Thunder VPN Review 2022: Is it Good or Not?

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VPNs, virtual private networks, are more popular these days. These networks use public networks or third-party VPN service to connect users or remote sites. It is a hot topic today.

Most VPNs are free and easy to use. That is why people prefer them without taking notice of whether they are safe or not. It is not good news for VPN users that most highly rated VPNs only claim privacy but fail to do so.

They start installing tracking on your computer, expose the IP addresses and leak your information.

Thunder VPN is also one of the famous VPN free for users, but there is doubt on its credibility. In this article, we will review thunder VPN and allow you to judge whether it is safe or not.


What is Thunder VPN?

Thunder VPN is a user-friendly, free, and most popular app for VPN users that claim to be the fastest app for free VPN proxy services. It is an Android app that claims to provide access to many VPN servers with no logging policy, no additional app permission, and no registration.

It sounds good, but the reality is opposite to its claims. It provides a slow speed internet, and one of the main things is that it leaks the privacy and IP address information and user’s data to the third party.

Keep in mind the thunder will hit you with four letters, please the world, take my data, information, and share with whom you want.

The reality is that it talks about it a bit and refers to the google play store. On the google play store, it has 5= downloaders. Think what will be the reason for its popularity? It is a free VPN app.

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But dear customers, a free VPN is not as secure as you think. By taking an in-depth review, we have known that this app has a high risk of security.

Thunder VPN Features

Thunder VPN offers IP redirection between 9 locations. This app is Arkansas-based, developed by SigLabs under US jurisdiction. Let us have a look at the features of thunder VPN.

  1. Website:
  2. Ranks: it is on number 167 out of 215 providers
  3. It is safe for Torrents and unblocking Netflix to some extent.
  4. Zero Protocols
  5. SSL encryption
  6. No customer support.
  7. Logging policy: it collects the user data.
  8. It is a free version.
  9. $9.99 for one month
  10. No registration
  11. Provides unlimited Bandwidth.
  12. Have worldwide servers.

these are what they claim.

Security & Privacy

Security and privacy features are a must for VPN providers. Thunder lacks such features, so there is always a risk of leaking personal data.

In the first lines of the website page, thunder claims that it collects no log. But in the middle of its documents, it admits to collecting some information that is a flaw. VPN users want anonymity while the policy of thunder is in between both. So, it is not safe to use this app for streaming.

Log policy

If we talk about the logging policy of thunder VPN, then it offers no-logging intentions. It says no log or track user data.

There is no registration offer on the website logo. But when we get register on the website, it collects certain data information.

It is very confusing whether we should get registered or not. Moreover, the company collects some data, including IP address, OS version, ISP, server location, app identifier, and amount of data used per day.

No one exactly knows how the company uses this data.

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Many other VPNs such as Expressvpn, Purevpn & Nordvpn offer protocols like LETP, IP/sec, and others, but thunder VPN does not mention any protocol on its website. The company claims that it uses SSL for encryption.

Run Through The Email Address

The other thing that wonders me while reviewing this app is its contact email address listed on the Google play store.

Its Gmail address is, and a quick search of Gmail reveals to me that it is also in the use of many free VPN apps.

It is also questionable for a company that has launched three same products with different names. Meanwhile, the secure VPN has 5million installs, and a green signal VPN also has more than 1000 installs.

Terms of Service

Moreover, when I deeply delve behind thunder VPN, the terms of service help me in this matter. When I go through the terms of service, I have known that these are generic and edited copy & paste of TOS.

Many other VPNs are also using the same TOS template in Thunder VPN. TOS puts the light on the service that they log everything from home IP to the server you may connect.

Server Locations

It accesses 7 locations in 6 countries, including Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, France, and the United States.


For the VPN apps, the speed matters a lot. Users look forward to the one that provides online streaming with high speed.

Thunder VPN is not a better choice for such servers. We have arranged a fir up speed test for thunder VPN & unfortunately, it could not pass the speed test.

Downloading speed is better than uploading. The downloading and uploading speed of thunder VPN in a different location was as follows.

  1. In the UK, downloads about 51 Mbps, and upload speed is 2 Mbps.
  2. In France; 51 Mbps downloads & 38.09 Mbps uploads.
  3. In Germany; 36 Mbps downloads & 28 Mbps uploads.
  4. The ping time was 75ms for the UK and 81ms for France.
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The greatest challenge for the VPN is to unblock the geo-restrictions related to several apps such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

For thunder VPN, it is also a challenging task to provide online streaming on Netflix. It is not easy to beat the VPN-unblocking of Netflix. Because Netflix notices the fact of proxy & it offs the service if the provider is not appropriate.

When we tested Thunder VPN for streaming on other platforms, it was possible to stream BBC iPlayer by using it. We have found that it is also able to stream YouTube in 720p without any problem. However, it is better not to use it as a provider for geo-restricted content.

Moreover, we have confirmed that it works with BitTorrent. But it is not good news for users. The way it shows all the personal data, your identity, and physical location is risky and alarming. You can get DMCA complaints and fines in case you do not stop using it.

Why it has huge followers?

 The question is why its users are more than 5 million? The answer is its price. It is free of cost. If you look at its one side, you will say it is easy to use, and one can get access to streams with one click. But does not trust at the half side of the story, your hurry may take you to any trouble.

Verdict: Thunder VPN is Not Safe:

In light of our review, we have concluded that it is ridiculous to use thunder VPN. It has no kill switch, so it is not much safe. It leaks the pieces of information to the third party. You can use Purevpn, Nordvpn, or Expressvpn for this purpose instead of thunder VPN.

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