Best Sustainable Furniture Brands [in 2022]

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As everyone knows we are passing through a pandemic era and at this time there is nothing safer than staying at home and protecting ourselves by taking precautionary measures. But have you noticed, are we safe in our home?

Our personal things that we use in our homes, our clothes that we wear and our furniture without that our home is incomplete are all these sustainable, eco-friendly, and safe for our health. Most of us think that these things have a bad impact on our health.

But they are wrong. If the furniture is made up of material that is unsustainable and toxic for human health and paint on them also affects the living lives.

Furniture consists of all moveable things such as bed, table, sofas, and all that makes life comfortable and enhances the beauty of the place where they are kept.

We remain in contact with our furniture and place our personals’ thing on them and use them daily, so it is necessary to have sustainable and ethical furniture for our house.

In this article, we have collected the best sustainable furniture brands for the ease of customer and for their luxurious and healthy life.

What Is Sustainable Furniture?

Today, sustainable furniture is in trend as they give a contemporary and stylish living lifestyle and also protects the human life from the harmful toxic chemicals used in unsustainable furniture.

Sustainable furniture is made up of the material that is free from the toxic and harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, flame retardants, obtained from local sources and used low water-based foam or VOC, furnishes and glues.

The best materials used for its manufacturing are recycled items such as salvaged wood, recycled textiles, and wood pallets that are reused material.

This furniture has a low negative impact and puts a positive impact on our environment. It also plays an important role in our society by reducing the chances of environmental pollution through chemicals as it is manufactured through natural and organic material.

The use of local material also saves much on transportation. Such furniture is light and provides a contemporary appearance to the homes. It is less harmful for the environment and people living in it.

What Makes Furniture Sustainable?

The recycled or reused material used in manufacturing of the furniture makes it sustainable. The goal of making sustainable furniture is to design furniture in such a way that can be reused, disassembled, and can be used throughout life again and again.

According to research, it is proven that indoor air quality pollutes the environment 2-5 times more than outdoor air. So it is necessary to choose green furniture that is made up of pure organic material and eco-friendly.

If you also want to get eco-friendly or sustainable furniture for use then choose the company or brand that is certified and use woody, quickly repairable and recyclable material for making the sustainable furniture.

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Best Brands for Buying Sustainable Furniture

There are many brands that are offering the best and sustainable furniture that is light and gives an elegant look to the house decor.

  1. Avocado
  2. Masaya & Co
  3. Greenington
  4. Etsy Reclaimed Furniture


For buying the green and sustainable furniture, Avocado is the best choice. It provides eco-friendly mattresses, bed frames, dressers, and end tables made up of natural, non-toxic and certified B crop material.

It is a USA-based Company / brand. The company claims of using 100% free from retarded chemicals in its handmade products.

Best Sustainable Furniture

Moreover, the products offered by Avocado gives 1% back to the environmental causes and makes the climate neutral. The green mattresses save the day and act as organic protectors. The vegan version of these is also approved by PETA.

The products come with 1- year sleep trail and 25- year warranty. The wooden furniture is woody with zero-VOC sealant and non-super fluous.

The source of the main material is India. They have their own ethically raised free-range sheep where they get their own material.

Masaya & Co:

For giving the unique and stylish look to your home decor, Masaya & Co is the best brand that offers minimalistic and high-quality sustainable furniture. It offers the ethical pieces of wood that add more beauty in the contemporary look of your home.

Best Sustainable Furniture brands

Every piece made by this brand is an example of their contemporary work. It offers signature loveseats with custom and handmade cushions.

It offers the best eco-friendly products including bed frames, dressers, bench, coffee tables, ottomans, nightstands, TV consoles, media consoles, desks, rocking chairs, side tables and many more with low VOC natural oil.

The cushions are made up of sunbrella. The furniture is handcrafted in Nicaragua, where it supports about 150 craftspeople and designers.


Greenington is famous for offering high-quality products made up of renewable natural materials. It gives free wages to the workers.

It facilitates the customers with a huge collection of contemporary products such as stunning desks, tables, dressers, shelves, stools, beds, nightstands, sideboards, chairs, dressers and many more.


They are made of 100% eco-friendly material that is strong and durable. In its products, 100% bamboo material is used that is selected and harvested by its own.

Bamboo takes about 5- year to grow and during all this period it sequesters huge amounts of carbon and releases 35% of oxygen. This bamboo material is also used for production of steam in dry kilns.

Etsy Reclaimed Furniture:

Esty is the most popular and lovely brand that offers every type of sustainable furniture and also supports the sustainable and small sellers as it has everything.

It offers from small furniture such as candles to all types of large eco-friendly and sustainable furniture that are designed uniquely with zero-wastage.

The products are formed with salvage driftwood. It works with those who sell, recycle and reclaim furniture from wooden wall art to pallet coffee tables.

All the products are certified by B corp. it offers the products with unique and stylish designs that exactly meet the requirement of time for giving the elegant look to your home decor.


What Is the Main Goal Of Companies Who Make Sustainable Furniture?

Their main goal is to make furniture that is eco-friendly and can be reused again and again.

Is Woody Furniture Sustainable?

The cork and bamboo are sustainable wood and are used for making sustainable furniture.