Men’s Cocktail Attire For Wedding And Special Events With Unique Ideas

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Dress code means to dress up something that suits the occasion which you are going to attend. Dress codes are around for years to guide guests about the themes of the party. Whenever you receive an invitation, whether of the party, restaurant, and wedding, there is always mention a dress code according to the occasion, such as a black-tie, white tie, business casual, semiformal, or cocktail attire for men.

For women, the dress code is usually different. These keywords guide the guest to wear something according to the occasion. In this article, we will put a glance at the men’s cocktail attire for family occasions. We have unique ideas for evening party or wedding and special events cocktail attire.

Cocktail attire provides a sensual personality to the wearer. Selection of the attire of cocktail requires more attention than other dress codes. In the past, the dress coding of the men was simple. They used to wear a black or white tie with a dress shirt, and Tuxedo was also the most popular formal dress for occasions for men.

These days the guests are instructed to come in cocktail attire. Most of the people mix cocktail attire with business wear that is not correct. It seems to be straightforward to choose cocktail attire for men, but you will be surprised to see the fashion and uniqueness.


What Is Cocktail Attire?

Cocktail attire is the most popular dress code that provides a little room for creativity. This dress code is in between business attire and black tie, formal but not stuffy. Moreover, these dress codes are also known for cocktail hour that avid socialites spend for alcohol drinking after work. With a glass of drink in hand and a cocktail attire dress code, every man wants to be complimentary. That is why Men are sensitive to choosing cocktail attire that directly affects their personality in the gathering.

Besides happy occasions, it is also appropriate for solemn events and funerals. If you get an invitation for the cocktail attire, then you can wear it.

  1. Suit with dark to mid-gray color
  2. White-colored button-down dress shirt
  3. A plan or subtle patterns bow tie.
  4. Square pockets
  5. Black dress shoes of a leather sole
  6. Wear the calf socks that match up your suit.

For an attractive personality along with an elegant dress code, your look must be clean-shaven and should have an appropriate haircut.

Here are some guidelines that will guide what you should do with your cocktail attire and what you should not.

Cocktail Attire Don’t:

Avoid such things for cocktail attire.

  1. Do not wear a rock tuxedo.
  2. Avoid wearing a black suit as it is reserved only for a funeral.
  3. Do not wear a pair of casual shoes such as shoes having laces or loafers.
  4. Avoid going without wearing socks as it is appropriate.
  5. You are not the center of attention for the party, so do not wear bright color ties or flashy accessories.
  6. Avoid wearing casual dresses such as chinos, jeans, or polo shirts.
  7. Things you can do for an attractive look:

For looking alike, you can do this.

  1. Wear a tie or bow tie as it will look too casual.
  2. Wear a nice blazer that suits your trouser
  3. Wear elegant accessories such as a dress watch or square pocket.
  4. Look for the high-quality material and loving designs.

You can contact the hosting person to know what type of dress cocktail attire he wants if it is a themed party. For wedding occasions, traditional cocktail attire is best, while for meeting with friends for drinks in a restaurant, smart casual cocktail attires are common and appropriate.

Men’s Cocktail Attire For Wedding Occasions:

You have to attend a wedding party, then your dress code or cocktail attire should be on the conservative side. Here we have collected some best cocktail styles ideas for this occasion. For this, a dark suit, square pocket dress shirt, and patterned necktie would be best.


For the traditional look in cocktail attire, a navy or charcoal dress will be best. It provides men a classy look. You can try any shirt and accessories with this.


If you are a guest, a light pink or blue colored shirt is perfect for you. It will boost your personality. If you are grooming, the bright color shirt will also be best for you.

Neckwear or Necktie:

The tie is the attractive part of the cocktail attire that makes the whole outfit loving. The simple outfit will look gorgeous with a pattern and texture tie. You can choose muted color & unique pattern bow tie or bold necktie in white and black color for this occasion.

Pocket Square:

You can add some attractive colors to your suit with a solid color pocket square.


When it comes to shoes, never wear leather lace-up in brown or black color. Always choose the socks that match your dress and do not think of going without socks, whether it is winter or summer.

Cocktail Attire For Fashion-Forward Men:

For an event other than the wedding, you would want to look different in the casual gathering. You cannot wear the same cocktail attire for every occasion.


For other special events, you can select a gray or blue suit.  This suit is simple and not flashy, but with accessories, you will look classic. A rose shawl suit is also appropriate for a fashionable look. You can try an emerald suit with a shawl collar if you want a more attractive look. These suits are not usual for everyone.


For the special events, the colorful & patterned shirts are not suitable. They will not sound well. You should select a white or light blue shirt as it will complement you, along with any pocket square and tie.

For fashion-forward men, a shawl suit simple shirt will be perfect. You can also try a fly front shirt with hidden buttons for a seamless look. This shirt has silk knots that do not need cufflinks.

Neckwear & Pocket Square:

For special events, linen, knit silk, or seersucker neck wear with a unique design will be right. You can look for a bright color pocket square with suits.

For a fashionable look, a light color tie and simple printed pocket square will be perfect to complete your gorgeous appearance.

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