6 Best Dive Watches Under $100 in 2023

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In this article, we will discuss the top 6 high quality water resistant watches for diving, swimming, and others in the water and on land activities under $100.

In 1950, when scuba diving was introduced as a sport, there arose a need for a tool that could help divers to track time. From there, the idea of a dive watch was coming.

Now whether you are spending free time underwater or working under a high workload at your desk wristwatch has become a timepiece for everyone.

You can enjoy its excellent work which has unique design features anytime. It gives a graceful look to your personality when it is on your wrist.

If you are looking for a beautifully designed dive watch that would be effective for you under $100, then you need not worry about it.

We have come with some elegant dive watches in an affordable range. You can use them for diving as a sport’s manor in daily life just to change your lifestyle.

Dive Watch

A dive watch is not like usual watches. The main aim of a dive watch is to be built in such that it can monitor the maximum time of stay in the water and the quantity of air left in your oxygen tank.
It should make of a non-corrosive material such as titanium, or silicone; rubber and stainless steel are the best options. It has the maximum ability to withstand the pressure of divers bears during diving.

Feature of Dive Watches?

Aside from budget, the next question arises what the dive watch should have for perfect functioning? There are four features that you can look for while searching for a dive watch.

Water Resistant

The foremost thing is the water-resistance quality of the dive watch. It should have maximum water resistance quality. Most wristwatches offer 50 m of water resistance.

It means it can withstand hand washing or showers. But for a dive watch, 200m or 660 ft. water resistance is ideal. A dive watch with high water resistance can survive diving. Showering and swimming as well.

Build Quality

For the dive wristwatch, constructed material matters a lot. As its material decides how is it precise to stand underwater and how much is perfect for counting your exact time of staying in the water.

Select a well-built dive watch, that has strong crystal .e.g, mineral or sapphire, and a pretty good bracelet or strip.


The dive watch usually has an automatic movement. That doesn’t need a battery or cells. Automatic watch hurricane with the motion of the arm and work as long as it is on the wrist. They have day/date features that make them more unique and attractive.


The bezel is the essential component of a dive watch that tells you exactly how long you have dived underwater. The high-quality watches have a unidirectional bezel that rotates in only one direction.

6 Best Dive Watches Under $100

By keeping in mind the requirements of divers and the features of dive watches, we have collected the top 6 best dive watches under $100 one among all.

  1. Invicta Man’s Pro Diver Watch
  2. Fanmis Green Dial Quartz Dive Watch
  3. Casio Edifice EF 503D -1A
  4. Henry Jay Men’s Specialty Aquamaster
  5. Phoibos Men’s Dive Watch
  6. Casio LRW200-1EVCF Women’s Dive Watch

Invicta 89620B Men’s Pro Diver Watch

Invicta 89620B Men’s Pro Diver Watch is the most attractive and loving automatic dive watch. It is a high-quality and gorgeous homage watch that works by Seiko’s self-winding movement.

It shows accurate time, just like a quartz watch, and has beautiful hacked and hand winding second hand. The wristwatch is perfect for divers with water-resistant up to 660 feet and 120 clicks of the unidirectional rotating bezel.

It becomes more attractive and suitable for snorkeling, surfing, and swimming with a screw-down crown and coin edge detailing.

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It removes the low lighting conditions with a black dial, white Trinite luminous hands, and markers along with a magnified date display at 3 clocks.

It is a superb versatile watch with a robust steel case, tough mineral crystal, and a triple-link steel bracelet that makes it perfect for underwater adventures.

It is a classic watch with unique styling with a 40mm case & has a pretty and clean finish. It is a fabulous timepiece for both in water and all other tasks to wear all day.

Fanmis green Dial Quartz Dive Watch

Fanmis green Dial Quartz dive watch is the best and most suitable watch for desk divers. It has a unique and reliable style that boosts the personality and is also under $100.

It is valuable and loving for daily use. This green dialer watch is classy and has 60 a click-unidirectional rotatable bezel.

The crown and information printed on its green dialer make it an eye-catcher. It is an excellent timepiece with Japanese quartz movement.

Best Dive Watches
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It makes time reading easy in low light, along with luminous hands, an hour’s marker, and a date magnifier at 3O’ clock. It is water-resistant with a 40mm case size.

The case is well-finished and beautifully designed with 316L stainless steel. Stainless steel band with solid links and a Sapphire glass window dialer makes it more elegant and loving for men.

Casio Edifice EF 503D -1A Men’s Dive Watch

Casio Edifice EF 503D -1A is one of the best inventions of Casio for men. You can wear this watch for sorts of activities and at events also.

It is a simple wristwatch with well-designed features. One of the best among them is a chronography. A chronograph is a process to tell the time elapsed time, just like a stopwatch that why it is liked most by divers and swimmers.

Its other worthwhile feature is the tachymeter. Tachymeter is used for calculating speed by chronograph feature. But remember, it requires a formula to calculate pace accurately.

Best Dive Watches Under 100
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It is water-resistant up to 100 m or 330 feet with highly-precise quartz technology. It doesn’t have much luminosity like other watches, but it is enough for reading time and date in the dark.

The index and hour markers are rectangular and have chronic edges of quality material. The three little dials for hours, minutes, and seconds make it unique and beautiful at a low price. But it has cheap clasps and the buttons are hard to press.

Henry Jay Men’s Specialty Aquamaster

It is a misconception that a good-looking and well-functioned watch is always expensive. There are a lot of good dive watches in an affordable range.

Henry Jay Men’s Specialty Aqua Master is also one of those watches that are good-looking and have a low price. The watch features are pretty and attractive with a couthy stainless steel dial and blue colored face.

The hands and hours marker are silver that perfectly matches with blue color and makes the watch adorable to wear for sports activities and casual functions.

Best Dive Watches Under $100
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The wristwatch has press able push-button extended clasp which is facile to wear and remove.

It is water-resistant to 330 feet and has a quartz movement and dials case of 42mm. This unique masterpiece has gold-colored hands, a dial case, and an hour marker and shows the accurate time. It is perfect for diving and snorkeling.

Phoibos Men’s Dive Watch

Phoibos Men’s Dive Watch is a superb watch that can perform well in any scenario. This watch enables the diver to withstand any condition such as swimming, diving, snorkeling, or any other sport with 300-meter or 100 feet water pressure bearing capability.

It has an attractive look with a brushed stainless steel case and a band with a matte black face around it. They have a fabulous and extravagant appearance for wearing either on land or in water.

Best Dive Watches Under $100
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The Phoibos watch has impressive features, including an analog display with Swiss Ronda 515 movement, a 3O clock marker date dial for quick reference to the day, and 160g weight that is noticeable but not much heavy to carry.

Moreover, the scuff and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass give it an attractive look and makes it perfect for underwater activities.

Casio LRW200-1EVCF Women’s Dive Watch

We know that sport either on land or in water, is equally distributed among men and women. The same is the case with snorkeling, swimming, and other activities, so the need for a dive watch for a female is as that of men.

Casio LRW200-1EVCF is a women’s dive watch that is strong enough for underwater activities and has a unique and delicate feature that boosts the women’s personality.

It is comfortable and light-weighted with maximum readability capacity in light and dark. The watch has a Japanese quartz movement with waterproof quality.

Best Dive Watches Under $100
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It is water-resistant up to 330 feet. The diameter of the case of the watch is 33mm and has resin material in its case.

This beautiful and lusty watch can be submerged in water and can cope with 100 meters by performing all the functions at its best. It gives a unique look and elegant appearance to females with zero cons.

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