Best Printer For Avery Labels 2022

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We are living in world of technology where it is not tough to start a small business. You just need to put your effort in the right way. You must have an idea of what type of business you are going to start and what gadget is best to get further success in that business.

Now a day a lot of small businesses are common and one of the most famous among them is printing Avery labels and small stickers. Every product from small to large requires a tag and label of a company.

Suppose if you are going to start a small-scale business of any product you will need labels. So for this purpose, you should have the best printer. For providing a professional printing service you must have the best printer.

In this article, we have come with the best printer for Avery labels. You can use the best printer for both small-scale and large-scale businesses without any hesitation.

Printing is not as easy as seems. Printing n labels require proper attention and care along with the best tool. When you print small-sized papers with pretty graphics it is necessary to give a sharp and crispy touch to your work.

Neatness is also the necessary point for this. To do all this work in a professional way your printer should be smart enough. On the professional scale, there is large competition.

For the progress and success of your stickers and labels in the market, you need to be smart. The right piece of equipment can bring you on top. The labels are important for commercial enterprises of any industry.

The label industry usually faces two types of challenges; one is the size of the paper is too small, most of them come in different shapes such as rectangular, square, oval, and circular, and second is printing graphic texts invisible way.

The solution to both the problems is the best printer machine. In the market, you will find different types of tapers according to your work type.

Best Printers For Avery Labels

Product Name Rating Price
DYMO LabelWriter 450 Printer 4.4
Canon PIXMA TR4520 Printer 4.2
Brother Laser Printer HL-L5100dn Printer 4.5
Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA Printer 4.1
Epson Expression Home XP-4100 Printer 4.1

Let us have a look at the best and high-quality printer for the Avery label.

  1. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Printer
  2. Canon PIXMA TR4520 Printer
  3. Brother Laser Printer HL-L5100dn Printer
  4. Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA Printer
  5. Epson Expression Home XP-4100 Printer

DYMO LabelWriter 450 printer:

If you want a printer that is only specific for the Avery label then DYMO LabelWriter 450 printer is the perfect choice for you.

For saving time and printing the sheet labels in an accurate way you need the right machine. DYMO LabelWriter 450 printer works perfectly by correcting the alignment of the sheet labels.

Best Printers For Avery Labels

It prints about 51 labels per minute without creating any discomfort. Furthermore, It is the best home printer that works by roll system and does not create any annoy and mess during work. Furthermore, It uses direct thermal printing technology that does not require changing the printer ink and toner again and again.

The software with the machine makes it able to customize the labels directly from the PC. It handles the graphics with a resolution of about 600*300dpi. Furthermore, It is ideal if you want black or white labels. It is suitable for making barcodes, shipping labels, barcodes, and name badges and binders. The maximum label width is about 2.2 inches.

  • Perfect for printing the barcode labels, shipping file folder, and up to 71 4-line addresses
  • Create labels directly from MS word, google contact, excel, and others
  • High-quality image printer
  • Not suitable for Esty shipping labels
  • Only prints in white or black color
  • Too small in size

Canon PIXMA TR4520 Printer

Canon PIXMA TR4520 printer the best all-in-one photo printer that facilitates the customer with the best quality images with bright and shining colors. It is an upgraded model of MG3620 model and is better than it in performance.

It has excellent features and functionality. Furthermore, It facilitates the user with the ability to directly print the images after receiving scan images from a tablet or phone into PIXMA.

Best Printers For Avery Labels

The PIXMA has a voice assistant support system that means you can control the functioning with your voice also with Alexa. You can also use cloud storage for printing documents from IOS and Android devices.

It provides high-quality images and for this, you need to put more on the cartridge. The Dash replenishment system in it automatically arranges the ink on the cartridge in case of low running. The control panel of this printer is easy to use.

  • All in one wireless printer that can copy print and scan the documents
  • Resolution is 4800*1200dpi
  • Works with a speed of 4.4imp for black print and 4.4 for colored images
  • Saves about 10% due to Dash replenishment system
  • Connectivity is poor and disappointing
  • Built quality is not satisfactory

Brother Laser Printer HL-L5100DN Printer

Brother Laser Printer HL-L5100DN printer is the best printer for Avery labels with a high speed of about 42ppm and sharp resolution. It is perfect for printing barcodes, and Avery labels.

