8 Best Vinyl Cutter For Small Business To Buy in 2022

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In this article our expert team select the 8 best durable wireless vinyl cutters to start small business at home or commercially.

Find the best and high-quality vinyl cutter for small businesses at home or in the market for new and unique designs.

The good vinyl cutters make the things more adorable and give the shooting experience in work.

Vinyl cutters are machines used for designing fun in art and craft with stylish and sharp blades. They can cut vinyl and all other materials into letters, shapes, and designs of different sizes as you want. Certain vinyl cutters are controlled by computers for the movement of blades and enhancing the working ability.

The blades cut out the design, shapes, and letters on the available vinyl material. Different types of vinyl cutters are there for cutting & designing sheets, clothing, t-shirts, and others.

Purpose of Vinyl Cutters in Small Business:

For small businesses, the vinyl cutter machines are the best choice. They must be inexpensive and durable for their work.

The vinyl cutters can create small and large stickers of various types. You can give a unique style and look to bags, clothes, and other items with the iron-on-transfer ability of vinyl cutters.

Most vinyl cutters are ideal for cardstock cutting and drawing patterns of different materials. Sign makers use vinyl cutters for signs.

They provide precise and accurate cutting of vinyl into lines.Some vinyl cutters are perfect to work on fabric.

So you can make bags, t-shirts, headbands, and other such things with beautiful cutting and unique patterns.

You can use them in CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop as well as with a design-based software program. The cutter will cut the vinyl material according to the guideline of the software.

These also will help in cutting banners and billboards as well. They will help you in earning by designing useful and attractive things for home decor and others.

It is not easy to find the best vinyl cutter for small business according to your required work as there is a lot of competition in the market.

The market is full of vinyl cutters of many models, but it is a big challenge to find the right one. We have made your work easy by collecting the best and durable vinyl cutters for cutting unique designs.

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8 Best Vinyl Cutters For Small Business

  1. Silhouette Cameo-3-4T Wireless Cutting Machine
  2. Cricut Maker Machine
  3. Brother CM 350 Electronic Vinyl Cutter
  4. Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter
  5. UScutter MH 34in Vinyl Cutter Bundle
  6. Graphtec CE 6000 Vinyl Cutter
  7. Silhouette Portrait 2 Vinyl Cutter
  8. Sizzix Big Shot 660425 Vinyl Cutter

Silhouette Cameo-3-4T Wireless Cutting Machine


The silhouette is a famous brand for cutters. Silhouette Cameo-3-4T is the newest and best innovation of this brand. This vinyl cutter is specific for quick cutting and heat transferring vinyl material from a roll. It gives the straight edge cutting.

Specific for: cutting fabric, paper, vinyl, cardstock, and all those material that has 12 inches width and 10 feet length with 210 g cutting force.


  1. It is the best vinyl cutter for small businesses with pre-programmed designs for printing and cutting in a straightway.
  2. It is a wireless cutting machine that you can connect with a printer, PC, and tablet via Bluetooth or USB cable.
  3. It can cut thick and thin material as cards and vinyl and is compatible with Pix scan software.
  4. It contains cutting blades, cutter, cutting mat, and software along with a separate compartment to store all these tools.
  5. It is perfect for beginners to get a start from creating greeting cards, stickers, quilting, creating bedding and tea towels, clothes, designing t-shirt logos, and stencils & signs as well.
  6. But its design is clunky, and the software does not support SVG files.
  7. Moreover, it has only two cartridges that only work with specific tools.

Cricut Maker Machine


The t-shirts designing is a highly paid business, but it is not as easy as it looks. A good heat presser is in demand to deal with bulk orders. Cricut marker machine is one of the best vinyl cutters for beginners. It is the fastest and cheapest rounded die machine that works well. It has a 4000g cutting force and 12 x 24 inches cutting area with 2x speed.

Specific for: vinyl, paper, chipboard, balsa wood, fabric, magnetic sheets, aluminum sheets, cardstock and Woodstock, etc.


  1. It features expansible tools, knife blades, and an innovative rotatory machine. It works with more speed than all others.
  2. It is a well professional machine along with a knife that can cut up to 2.4 mm materials and a scoring wheel that can create razor sharp creases in the material.
  3. It also has a washable fabric pen for designing the pieces.
  4. It is unique with wireless Bluetooth technology and Cricut design space software that gives sleek and stylish designs.
  5. But it has a small cutting area and requires a fast internet connection.
  6. You have to purchase the additional tools (fabric cutter, knife blades).
  7. It is a bit noisy when you’re using it at high speed.
  8. Moreover, for designing or working with it, you require a full internet connection as it doesn’t work offline.
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Brother CM 350 Electronic Vinyl Cutter


Brother CM 350 electronic cutter is a popular standalone unit with a scanner to create unique, stylish, and attractive crafts with only one button. It is free from dyes, cartridges, or any monthly subscription.

Specific for: vinyl, cardstock, fabric, heat transfer sheets, and many others.


