Best Roof Coating For Ponding Water

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Roof coating is the best way to décors the home and protects the roof from damage. These damages occur due to weather and moisture. These are the best option to repair flat roofs that are chronic to moisture and ponding water.

We have come up with the best roof coating for ponding water roofs. This article will give you the best suggestions for your roof decoration & protection.


Roofs face many problems due to ponding water that may stay on certain flat surfaces after the rain stops. This ponding water damages the roofing substrates in many ways that lead to leakage.

The roof coatings are leak-free, economical, and durable. They can change the troubled roof into an energy-efficient one.

In the winter season, leakage issues increase due to rain and moisture. So you need the best roof coating to deal with water ponding.

Ponding Water

The water that remains on the roof longer than 48 hours after rain or runs off the roof equipment due to a false or improper drainage system is known as ponding water.

This water collects on the lower slope of the roof. It has severe negative consequences, including peeling off the ceiling, delamination, and leakage. The clogged drains can also be the cause of ponded water.

How can We Solve This Solution?

Every problem has a solution. Roof coating is the best solution to this problem. The gloss of this issue is more challenging than one thinks.

But still, this solution is more valid and useful than all. Types of roof coating depend upon the reason that causes ponded water. The roof coating is for more than just solving the ponding water issue.

They also give proper shape to the roofs and decoration. These are available in different designs and styles.

You can also use them as decorators for your rooms. But before moving towards this solution, ensure that drains on the roof are not clogged and damaged. 

Types of Roof Coating

There are the following types of roof coating for different roofs and issues. It will help you in choosing the best one according to your situation. 

Solvent Based Silicone Coating

Silicone is the best biodegradable ingredient for roof coating, and spraying solvent over this coating gives your roof a versatile look.

The solvent in it acts as an organic solvent carrier for roof coating. It is amongst the best roof coatings. It is useful. It resists water ponding for an extended period & also eliminates the need for a primer for the adhesion.

Acrylic Roof Coating

Acrylic roof coating is also the best roof coating for pond water issues. It is 100% water-based, cost-effective, and has the best coating for all types of roofs.

It contains durable acrylic polymers that withstand bad weather and reflect sun rays. But keep in mind that layer becomes thick with time. 

Silicone Roof Coating

Silicone roof coating is the best choice for humid areas. Silicone has the maximum ability to absorb moisture and bear humidity. Moreover, it is fast to clean and is resistant to water and dirt. You can also use it with fabric. 

Asphalt Emulsion

This coating is a mixture of organic and inorganic fillers and fibers. It is required in a small amount as 1.5 gallons can apply to 100 square feet. You can also use a push broom to sweep it. 

Polyurethane Roof Coating

Polyurethane roof coating is of two types; aliphatic and aromatic. The aliphatic coating is the best UV-stable coating, but it is expensive. The aromatic layer is good but not UV-stable.

So it is used as a base coating, and you can apply the aromatic coating as base coating and aliphatic on top for the best polyurethane coating. It is durable and clean. This coating is more resistant to ponding water than any other.

Best Roof Coating For Ponding Water

Before roof coating, proper repair should be there. Otherwise, the constant leaking of water will destroy the material.

It will lead to the breakdown of the adhesives, rusting of fastened, freeze and thaw damage & adhesion failure.

The following are the best roof coating for ponding water to protect your roof and give it a versatile and attractive look. 

  • Silicone roof mastic 1 & 2 Gal
  • High-performance acrylic roof mastic
  • Henry 212 all-purpose crystal clear sealant
  • Starall roof sealant

Silicone Roof Mastic 1 & 2 Gal

Silicone roof mastic 1 & 2 gal is the best choice for coating the ponding water roof. It has 100% silicone and is perfect for seams, flashing, cubes, and other areas.

It is durable and long-lasting. The mastic gal can prevent leakage and give a perfect finish to your roof.

High-Performance Acrylic Roof Mastic

Acrylic roof coating is the best for durability and protection against ponding water. It is perfect for heavy-duty acrylic copolymers. You can use it for repairing the patches, seams, and gaps in the roof.

It has a self-plasticizing formula that makes it UV resistant. It protects the ceiling from ponding water & also from further damages that may occur due to sun rays or other weather issues.

You can use it with fabric glass mesh material. It is for the places where water filtration may occur. You can also use it with Armour waterproof coating.

Henry 212 All Purpose Crystal Clear Sealant

All-purpose crystal clear sealant is the perfect thermoplastic sealant or coating for ponding water roofs. It has low-temperature flexibility that makes it the best choice for ceilings.

It provides clear invisible patches. It is an excellent adhesion for both wet and dry places. It makes the places smooth and prevents the water from seeping and leakage down the roof. It can remove cracking and gaps. This sealant has the best no-sagging and no-staining ability.

Starall Roof Sealant

Starall roof sealant is a polyurethane roof coating. It is the best solution for ponding water. It is an advanced sealant paste that provides a matte finish to the roof by filling all the cracks, seams, and broken places. It acts as a protector.

It is a water-based sealant and waterproof for various surfaces. With sturdy adhesive action, it has high bonding strength with wet surfaces. It quickly binds the cracks with double bonding action.

Frequently Ask Questions

What Types of Coatings are Best for Ponded Water Roofs?

Polyurethane coating is more advanced and the best roof coating for ponding water.

Why is Ponded Water Bad for the Roof?

Ponding water leads to too many severe issues, such as mosquito breeding, roof deterioration, freezing of water, leaking, and plants and algae growth on the roof’s surface.

What can I do for Ponding Water? 

You can be concerned with a professional roofing company to diagnose the issue. Moreover, clogging in the drains and changing the evacuates after 6- months for proper drainage and material protection from rusting. 

Why is Acrylic Coating Better than Silicone?

The acrylic coating is more durable, long-lasting, energy-efficient & compatible with more roof systems than the silicone one.

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