How To Access The Steam Screenshots? Some Simplest & Easiest Methods

Steam is not an unfamiliar word for the people who love gaming. The steam app is a vast gaming website that allows users to play games freely without any restriction. During playing a game, everyone wants to take screenshots either to save the scene for their own or to share with someone. But it is not as simple as it looks. Most people are unaware of how to access the steam screenshots. But take a chill as after reading this, you may straightforwardly get access to your steam screenshots without any worry. We have brought some easiest and simplest methods to get access to steam screenshots.

To take a screenshot while playing games is easy on steam. Press F 12 for a screenshot of any scene, but the next important thing is to find where it saves. Every system has a different method to snatch screenshots.

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There are two ways to access the screenshots on steam.

  1. Via steam screenshot manager
  2. Via hard drive storage

Via steam manager:

The Steam gaming platform has a fruitful addition of steam manager. It manages and stores the screenshot. It also allows the user to share them without exit the game or running the program. You can take screenshots by clicking F12 on your keyboard. Those are saved automatically in the specific game part. You can get access to that screenshot by following the method.

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How To Access Steam Screenshots

  1. Click on the main steam window. Here, you will see the option of view on the top of the window that further access you to the screenshot subdivision.
  2. Press screenshots. The steam screenshot folder will open automatically.
  3. Now you would see all the screenshots that you have taken during playing games.
  4. You can now delete, edit, and share your required screenshot from there by using a steam manager.
  5. You can also access screenshots by the online library button or by your hard drive.
  6. For this, click on the “show on disk” button. It will also allow you to delete screenshots from the Steam app and the hard drive permanently.

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Via Hard Drive Storage:

There is an automatic system that allows the user to save the screenshots on the computers & laptops. The folder has a default location in local disk C or E where you have installed your steam app.  But the default location folder is local disk C. You can check the saved screenshots as.

 C:\ Programfiles (x86) \ Steam \ userdata\ <yourSteamID> \ 890\ remote\ <app – ID> \ screenshots
  1. Open this PC or Window explorer or My Computer on your device.
  2. Then get access to your steam screenshot folder by following this path.
  3. First, open folder C on your computer.
  4. Then their many options appear there click on program file(x86)
  5. Their steam app will appear & if you have saved it in another folder, you can get direct access to that.
  6. Click on the user data. In this folder, you will find your steam ID with a specific URL number.
  7. In the case of more than one accounts on steam, there will be many folders. Click on your required folder.
  8. Then open folder 760 and click on “remote.” In this folder, the screenshots of your games are available.
  9. You can change your steam ID and app ID on your own.
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Where can you find your steam ID?

Steam ID is the number that is present at the end of the stem profile in the URL. You can copy it from there and then paste in the link. It will allow getting direct access from window explorer.

What to do if you don’t find steam ID?

Stream client is another option if you do not know your steam ID. When you open the steam client, it will lead you to settings.

  1. Click on the setting and go to the interface.
  2. When you open the interface, their box appears with written as “display the steam URL when available” and now save it.
  3. Then move back and open steam profile and go to view profile. At the end of this profile, you will have your steam URL. You can copy & paste it as explained above to see your screenshots.

How to Change The Steam Screenshot Location:

If you want to change the location of the steam screenshot folder, you can change it as;

  1. Open the main interface on steam.
  2. Click on view and setting on the horizontal line on the main screen.
  3. When you pop-on the window, click on the in-game folder. It will open the screenshots of your game.
  4. Espouse all the screenshots. Copy or move them to the newly created folder where you want to save screenshots.
  5. In this way, you can get easy access to the screenshots without any trouble.

If you couldn’t access it till then:

If you have done everything but still do not get any access to the steam screenshots. You can click on the given link for screenshots location.

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Keep in mind that this link is updated regularly, and if your steam changes location, this link will provide direct access to your screenshots.

Important Note:

The games can cause malware and viruses that further lead to local file corruption. If all these methods do not work, then we recommend you use the restoro repair tool. It will help you to restore the corrupted files if they are missing due to system corruption. Moreover, you can also install the Auslogic Ant-Malware app to protect your pc and files from viruses.

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