Best Screen House for Picnic Table

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In a busy life full of hustle & bustle, there is an intense requirement of going out for a picnic. It will not only refresh your mind but also keep you physically healthy and set. Going on the sea beach or any calm peace is no more than a blessing. To make your picnic more amusing. It is necessary to have the best screen house. It will facilitate you with the best moment of joy and love. We have summed up the best screen house for a picnic to make your picnic memorable. 

Canopy tents are known as screen houses, day tents, and patio shelters, which offer scenic vistas along with camping. Screen houses are the best ones for safe picnic parts. Nothing is more comfortable than to sit in a screen house and set a picnic table in it. It will also save your lunch table from flies, mosquitos, and butterflies. The screen house allows the passage of air in it and provides shade, shelter, and protection. It is not for sleeping.

The screen house prevents a pleasant evening, candlelight dinner, and a bug-free glass of wine after long hiking and traveling. You can fix the screen house at the picnic spot without any difficulty. When you go out for any event, BBQ, or any cookout, nothing will ruin it rather than rain, bugs, mosquitos, or any weather disaster. In this case, you need a shelter that can protect your food and save your picnic party from destroying. A screen house is the best choice for this purpose. 

What is a Screen House for Camping? 

The screen house is the tent different from the other tents that are specific for the picnics. The screen house has a tight mesh fabric that keeps the insects and bugs away. It allows the cool breeze to come in. the screen house is beneficial during sun rays, on the beach picnic, in a humid and muddy environment. It allows enjoying the picnic party and eating frees of any tension and is convenient to carry. 

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These are useful for several events. It is equally beneficial for all. For the outdoor-loving adults and kids, it is safe for dining and enjoyment. It is the perfect choice for car camping, picnics, sunny environment, backyard, Over landing, beach camping, Tailgates, festivals, and children’s play. 

Things to Remember While Buying Screen House:

When you go for a screen house, the first thing you should keep in mind is the event or occasion for which you want this. It will help in buying the accurate according to the requirement. The other factors are 


It is a vital factor to consider the price of a camping house before buying. These camps are different from others as they don’t have to bear heavy rain or snow. Therefore, their price should be lower than others. They are not much expensive. Due to its low cost, it is a good accessory for a picnic table.


If you want a windproof screen house, then a heavy camping screen house is best. But a heavyweight screen house is not a good choice if your picnic point is in a distant place. It will be an extra burden on you. So it depends on you for what purpose you want this screen house.


The screen houses are available in all sizes. If you want to cam with a crowd of family, you should buy a large-sized screen house. Most people like to have a large screen house as it should be enough to fit a picnic table and chairs inside it.

Doors and floors: 

All the screen houses don’t have the same door placement and flooring. It depends on you for which you want this camp. For a picnic in the backyard, & Ball Park, there is no need for flooring. If you are going outside for adventure on rough roads, then it is better to have a screen house with a floor.


For the construction of the frame of a screen house, steel and aluminum are the best materials. Both are equally strong, but aluminum is a lighter material. So if you want a lightweight tent, you can choose the one that is aluminum. For the wall penal and mesh, polyethylene and polyesters are the best ones as they are durable and easy to clean.

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Although it is not like the camp that has to bear weathers ups and downs. However, it should be durable enough to resist rain. It depends on the material used in its manufacturing. The material should be strong, durable, and comfortable for use.


The height of the screen house is also the main factor that requires attention. If you are using it in wood, the trees or other things may cause restriction. Similarly, if you are in a yard, the telephone wires may cause a problem. Therefore, the height of the screen house should be appropriate so that you would not have to bear restrictions.

UV protection:

During summer, it is better to use a UV protection screen house for camping. If the fabric of your tent has chemicals for protection against harmful rays, it will bitterly protect you from skin damage. Moreover, the fabric of the tent should be waterproof and water-resistant. The water-resistant ability of the tent will protect it from rainwater. While waterproofed means no water weather of rain or lake can enter into the tent. It should have fire retardant ability also.

Best Screen House for Picnic Table in 2021:

  1. Coleman Screened Canopy Tent with Instant Set Up
  2. Quictent EZ Pop Up Screen House
  3. Wenzel Magnetic Screen House
  4. Alvantor Screen Houseroom

Coleman Screened Canopy Tent with Instant Set Up:

Coleman screened canopy tent is the best screen house for the picnic table with instant set up. Coleman is a well-known brand for screen houses due to the quality of the fabric. You can buy it if you plan to have a picnic with a small group of friends or family members. It is also available with the name Coleman back home instant screen house 12×10. This screen house is a 15-foot-13-foot screen and 41.6 square feet of shade. It has many benefits, including UV protection and protection against bugs and flies.


You can easily set it within 3 minutes and can also set a dining table in it for a safe picnic. The material is of poly guard 2X double fabric that is durable. 2X protection means UV guard UPF 50+ sun protection. Moreover, the features include a pre-attached guy line, 2 large T doors in front and back, & ground stakes with a safe bag. The walls are of high-quality and durable mesh for clear outside view and passage of air. It is easy to carry and lightweight so that you can take it with you without any tension.

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Quictent EZ Pop – Up Screen House:

Quictent EZ pop-up screen house is the best picnic table screen tent for a large family. It is available in different sizes. The available sizes 10x10ft, 8x8ft, and 10×20 ft. It provides enough airflow passage during summer with a large net mesh.

Best Screen House for Picnic Table

This net gives great enjoying time with family by keeping bugs and mosquitos away from the dining table. It is a double zipper from front and back. You can zip and unzip the screen tent from both outside and inside. Its roof is of 420-denier oxford fabric that is durable and comfortable. It acts as a water-resistant and UV protector.

The powder-coated frame is anti-corrosive, and you can also use it as a shop canopy. It is light and easy to carry for transportation. The sidewalls are removable.

Wenzel Magnetic Screen House:

Best Screen House for Picnic Table

Wenzel magnetic screen house is the best screen tent for a picnic. It has steel with fiberglass poles. Moreover, a magnetic strip door with automatic closure makes it more adorable. The ending is complete without a zipper. It is light and is the perfect choice for a kid’s picnic party. It is best to fit a large table inside it. The walls are of mesh and keep flies away. It is the lightest screen house for a picnic table.

Alvantor screen House Room:

Best Screen House for Picnic Table

Alvantor screen house room is also the best one with a pop-up design that sets the thing in a couple of hours. It is best to use for a backyard picnic or beach picnic, as it can keep sand flies away. It is tall and is the perfect choice for privacy. But it is not a good shelter on a rainy day as it is not waterproof. The frame of this screen tent is rust-resistant and provides UPF50+ protection. It has silicone zippers and two double-sided doors. It is light and perfect for four to six people.

Frequently Ask Questions:

What is the best screen house for a beach picnic?

For the beach picnic, the Alvantor screen houseroom is the best one as it is rust-resistant.

Rather than a picnic, can I use a screen house?

Yes, you can use it for outdoor activities such as family gather and social events.

Can I set up my screen house alone? 

Yes. You can set a screen house alone by following the instruction given with it.

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