Best Thermal Printer for eBay & Buying Guide 2022

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Have you a business on eBay, and do you want to expand your business? Do you want to increase the number of shipments on eBay? Keep in mind that for expansion, labeling is a vital factor.

The labeling standard for selling your products on eBay, Amazon, or any other online site is necessary.

Thermal printers play a role in improving standards. In this article, we have come with the best thermal printers for eBay. The thermal printer will help you in the promotion of your business.

You are selling clothes, shoes, or any other stuff on the Mercari, Poshmark, eBay & Amazon. You should be as efficient in your business as much as you can. For shipping of the order, a thermal printer is necessary.

For purchasing a high-quality thermal printer two things matter a lot. The first one is the effective cost and the second one is reliability.

What is Thermal Printer?

It is a digital printer that produces or prints images with the help of heating-coated thermochromic paper. They are beneficial for labels, wayfinding markers, shipping labels, safety signs, barcodes, and other heavy items. For eBay, the thermal printer is specific for shipping labels.

When you do online business, money and time are basic things. Time is a necessary factor for success. It is important how you are using your time and spending your money.

Therefore, to save your precious time, you may be searching for the best thermal printer. We have gathered the best thermal printers under one roof with the buying guidelines.

The guidelines will help you in the selection of the right thermal printer for your eBay business.

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Purchasing Guidelines for The Best Thermal Printer:

There are certain factors that you should consider while buying the best thermal printer. The following guidelines will help you to select what is good and what is not.

Thermal Printing:

First, you must have an idea of why thermal printing is beneficial for the labels. It doesn’t require changing the expensive ink cartridges. It has more consistency and a small size. So it is the best for a lot of labels. So when you buy a thermal printer, make sure it’s working is efficient.

You can use inkjet printing for labeling low-volume printing. But these don’t offer high-quality label printing. So these are not preferred.

Printing Speed:

When you buy any thermal printer, always check its speed. Time is money. The high working speed of the printer will play a vital role in saving your time. You have to deal with high volume stuff, and if the speed of the printer will not be good, it will waste your time.


For proper labeling and obtaining a legible print, you need a printer with high resolution. The printer with high resolution can compile the official standards well.

The 300 dpi (dots per inch) resolution is the best for a thermal printer for eBay. It is the maximum resolution that the printer should have.

The printer with 300dpi can also print your photos. You can buy a printer with 203 dpi resolution, as it will print faster and print a lot of images for many applications.

Label Versatility

Buy the printer that can facilitate you with a variety of labels. It should have the maximum size to get a variety of labeling. You can also use alternatives of branded paper to reduce cost. Most of the printers use sticker rolls, while others use fan-folded stacks. Both these are best, so you can prefer any one printer.

List of Some Best Thermal Printer for eBay:

Following are the best thermal printers for eBay. You can choose the best one.

  1. Brother QL-1100
  2. DYMO Labelwriter 450
  3. FungLam Shipping Label Printer
  4. ROLLO Label Printer

Brother QL-1100:

Best Thermal Printer for eBay

Brother QL-1100 is the best thermal printer that has high-speed and prints 4 inches wide labels. The labels are cost-effective and perfect for postage, envelope, and packages.

This printer is fast and has an automatic crop function that facilitates the online-seller to print products and barcodes with an A4 size label sheet template. It can deliver 69 standard labels per minute with 300dpi resolution.

You can get custom label prints by connecting them with a computer where you have selected the design. You can install/download the design app with the help of a USB to GO cable connection.

It is compatible with Mac, Microsoft Excel, word, and other windows without any installation software for windows. It comes with a two years warranty.

DYMO Labelwriter 450:

Best Thermal Printer for eBay

DYMO Labelwriter 450 is also a well-known thermal printer for the eBay business. When you are shipping hundreds of packages per month, it will be tiring to consume money and time in printing labels from outside.

But investing your money in DYMO Labelwriter 450 will save you money and time. It provides convenient, sharp, accurate, and fast label printing at home. It uses dynamic thermal printing technology. Furthermore, it can use MS Word, excel, and outlook to print directly.

You will not require changing the ink cartridge in this device. You need the roll paper into the printer, and it will do the rest of the work. It is super-fast & easy to use, and you can print more than 300000 labels without any problem.

FungLam Shipping Label Printer:

Best Thermal Printer for eBay

FungLam Shipping Label Printer is easy to install and use. It facilitates the user with high speed and quality of label printing.

The printing speed of this printer is 5 inches per second. It uses advanced technology and is compatible with window XP and newer. It is perfect and ideal for printing barcode labels, shipping labels, mailing label, and support both the roll label and fan-folded label loaded inside the printer.

Furthermore, it can print the shipping labels with the width of 1 inch to 4 inches. You can also connect the printer with the computer mainframe with USB or PS-232. It is perfect for printing a shipping label for Amazon, eBay, Shopify, & stamps, etc. 

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ROLLO Label Printer:


ROLLO Label Printer is the best thermal printer that maximizes the profit of the business on eBay. It can print all thermal labels with free UPS labels. It brings reliability and efficiency to the online business. Furthermore, it is environment friendly with a speed of about 150mm/sec.

It is compatible with shipping labels and works for all types of labeling. It is my favorite in the online market. It is excellent for high-volume shippers.


What is the Best Thermal Printer for eBay?

The thermal printers above 200dpi are the best ones for eBay. DYMO Label Printer 450 is the best for eBay.

Why are Thermal Printers Preferable to Normal Ones?

When you do business on eBay, everything is countable. To get maximum profit in effective cost and versatility in labeling, you need a printer that can do multiple works at a low price. Thermal printers are the best in this wake.

How Long Does The Thermal Printer Last?

Thermal printers can work for more than 10- years if you take proper care of them.

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