It gives a sharp output with a resolution of 1200*1200dpi. The white and black laser technology supports duplex printing. It can print 50,000 pages per month.


It can handle all kinds of papers such as letterhead, plain, colored papers, and labels envelopes, and recycled papers. The printing quality is excellent and adorable and can print google, brother iprint & scan, and Air Print.

  • Prints up to 50,000 pages per month with high printing speed
  • Compatible with all sorts of papers
  • Gives high-quality monochromatic images
  • Supports the duplex printing
  • Has noisy operation
  • Cannot connect with Wi-Fi

Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA Printer

The other most popular and best budget printer for Avery labels is Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA printer with high-class performance. This laser printer supports the duplex printing system and can print 10,000 pages per month.


It provides high-quality images due to 1200*1200dpi resolution. It is also compatible with all kinds of papers such as card stocks, labels, envelopes, and plain. Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA printer works quickly with a printing speed of about 21ppm. It means it is perfect for large-scale businesses. It facilitates the user with a fast USB connectivity interface. Furthermore, It supports many devices, but NFC works with only Android devices.

  • Facilitates with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Supports the duplex printing system
  • Works with fast speed
  • Print 10000 pages per month
  • Compatible with latest windows
  • High-resolution power
  • NFC connectivity is only for the Android devices

Epson Expression Home XP-4100 Printer

Epson comes in the top brand list of manufacturing high-quality printers. It provides a lot of high-performance printers and among them, the Epson expression home XP-4100 printer is the best one for Avery labels.

Furthermore, it is all in one printer that can print, scan, and fax the documents and labels as well. It is a unique device that has two types of trays. The bottom-feeding tray is for printing the papers and the top-feeding tray is for scanning the papers.



It is ideal for those who are working from home for printing the labels. You can feed the bottom tray with up to 250 pages at one time. It has a maximum capacity of 20 photos sheet for printing the photos.

It works with 8.7 ppm printing speed for black and 6ppm speed for the colored images. You can print a variety of pages with this printer.

It eliminated the need for unnecessary power consumption and saves up to 80 % of the power. It has a large touch screen and a user-friendly interface.

  • All in one printer that can print and scan the images and photos
  • Large touch screen for easy navigation
  • Can connect to all wireless devices
  • Saves about 80% power consumption than all other laser printers
  • Print head clogs and creates problem once a while

How To Buy The Best Avery Label Printer?

Whenever you visit the market for buying the best Avery label printer always a concern to experts and seniors for buyer’s guide. It will help you in choosing the best printer.

About 54% of people in the world prefer online shopping and you can start an online business with the Avery labels and facilitate the customer with the best and high-quality labels only with the best printer.

Compatibility With Paper Type

First of all, it is necessary to check the compatibility of the printer with all types of papers. Stickers and labels are designed on different types and sizes of paper.

If the printer is not compatible with the paper used it will distort the tone and quality of the graphics printed on them. It is better to have such a printer that can print designs on all types of papers.

Along with supporting all types of papers, it must be able to handle other labels, sticker papers, and glossy photo papers. Furthermore, the printer should have the capability to handle large-sized and small-sized papers as well.

Resolution Of The Printer

For the clear and high-quality output, the resolution of the printer should be high. To make the documents and small writing visible on the labels, it is better to prefer high resolution, especially for Avery labels.

Usually, when you print monochromatic pages and documents, you prefer the colored output. So look for the printer that will give the original color of photos and images. It is better to choose a printer with 4800*1200 Dpi (dots per inches) for high-quality images.

Printing Speed

The speed of the printer is measured by the number of pages it prints in one minute. If you are working on a high level and you require a large printing volume then prefer the printer having fast printing speed. But if you want a printer for personal use, then you can choose the one that can print 10 pages in a minute.


The printer should be able to connect with all types of wireless devices. It will help you to get an instant print in case you have no access to a computer. If your printer has connectivity for all devices then you can connect it to smartphones and can get graphics from there also. It also is compatible with all windows OS.


The printer should be user-friendly so that you can easily approach its setting. Most of the printers have a control panel that allows the user to easily navigate the printer settings.

Printing Cost

The printing cost depends upon your work. If you are a beginner it is better to choose a printer with a low cost for printing the bulk of papers. In this way, you will be able to earn more and save money.

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