Top 5 Best Rear Tine Tiller Under $1000 Review & Buying Guide 2022

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Technology has changed a man’s life, whether he is a businessman or farmer. The invention of electronic tools has made work a piece of cake in every field. Similarly, like all other fields, technology has revolutionized gardening and farming also. In the past, tilling the land for sowing seeds was not easy.

Now the invention of the tine tiller has made it easy and fun for farmers. It allows them to enjoy the beauty of nature without taking worry about work. Finding a big machine under $1000 is difficult. To make farming a more amusing hobby, we have come with the best Rear Tine Tiller for farmers & gardeners under $ 1000.

Gardening is a passion for some people while a source of income for others. Such people know well that tools for gardening and sowing are essential for making work easy and reliable. Rear Tine Tiller is also a gardening tool for tilling the new and rough ground.

This tool helps the farmer a lot and saves precious time, extra hard work, and backaches. It is specific for tilling a large land or garden. To cultivate a compact land for sowing is a strenuous job. Therefore, without the help to rear Tine tiller is not secure to soft such lands.

It is not an easy task to find a superior grade tiller. Two things require attention while buying the best tool. The first is the quality of the product, and the next is the price. This article will help you in finding the best tiller.

Critical Points For Buying The Best Rear Tine Tiller:

Following guidelines will help you in purchasing the best rear Tine tiller under $1000.

The front Tine tiller is expensive, while the rear one is cheap and is of high quality. The rear tillers are exemplary for agricultural use and garden area. Moreover, the features of the rear Tine tiller are unique and advanced than the front one. Its features include dual rotation and counter-rotation that allow quick and easy manipulation and tilling to soft the land.

Power & Engine Capability

When you go for the rear Tine tiller, you will find their tillers with 2 a type of engine, 2 cycle, or four cycle. Both engines are durable, strong, and efficient in working. 2 cycle engine is noisy as compared to the 4 cycle engine. A 4 cycle engine is also preferable. It cuts the fuel expenses and increases the proficiency of the tine tiller.

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If your area has a tough soil texture with clods, then it will be better to have a machine with more power. Such a tine tiller will cover more land area for tilling. The selection of tiller also depends upon the type of land you want to cultivate. So choose the tine tiller according to your gardening place.


Tires are the essential part of the tiller. On them, the performance of the tiller lies. Therefore, the tires should be durable and of good quality material. Heavy tires can reduce your labor work and give smooth movement. For the rear Tine tiller, you can choose an airless tire to avoid the air-filling process. A tire of suitable width and traction will also be best for such a machine.

Tines Material

The main job of this tool depends on the performance of the tines. Therefore, choose the tines that are of tough, carbon, or hardened steel. Tines are present behind the tires, and their work involves hitting the soil and digging it and make it soft.

Therefore, tines should be sharp and long enough to hit soil particles down. Choose the machine with durable tines that may last for a long time. They need to sharpen after some time to improve their performance. Different seeds require different depths for growth.

The length of the tines for the rear Tine tiller under $1000 should be appropriate so that you can use it for multiple purposes. Moreover, if your desired land is sizeable or has a massive patch, choose the tines with a larger width. It will help you to cover more areas in less time.

Counterbalance & Rotation Style

The rear tine tiller is a large and bulky machine. So to increase its maneuverability and comfort, counterbalance is essential. With such a tine tiller, you experience working smoothly and reliably without any struggle.

The tine tiller has three rotation options. The tiller having forward rotation is good for loosening the upper layer of soil as it moves according to wheels. The other is a counter-rotating tiller, in which tines move in the opposite direction of tires.

This type of tiller movement is a good option if you want to garden on new land. It will help to mix all the organic components in the soil well. The third one is the dual rotation tiller that works on combining the principle of both stated rotations. It is more efficient than both are.

Gear Transmission

This feature in the tine tiller helps to run smoothly in forward, reverse, and neutral facets. In the condition, it stuck somewhere due to hard stones while working. Reverse gear helps to move when it hits any hard material & forward gear is good to run speedily and smoothly. The neutral gear transmission helps the tine tiller to carry in transportation and increases the comfort quotient.


It is vital to have proper handling of a bulky machine to work efficiently. For this purpose, the handles of the tine tiller should be adjustable. You can buy a fixed one, but it would be tricky to carry them. An adjustable handle is easy to set according to the height of the user and requirements. Bilk and pistol grip style handles are also uncouth. The latter ones are more secure to use as they provide extra control over the machine. The former one is one-handed and is expensive than the other.

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The Rear Tine tiller is a bulk machine, and it has to work under terrain conditions. It will be better for you to have a warranted tine tiller that facilitates you with a warranty and replacement of spare parts option in case of any issue. Moreover, before buying, you must check the buyer’s reviews and manufactures quality. Make sure the manufacturer has provided you the technical support for future inconvenience with the machine.

