Can You Flush The Toilet When Power is Out?

Electricity has made life easy and reliable. Now a day everything depends upon electricity to run. You use electricity to run a small water pump to large machines. You can say city life is not possible without electricity. But with this facility, the colossal and alarming situation is electricity run out during work. The accidental power outage stops life in cities. It affects every work in several ways. You can’t work at the office in this condition as almost all electronics need electricity for working. At home, it can also lead to many problems. A lot of questions come to mind when you think that electricity is powered out. How will you work or wash clothes or utensils if water runs short? One of the most irritating things is to flush out the toilet during a power outage.

Knocking out of electricity may be due to any thunderstorm, storm, or any other major issue. It may be for a few minutes or longer one or two days. It can spoil your food in refrigerators, loss of air condition or can cause many such problems. But if suddenly a power outage occurs and there is a shortage of water, how will you flush out the toilet during a power outage. It will be a hilarious situation. It would cause a smelly and embarrassing state. Let find the answer to this question and look at the solution to sort out this problem. 

Yes, it is possible if you have a hand pump or your house has a gravity-fed waste removal system. It depends upon the toilet system type you have.  

How does the gravity-fed system work?

A gravity-fed system does not require the power system to work. You can use the toilet and flush it out even when the power is out. This system helps to flush out the content in a bowl by using water in the tank. This system flushes out the content in a bowl due to pressure into the trap. Then it moves towards the sewage system. It is helpful, but if you run short of water in the tank, then you may fill the tank manually during power out. In this case, you can also flush out the toilet with a bucket of water.

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Pump based system:

The toilets having a pump-based system is not easy to flush out without power. In this system, the flushed waste enters the tank, and then the tank umped it into the public sewage system. It does work when there is a power outage. Without power or electricity, the tank will overflow and leads to a hilarious situation.

Upflush toilet:

Upflush toilet also can’t work without electricity. The gravity-fed system doesn’t work due to installment at the basement, where the public sewer system is above grade. This system is like a pump system where water drops come from the tank and removes the waste. You can’t operate this system without electricity. But if there is a power fall, it will be tough for you to handle the situation.

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The Other Steps that you can Do:

There is always a backup system for the storage of water. The first step is to find the backup store. It may be a water bottle, stream, or water from a rain barrel outside. It should be enough to fill the toilet tank. If you already know that a storm is coming, it will be better to store the extra water in the bathtub or water buckle in the bathroom. 

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Pay attention to the working of the toilet:

If you had never pay attention to the structure and working of the toilet & it is time to do so. Lift the upper lid of the lavatory from the top. There you will see the chain attached to the flushing lever. When the user pushes the handle, this chain lifts the stopper flap of the tank. It causes the water flow from the tank to flush the toilet. If your water tank is full of water, you can roseat the abulation by pulling the handle. Moreover, if the tank has no water, you can fill the tank with water buckets. 

The best way to tackle this problem is to make a list of places nearby that can facilitate you with water during hours of difficulty, such as a swimming pool or water pump. You can keep water gallons fill all the time that will help you in such a situation.


What will be the best option if the power goes out to get water?

If the electricity goes out, a manual hand pump is the best option to flush the toilet.

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Should I take precautionary measures during a power out?

Yes, when you are using an electric pump. When the power goes out, you should take the following precautions. Always when a light outage occurs, turn off the switch to avoid electrical surge. Moreover, also turn off the main house to prevent the accidental drainage of the tank.

Can power outages be prolonging?

Yes, it can be. It depends upon the severity of the weather. If the storm is severe, it can prolong for one or two days. You can call the local utility to get more information.

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