PureVPN vs NordVPN Compersion Which one is Best 2022

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VPN stands for a virtual private network that allows the users to send and receive data shared across public networks if the devices are connected directly to exclusive networks. It extends the personal networks covering public networks.

Purevpn & Nordvpn are also among the popular VPN providers. Both VPNs are excellent in working, but users are confused about the better for price and service.

Let’s have a comparison between these two VPN. This article will help you in finding the best VPN for you.

Purevpn & Nordvpn are excellent VPN providers that facilitate subscribers with the best quality and performance.

Each has some strong and weak points that make them good or bad. But you summarize all, it will help you in selecting the best one that suits you according to your needs.


What is PureVPN?

Purevpn is the best VPN connection that facilitates the users with fast speed internet, reliable customer support, access to BitTorrents, and excellent privacy security at in low price. The company is Hong Kong-based and has been owned by GZ systems since 2007.

It facilitates the users with the following four categories: internet freedom, stream, file sharing, and privacy.

What is NordVPN?

NordVPN is also the best VPN service that facilitates the user with the online traffic flow, with a secure and encrypted tunnel. This internet provider is available for wireless routers, NAS devices, and other platforms.

The company is Panama-based and is established in 2012 by four childhood friends. It offers users the security of data by hiding their IP addresses and encrypted all the incoming and outgoing data. It also gives server P2P sharing, connection to the Tor anonymity, and double encryption.

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Pricing & Discount

Here is a brief description of the pricing and discounts offered by both VPNs. Both of these provide fair pricing with a little of difference in monthly prices and discount offers.

The NordVPN offers long-lasting pricing that lasts for about two years & monthly subscriptions are also available. Purevpn tenders two payment plans for less than a year. It gives a discount for annual users.

Both VPNs provide a money-back guarantee.


Subscription periods: One month, Three months, One year

Prices: $0.99 for 7day trial, $10.95/monthly and $3.3 monthly charges for the 2 years PureVPN subscription.


Subscription: 1 Month, One Year, Two Year

Price: $11.95/monthly $4.92 for the first year and $3.71 for the first 2-year NordVPN subscription plan.

Money-Back Guarantee

Purevpn offers a 73% discount on an annual plan.

NordVPN tenders a 75% discount for three years plan.

After two years, the price gaps come close to each other. For NordVPN, the price is $89, and for Purevpn, the rate becomes $99.90.


We know that using a VPN is not legal, and the government always permits us to use them. That’s why the government may ban it or demand public data. Both these companies provide full security to the user data and do not cooperate with a government or foreign entities for user logs.

Both Purevpn & NordVPN provide the AES 256 encryption and don’t save the user logs.

The protocol of Purevpn; the available protocols offer open VPN, PPTP, L2TP, IKEV, Stealth, VPN, and SSTP.

Protocols for NordVPN: the available protocols for it offer NordLynx and open VPN.

Purevpn offers the best security as compared to NordVPN. Recently there arose a scandal about security hacking related to NordVPN. That makes the Purevpn most preferable.

Moreover, both VPNs accept various cryptocurrency as payment.

Streaming Support

The VPNs unblock all the streaming services in the countries where they are working. Services such as Hulu, Disney, Amazon, and Netflix are not available in all countries. In the countries where this streaming is not allowed, people prefer to use VPNs to break limitations.


This VPN unblocks HBO, Disney, Hulu, Netflix, BBC, iPlayer, Amazon Prime videos, and many others both in the United States and Internationally.


This VPN allows the users to get access to Disney, Hulu, Amazon Video, and many others in various countries.

This list may change with time. So it’s better to concern the customer service support department for the listing.

BitTorrent Support

Peer-to-peer, P2P, or BitTorrent is one of the most popular activities on the net today. It is a controversial activity. Many people use P2P for sharing legal files, and many uses it to share copyrights of movies, videos, and illegal music. That’s why sometimes P2P is blocked, while VPN is used to prevent ISPs from blocking it.

  1. Purevpn allows P2P file sharing in 80 countries.
  2. NordVPN allows P2P file sharing in only 46 countries.

So, for BitTorrent support, the Purevpn is preferable.

Multiple Platform Support

VPN is the best choice for supporting multiple platforms. So, it is better to choose the one that provides the best support to many platforms. For this, both Purevpn & Nordvpn are on the same route.

Purevpn supports Android apps, Tomato router, Windows, Linux, and many other routers and apps.

Nordvpn also supports Linux, macOS, iOS apps, and DD-WRT routers, and other apps.

Customer Support

Both VPNs offer excellent and instant customer support. You can deftly get assistance in case of any problem.

Purevpn provides 24/7 live customer service with live chat, a searchable knowledge base, and a trouble ticket system.

Nordvpn offers support library and email support along with 24/7 live service.

VPN for China

Many VPNs are unavailable in China, including Purevpn. The China government blocks access to the VPN site and software. But Nordvpn works efficiently in China. Its original website is not available in China, but you can contact its customer support to find its alternate sites for working. To browse the internet freely on NordVPN, you need to configure it to use an obfuscated server first.

PureVPN mobile app is easy to use than Nordvpn.

Final Verdict PureVPN vs NordVPN

Now if we compare both, then at many points both offer excellent services. NordVPN offers much better service, but recently there arose a scandal of being hacked of NordVPN that result in losing its credibility and reputation. So, it is reliable and safer to use Purevpn. For China, NordVPN is the best one.

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