Best time to water the lawn in Florida

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The people who love gardening know well that lush lawn watering is necessary. For a healthy lawn, the root system of the yard should be sturdy. For maintenance of the home lawn, it is vital to water the yard on time.

The proper growth of greenery lawns is impossible without fertilizer, water, and healthy soil. It is essential to provide the necessary nutrients for growth in time in an appropriate amount.

We know that excess of anything is bad for health, likewise, a glut of any one nutrient such as that water, seeds, and others may harm the growth of grass in your lawn. You are in Florida and want to set up a perfect yard for your home.

You must need to know the proper time to water your lawn. In this article, we will discuss the importance of water for the yard & the best time to water the lawn in Florida. Here we will also discuss why water timing is important in Florida.

Florida is the state of the US located in the southeastern areas. It mostly suffers from water problems in summer. Therefore house lawns in Florida need more care than others. Moreover, there are also some water restrictions in some Florida areas.

So you need a proper irrigation system with accurate time for standard treatment for your grassy lawn. It will also give an attractive look to your grassy lawn.

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Best time to water the lawn in Florida

The Best Time to Water Plant

The best time to water the lawn is in the morning between 3:00 am to 5:00 am. The water loss due to evaporation is about 60% in a day. So it is necessary to water the lawn in the morning than that at noon. The grass takes about 3-4 hours to absorb water.

Therefore, the morning time before the sun hits up is the best for the proper growth of lawn grass. Moreover, the watering lawn at night is not a good option. In this way, the water will stay overnight, which leads to the production of fungus and weeds. 

Watering the lawn at noon is also not effective as most water will get evaporate, and grass will not have proper growth. This fungus can cause leaf spot disease in your lawn.

Moreover, late morning or late afternoon watering can also lead to the promotion of diseases.

Watering the lawn in winter

In the winter, it is better to water the lawn 1 time a week. The winter duration lies between November – April/May. You know that in winter there is less transpiration and evaporation than on other days. The plants and grass require less water in winter.

They fulfill their needs with underground stored water. The roots move deep down for water and prepare themselves for the summer season. You can water the lawn for one time during the winter season.

You need to adjust the setting of your sprinkle or irrigation system in winter to prevent over-watering. Over-watering will lead to root suffocation due to the unavailability of the required amount of oxygen. 

In the summer season:

In Florida, summer lies from April/May to October. Summer will lead to severe drought ness if you don’t water the lawn 2-3 times a week. During summer, the rate of evaporation and transpiration is more than the other days. Therefore, it is essential to water the lawn more time in summer.

In spring season and rainfall:

South Florida usually receives more than 50 inches of rainfall so during this duration, you need to control your irrigation system. You can stop it temporarily for some time to avoid over-watering. In the spring season, you can water your lawn 1-2 times a week. It will be enough to get a healthy yard.

How long should you saturate your grass?

The proper saturation of the grassy lawn occurs at about  ½ to ¾ of an inch of ground. It will tell you how much water is enough for your plot.  

Best irrigation system:

When it comes to the best irrigation system having maximum coverage for the yard equally, you can use pop-up sprinkler heads, as they are the best.

Pulsating sprinklers are best for mature grass while oscillating sprinklers are better for new lawns. Moreover, for the planted sod, you need to water the plot for 15- minutes and twice within a week. 

Factors that affect the irrigation system

The main thing is that there are restrictions related to water supply in some areas of Florida. The government has decided the days when houses can water the plants. It depends upon odd or even house addresses.

From November 2020 to March 13, 2021

  1. Non-residential properties can water on Tuesday.
  2. Even-numbered addresses can water on Sunday.
  3. Odd-numbered addresses can water on Saturday. 

For a new lawn or irrigation system, you need to get permission.

The others are;

  1. Type of grass such as St. Floratam Augustine grass is tough to treat but common in Florida.
  2. Fertilization schedule Rainfall areas and their amount
  3. Season
  4. Wind exposure 

These factors suggest how much and when your lawn needs to water. Knowing this, you can manage your watering time as well.


What Does the Brown Area Mean, and How Can I Check That?

If you see any brown area or another healthy part of your lawn, it means your yard is suffering from a lack of water. You can check it by a cup test method. It will ensure you whether the dry patch is due to lack of water or other condition.

Can I Water My Lawn Late Morning?

No, watering the lawn late morning or night will suffocate the root system.

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