115 Best Funny Wifi Names Collection

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Life is the name of hassle and constant work but in between all this there must be some fun and creativity. All we know that Wi-Fi is our need and in the modern world it is not easy to survive without a good Wi-Fi router.

Then why you do not make a little fun with funny Wi-Fi names. You can change the name of the router according to your choice. You can give cute names to your Wi-Fi network just for enjoyment.

Through your Wi-Fi name you can also give message to your neighbor in amusing way. Wi-Fi names are based on expression and mood of the owner.

It is lovely to make your friends, neighbors and family laugh with a funny and creative name of your LAN solo.

Wi-Fi is a wireless internet technology that provides easy internet connectivity via wireless router. You can connect your computer, mobiles and tablets to the router and enjoy unlimited internet streaming.

You can also share internet to your friends and relatives as well. Now you can also give message to your neighbors and friends by choosing funny WiFi names. It is a unique way to make a laugh on others face without getting any embarrassment.


How To Change The Wi-Fi Name?

Whenever you buy a new router it comes with the name of device. You need to change the name to make it visible for your friends or remember able for you. It is not tough to change the name of your router name.

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To change name of the router log in into it via web browser. They are put the number of the device into URL of the browser. The number of every router is written on the bottom of the device.

You can also search your device or router name by its brand name. By navigating your router you can easily change the name of your Wi-Fi network and keep a funny name.

Funny Wifi names:

For you comfort and ease we have come with some funny WiFi name suggestions as an entertainment for you and your friends.

But before giving any name to your Wi-Fi keep in mind that special characters such as question marks are not allowed as Wi-Fi name, but there are many unique names that you can choose.

  1. Everything is fraud
  2. Hey mom, you can click here for Wi-Fi (to remember your mother about your Wi-Fi)
  3. Oops, my Wi-Fi is virus infected
  4. Your lawn needs trimming (you can write this as fun for your neighbors)
  5. Enjoy a honey LAN
  6. Mister Wi-Fi is available here
  7. It burns when IP
  8. Hogwarts great hall Wi-Fi
  9. No Wi-Fi for strangers
  10. Pretty fly with Wi-Fi
  11. Bill WI, Science Fi
  12. Oh god, save my Wi-Fi
  13. Chicks cannot explore my hotspot
  14. Pickup your dog from my lawn
  15. Connecting……
  16. Access denied
  17. Hide Yo kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi
  18. Use your own Wi-Fi
  19. Inigo the modem
  20. Password is privacy
  21. Do not click, it is paid
  22. Love cupcakes
  23. Connected automatically
  24. Work hard for a free Wi-Fi
  25. Change your bathroom curtains
  26. Click for virus
  27. You cannot get my bandwidth
  28. Girls are wireless
  29. I can haz wireless?
  30. Network not found
  31. Bill Clinternet
  32. Promised LAN
  33. Killer Wi-Fi
  34. Don’t you get my Wi-Fi hot like me?
  35. Penny gets your own Wi-Fi
  36. Nacho Wi-Fi
  37. IP when I laugh
  38. No LAN for cheaters
  39. Do not make relation, my Wi-Fi get angry
  40. I left the seat up
  41. Abraham Linksys
  42. Do not knock at my door
  43. Do not touch my daughter
  44. Wi-Fi for fum
  45. Keep distance my Wi-Fi gets allergic
  46. Move on, it is not for you
  47. Gadget internet
  48. England calm router
  49. Direct internet access
  50. Router rangers
  51. I can hear you having sex
  52. I can hear you wicking off
  53. I got an ass greater like sun
  54. I am under your bed
  55. Stop being a mooch
  56. My Wi-Fi my choice
  57. A free Wi-Fi brings more guests
  58. Password is password
  59. Every day I am muffling
  60. Wi- believe it can Fi
  61. A trap router
  62. Stay away my router will trap you
  63. Setting up……
  64. Go, Go gadget internet
  65. Life is slower than Wi-Fi
  66. My Wi-Fi is my life
  67. Nothing gives pain but slow Wi-Fi
  68. Scooby-Doo, where are you?
  69. Do not contact me for password
  70. Life is dead with Wi-Fi
  71. Porque Wi-Fi
  72. Mr. 420 killer
  73. Drop it like it hotspot
  74. Byte me for fun
  75. World explorer
  76. Free public Wi-Fi with privacy
  77. Get off my lawn
  78. IP-Up
  79. It is not paid by your dad
  80. A LANigster never forgets
  81. Cool Wi-Fi likes me
  82. New England clam router
  83. You are not as fast as my Wi-Fi
  84. Bloody hell, Wi-Fi
  85. Plucky little Wi-Fi
  86. Lord Voldemodem
  87. The nightLAN cometh
  88. No one can simply log into Mordor
  89. Solution of all mess
  90. Wi-fry chicken
  91. Little chicks are hacking my router
  92. A big firewall
  93. You are my love
  94. Hey, find me where I am?
  95. Areas 51
  96. You all Bandwidth belongs to us
  97. You are my crush
  98. Ye baby is ugly
  99. Be ready for hack
  100. Your credit card is paying
  101. You are too loud
  102. Shut your music
  103. Severe error
  104. Dore the Internet Explorer
  105. Go-od Wi-Fi
  106. Babe cave
  107. Don’t touch, my Wi-Fi will get depress
  108. Don’t stare; I’m not your Wi-Fi
  109. Ex Wi-Fi
  110. Two girls, one router
  111. Works only for boss
  112. For sale inquires with in
  113. LAN of honey and milk
  114. You are cheating on my Wi-Fi
  115. You are my Dora
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You can also write numeric hint for your Wi-Fi.

Why Wi-Fi Name Should Be Funny?

Certainly people ask why the name of Wi-Fi should be funny. I think it should be because it’s a unique way, and it will make you memorable. A unique name will distinguish your router from all other similar networks.

It is not tough to find funny names. If you want to make your router name unique you can give it the name of any past event or word. You can use different characters, lower case, dots, question marks or any exclamatory sign to make your router name unique and memorable.

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Don’t share personal information:

While using funny names and captions, don’t share or expose any personal information that may become dangerous for you.

All we know that Wi-Fi connections with strong connectivity signal shows to a larger distance. So your sensitive information can be stealing by hackers or malicious entities. So never put on your ID number, phone number, date of birth or address name as Wi-Fi name.

Never expose password as Wi-Fi name:

Don’t give your password as Wi-Fi name. Sharing password with your name can clue the hackers to crack your password. It will cause big problem for you. Moreover, the name of your Wi-Fi should be funny and creative but should not be provocative such as “download free porn.”

Usually Wi-Fi names are public and provocative names put a bad impression of your personality on others.

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