroit Axle Shock Absorber has the best all-weather resistant piston. Due to its durability, this shock absorber is best for the dodge ram 1500. The integrated set of struts is the best for easy installation. It eliminates the requirement of a spring compressor. It has charged nitrogen gas in the piston that is perfect for multi-staging valving. Furthermore, it facilitates the user with the best and smooth riding experience. The complete kit consists of struts, boot kit, bearing plate, spring isolators, and upper spring seat. It is the overall best choice for heavy-duty trucks.


Installation process:

You can install shock absorbers without the help of a mechanic easily by acting upon the following steps.

  1. First, park your terrain in an appropriate position. Then unpack the shock absorbers from the box.
  2. Now locate the lug nuts on both sides of the front and rear end and loosen them to remove the old shocks.
  3. Now install the new shocks back to the suspension and tight the nuts. 
  4. Now before taking the ride, make sure everything is secure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 4×4:

Why Bilstein 5100 Shocks are The Best for Dodge Ram?

They have a complete set of rear and front shocks. They can bear load more smoothly and are available at a reasonable price.

What is the Second Best Shock Absorber for Dodge Ram After Bilstein 5100?

The performance of Bilstein shocks is unbeatable, and after that, rancho shock absorbers are the best ones.

Our Struts and Shocks the Same in functioning?

Yes. Both of these are the same in function as the performance of both is to ensure safe riding through bumps, potholes, and hard roads. They enhance the performance of the truck and provide the best control and handling as well. 

Are all High-Quality Shock Absorbers Expensive?

Not. Many high-quality shocks are expensive, but you can get the best-performed shock absorbers at a low cost also.

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