  1. It is the best machine for imaging and printing photos at home and to run a small business.
  2. It features about 300 dots per inch scanner for uploading the favorite designs and also allows editing of the blueprints before cutting.
  3. The machine is facilitated with a large 4.85″ LCD touch screen to view and edit the designs with a scanNCUT2 activation card.
  4. It has flexibility for the wireless Bluetooth connection with a PC or any other computer.
  5. But it only provides two types of mat, and the software is hard to use.
  6. It is not the best choice for beginners.
  7. Mats are not sticky. The mats mostly slide when working.

Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter


The Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter is the best fast speed cutter with advanced technologies and accurate blade grooves on its apron to make cutting easy and clean. It stores multiple materials in it.

Specific for: vinyl, designing, and printing t-shirts, heat transfer, paint mask, fabric, etc.


  1. It maintains the straightness of the material.
  2. The vinyl cutter has restyled cutting carriages and a blade holder with 8- blade settings.
  3. The heat transfer material, along with twill and sandblast material, makes it most attractive and loving for printing and cutting t-shirts.
  4. But it is not suitable for paper cutting, and its software does not support MAC.

UScutter MH 34in Vinyl Cutter Bundle

Best Vinyl Cutter For Small Business

The UScutter MH 34in bundle is the best vinyl cutter that provides extensive versatility in cutting. It is for professionals and big projects.

Specific for: for cutting vinyl, decals, papers, wall words, and letters, for printing t-shirts.


  1. It has excellent features for vinyl lettering, sin gage, and pinstriping.
  2. Its vinyl master software has maximum efficiency that makes it useful for business purposes.
  3. It is perfect for beginners with spool function and also suitable for the home craft and other home hobbies.
  4. It has the flexibility to manipulate images but has restricted designs and image editing tools.
  5. It facilitates the customer with the beautiful cutting of logos, text tools, curves, and shapes along with importing clipart samples, portable document format, encapsulated postscript files, and adobe illustrator. It also allows printing by creating plates and lay colors.
  6. The twin adjustable pinch rollers are perfect for a wide range of materials.
  7. But it is not suitable for heavy projects and also not compatible with MAC.
  8. Moreover, it is not wireless and gives a warranty only for 90 days.
  9. Software design is paid and can’t survive in a high electrostatic environment.
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Graphtec CE6000 Vinyl Cutter


Graphtec CE6000 Vinyl Cutter is the best commercial grade machine with a cutting force of 350g & a speed that is 35 inches per second. It is a high-quality vinyl cutter for small businesses, hobbyists, and professionalists.

Specific for: cutting material up to 0.25 mm, vinyl, heat transfer, reflective vinyl, packaging, twill, paint mask, cut etching, rhinestone stencils, templates, paint mask, etc.


  1. It also has a digital servo control system that helps in controlling the fast cutting speed.
  2. The machine is excellent for heavy work with 25 mm in thickness and 45-degree heat adjustable blades.
  3. These features make it adorable for bulk and smooth cutting with 2- years warranty.
  4. The ARMS system allows it to triangulate the object that you want to cut and easy stickers’ duplication.
  5. This machine has the sharpest circles with oval shape designs.
  6. Its extra feature is to have a vacuum section to avoid slipping of material.
  7. But it is a bit expensive and also not the right option for beginners.

Silhouette Portrait 2 Vinyl Cutter

Best Vinyl Cutter For Small Business

Silhouette Portrait 2 is the advanced version of the silhouette cameo that allows cutting the download and online designs from a silhouette online portrait. It comes with 50 purchased design kits as well. It is the best starter machine for beginners.

Specific for: magnet paper, vellum, cardboard, papers, vinyl materials, heat transfer, t-shirt gigs, etc.


  1. This plug-and-play machine is best for lightweight materials that don’t require pressure more than 100g with a cutting force of 210g.
  2. It has auto blades with cutting size 8×11 inches and Bluetooth features for beautiful cutting of magnet papers and vellum etc.
  3. Its software is easy to use along with the best compatibility with MAC and PC.
  4. Furthermore,The machine gives the best access to the Pixscan technology that allows taking photographs by smartphone and then uploading it in the silhouette design studio. After that portrait can cut it according to the design on the paper as well.
  5. It is a bit noisy machine and has only one tool. Moreover, the device has no wireless connectivity.
  6. It has a small cutting surface area than other machines.

Sizzix Big Shot 660425 Vinyl Cutter


Sizzix Big Shot 660425 Vinyl Cutter is an easy and portable machine that comes with a perfect look, logo, and smooth gray and white color. This machine makes it more attractive and loving for small businesses.

Specific for:  it is the most preferable for creating cards, invitations, and home decors.


  1. This machine is portable ad versatile with de-cutting and embossing tools.
  2. The 6” wider backed tools are for multipurpose with 3- years warranty.
  3. This machine is all over good in its working, but it lacks Bluetooth connectivity.

Final Verdict

All these machines are perfect for both beginners and professionals. Everyone has their specialty in performance. This article will help you in finding the best one according to your interest and demand. Moreover, all these are affordable and high-quality machines.

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