Size Of The Machine:

Try to buy a small and compact tine tiller machine is a good option for a small garden. A large-sized machine is a good option for commercial use. A small tine tiller machine will save you from storage issues also. Moreover, the bulky machine is more expensive than the small one.

A rear Tine tiller machine is best as it saves the precious time of the farmer. This bulky machine has many benefits for soil or garden you want to cultivate or use for agriculture. These benefits include reducing labor cost, providing proper aeration to the land, balancing the nutrition in the soil & removal of the weeds. Therefore, it requires complete attention for the best one.

Best Rear Tine Tiller Under $1000

Following are the best Tine tillers under $1000 for the best tilling of your land.

  1. Southland Rear Tine Tiller Counter-rotating 196E
  2. YARDMAX Rear Tine Tiller Dual Rotating (YT4565)
  3. Champion 19 in 212cc Rear Tine Tiller
  4. EARTHQUAKE 37037 Dual Direction Tine Tiller Rototiller
  5. Mantis 7566-12-02 Deluxe XP 4- Cycle Tiller

Southland Rear Tine Tiller Counter-rotating 196E

Southland Rear Tine Tiller Counter-rotating machine is the best one under $1000. This machine is suitable for every type of home yard with 4- cycle engine. This engine is not easy to use but is durable cleaner and saves fuels by increasing the power output.

Best Rear Tine Tiller Under $1000

It contains 11 inches of well-built tines that can dig down to 10 inch. You can till the large area within a short period. This tine tiller has self-sharpening tines that save your precious time and are well in performance. The forward and reverse gear system makes it adorable for tilling the firm land smoothly. The tines work in a counter-rotating manner and with 13″ heavy-duty pneumatic tires easily navigate and till the wide-ranging and rigid land within a short time.

YARDMAX Rear Tine Tiller Dual Rotating (YT4565)

Out of other top picks, under $1000 is YARDMAX Rear Tine Tiller Dual Rotating (YT4565). It is the best and affordable tine tiller for farmers and gardeners. Its powerful ability makes it adorable for back yard garden and professional use. It has a self-propelled drive system & dual rotational mechanism suitable for large areas within a short time.

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Best Rear Tine Tiller Under $1000

This bulk machine has a simple, single-handled design that is safe to use and perfect in working efficiently. It provides deep tiling with 7 adjustments. The engine is robust in performance. It offers about 9.5 torque, but oil filling in it is not an easy task. This tine tiller has easy handling and use and comes with a warranty. However, you cannot use it on moist land as it is only for dry land.

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Champion 19 in 212cc Rear Tine Tiller

Champion 19 in 212cc is an efficient and reliable tine tiller machine under affordable range. It is quick in working and is of sturdy metal parts that are durable & well built. It is preferable due to excellent control and a large amount of power for navigating the hard soil.


It has a sturdy and durable engine that powers an iron cast and gear-driven transmission. It is easy to handle and tilling with counter-rotating capability. It is economically beneficial as it saves fuel for a long time.

Earthquake 37037 Dual Direction Tine Tiller Rototiller

Earthquake 37037 is another best rear Tine tiller under $1000 with dual direction and efficient working. It has friendly handling and provides hassle-free shifting. It is perfect for all age people with airless wheels and wireless tire units. It is exemplary for small gardening and commercial use also.


The dual handlebars provide excellent balance and easy maneuvering in crowded places. It is light in weight and provides smooth tilling. It has reverse gear transmission & less noisy while working.

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Mantis 7566-12-02 Deluxe XP 4- Cycle Tiller

Mantis 7566-12-02 Deluxe XP 4- Cycle Tiller is the more powerful tiller than all competitors are. It has commercial-grade engines that are durable and lasts for years. This tool is best for commercial and home use.


The steel gear system makes it more durable. It can till up to 2 to 3 inches with sharp tines. It is the right choice for the cultivation of new land or maintaining the existing one. It will not disappoint you in its performance. It is the right choice for harsh soil.


Which Tine Tillers Are Better, Front Or Rear?

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Rear Tine tillers are better as they are less expensive and efficient for small gardens and large areas. Front tillers are vitreous for the small and medium-sized garden.  But they are not able to break rocks.

Is Tilling Necessary Before Planting?

Yes. Because if you will not till the land, plants will not get proper aeration. It will lead to poor growth of the plants due to weeds.

How Long Does It Take To Plant After Tilling?

It is not good to plant immediately after tilling as the soil is in compact form. It is better to take 2 to 3 days for the better growth of your crops.

How Deep Can A Rear Tine Tiller Dig?

The rear tine tiller has large and heavy tines that can dig up to 8- inches of the soil.


When you go for a tine tiller, it is essential to focus on your requirement. The above-described tine tillers are efficient in performance and are under the range of $1000. You can select the one that suits you but keep in mind before buying it is good to check.

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