How To Paint A Toilet Seat?

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It is a pleasant effect to see your bathroom in the pretty and eye-catching color that attracts the eyes. Bathroom is the most frequently used place in the home and the people who love decorated and well-furnished prefer to have painted toilet seat because they know that toilet seat bear more wear and tear.

If you have only one bathroom then it is obviously not good to see the toilet seat dirty. Sometimes the color of the toilet seat also damage. In all these cases it is better to paint the toilet seat to give a fresh look to your bathroom.

Most of the people take it as a challenge to paint your toilet seat and think it is most tough to paint it. Rigid, acrylic, and wood toilet seats are the best option for painting.

While toilet seats having vinyl fabric covering are not good option for painting as the paint will crack and chip instantly. If the color of your toilet seat is rusty and cracking then it is time to change the color of the toilet seat.

This article will help you to know how to paint a toilet seat. Now it will not be difficult for you to give a glimpse look to your bathroom.

How To Paint A Toilet Seat?

If you want to give a fresh look to your toilet seat, choose the paint that is durable and long-lasting. Before painting the toilet seat it is necessary to work outdoors, open windows for ventilation and lay out the toilet seat bolts and nuts on the cloth.

The Things You Required To Pain A Toilet Seat:

You will need following things while paint a toilet seat. First safety of your face and eyes is much important. Therefore, keep eye protection goggles and face mask with you to protect your eyes and face from the chemicals in the paint.

  • Disinfectant cleanser
  • Sandpaper (120-160 grit)
  • Any base coat paint or acrylic latex primer
  • Sealant in case of spray paint
  • Painters tap, Plastic cloth, drop cloth or any newspaper
  • Your favorite paint colors
  • Scrub brush, rags, and sponges

Disinfectant The Toilet Seat:

After separating the toilet seat from its surface, remove nuts and bolts from it. You need to keep toilet seat in the ventilated area for complete dry.

Now sanitize the toilet seat with disinfectant cleanser and use the paint brush to sanitize the hidden areas.

Use wet rags to rinse the toilet seat well. After rinsing, it completely from front, back, top and bottom allow it to dry for at least 1-2 hours.

Use Drop Cloth Or Newspaper:

You can use drop cloth, newspaper, or painter tape to cover the area that you never want to paint. To cover the small area such as hinges it is better to use painter tape.

Sanding The Area That Is To Be Painted:

It is a very important step to sand the areas where you want to paint. To get better adhesion of paint on the toilet seat, use 120 grit sandpapers.

It will glitter that area and then allow it to dry. It will make the surface rough, and now it is ready for paint. Use the rags if the surface looks rougher to remove dust and dirt.

Paint The Toilet Seat:

After preparing the toilet seat for paint, now you can paint it by using a primer or any spray paint of your desired color.

Choose the primer according to the surface of the toilet seat. For the wood surface use a primer and paint specify for wood.

If you want to paint the acrylic or plastic surface use acrylic primer and then epoxy paint for final touch. Do not use latex-based paint for plastic surface as it fades after using household cleaners.

Let dry the seat and then spray with paint of your desired color. Oleum rust is the best paint manufacturing company for toilet seats and other households.

It is up to you what color you like. Most of the people prefer gray, white, or black color for toilet seat. Do not remember to wear goggles before spraying.

Now first expose the center area and lid with heavy spray and side areas with lighter coat. Spray paint from a distance of 6 to 10 inches as if you spray it closely it will result in uneven coating and paint will drip soon.

Carefully spray on the crannies and nooks. Let it dry and spray it the second coat. Make sure you have sprayed all the surface. Repeat the process till you get the desired result.

Reinstall The Toilet Seat:

Wait for its complete dry, it will take about 6- hours or more depends on number of coats you have applied. After this time period, you can reinstall it in your bathroom.


Before painting the toilet seat keep in mind the following tips.

If your bathroom is busy and requires daily cleaning, it is not good to use spray paint for it. Use epoxy paint for such toilet seats.

This paint is suitable for every type of surface whether it is acrylic, wood or plastic. You can use compressed styled-painter sprayer or use a brush with fine brittle.

Try to lose the nuts and bolts of the toilet seat by hand, it will protect porcelain from cracking. But if they are stubborn then you can use adjustable wrench.

For the padded foam toilet seat, paint is not a good option.

Select the paint color according to the bathroom paint color. For the kid’s toilet seat use bright and dark colors while for younger light colors are the best option.

If your toilet seat has a sear lid it is better to paint it first.

Replace The Toilet Seat:

Although paint gives a fresh look to the toilet seat but if there is more wear and tear then it is better to replace the toilet seat instead of using any paint. It will cost less than paint and give a lovely appearance to your bathroom.


What Type Of Paints Is Best For Toilet Seats?

You can use sprayed paints and epoxy paints for toilet seat whether it is of plastic or wood.

How Can I Remove Scratches From Toilet Seat?

It is very easy to remove scratches from toilet seat. Use CLR or any other rust cleaner as it will remove scratches without harming the toilet seat.

What Is Best Spray Paint For Old Toilet Seat?

For the old toilet seat, rust oleum spray paints are the best one.

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