Top 4 Best Japanese Mascara

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Looking good is the right of every girl and woman, and now many cosmetic products have come that play a very important role in making personality more attractive and charming. Being a girl, can you imagine eye makeup without mascara?

No, because the eyelashes look tidy and uneven without mascara and hence eye makeup is incomplete without mascara. The small makeup products play a vital role in making our eyes and personality attractive and eye-catchy including mascara, eye sheds, eyeliner, and artificial eyelashes.

Mascara makes the natural eyelashes thick and long and gives the eye a prominent look.  Mascara gives curl to the long lashes and volume to the thin lashes. To give the pretty look to your eyelashes, it is necessary to choose the waterproof and smudge proof mascara, and it should be of high-quality.

The poor-quality mascara destroys the lashes and inhibits their growth, and can lead to various side effects. Therefore, their selection requires attention and care. When it comes to buying the best makeup products, Japan comes on the 2nd in the cosmetic market for manufacturing the best makeup products.

Women all over the world love Japanese cosmetics due to the best quality and results. In the Japanese cosmetic industry, many brands offer high-quality mascara and other eye makeup products that exactly fulfill the demand of the customers. Here we have listed the best Japanese mascara for the Japanese beauties.

Best Japanese Mascara

Following are the best Japanese mascara that you can buy from any Japanese drugstore.

  1. Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara Super WP 01 Jet Black
  2. KOJI Dolly Wink Volume Mascara Black
  3. Mojolica Majorca Lash Expander Liquid Extension
  4. Can make Tokyo Gokubuto Mascara

Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara Super WP 01 Jet Black

In the Japanese cosmetic industry, Heroine super mascara is the best one Japanese product for long and curly eyelashes. This mascara is made up of high-quality and unique ingredient super guard polymer.

This product enhances the quality of the product and prevents it from smudging all day. It is resistant to tear, oil, abrasion, and water, so you can wear it in any situation without getting worried about its spreading. It facilitates the eyelashes with super lengthening effect without any clump and also provides protection to the sensitive lashes from damage.


The four major ingredients; wild rose oil, argan oil, royal jelly extract and camellia oil makes it more powerful for perfect nourishment to the eyelashes. The curl locking memory shape polymer gives a curly look to the lashes and makes eyes big and more attractive.

This multi-purpose mascara is ideal one for curls, lifts, volumes, lengthens and separation. But most people claim it is not easy to remove and tuck to the eyelashes as a permanent marker.

KOJI Dolly Wink Volume Mascara Black

This is also very popular in Japan for smooth and lovely coating on the eyelashes that also enhances the volume of the lashes as well. The gloss black color gives a clear and attractive look to the eyes.


This mascara improves the growth of the eyelashes and helps them to grow naturally. It comes with sweat, water and tear resistant quality that allow the user to wear it in every situation.

But is it flat from one side, that makes it ridiculous for eyes with short lashes? Moreover, it is not easy to apply. Its awful wand makes it difficult to apply.

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Liquid Extension

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Liquid Extension is the best product of the Shiseido. This brand offers the best quality cosmetic product for the Japanese beauties that are inexpensive and affordable also.


This mascara acts as a perfect expander that gives eyelashes a unique, long, and pretty appearance. This waterproof mascara is perfect to choose at any time and is also easy to remove whenever you want.

The brush of this mascara has small, fine bristles that makes it applied easily on the corners of the eyes. The fine bristles keep the lashes separate and give eyes a gorgeous look with only one coat. It is good for short, straight, and thin lashes.

CanMake Tokyo Gokubuto Mascara

CanMake Tokyo Gokubuto Mascara is considered the best one for natural long lashes as well as the false lashes and extensions. You can get non-clumpy and curly lashes with a wavy brush that gives lovely curls and long-lasting effect.


Its water-proof formula makes it resistant to tear, water, oil, and humidity. It is best to wear in a humid environment. You can get the maximum desired volume with this mascara. This mascara is also available in brown color for a bright look.

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Mascara

Types Of Mascara

There are mainly three types of the mascaras for volumizing, curling and lengthening. Some lashes are short and some are straight and thin. As every person has different genes, they also have different curves, length as well as volume. If you want heavy lashes then you can choose the one that has volumizing property and if you want long and curves you can choose the one having lengthening property.

Effective Formulation

The next thing that requires attention is the ingredient present in it. Before buying the mascara, focus on its formula. The mascara should be of high-quality and waterproof so that it may not spread due to water and tears. Furthermore, it must be oil and sebum resistant and ingredients in it must be able to nourish the lashes well.

Brush Of The Mascara

It is very important to choose the right brush shape according to your requirement. Most people think all mascaras have the same shape as brushes, but it is not true.

There are 7- types of mascara brush with different shape and size according to different mood and purpose including bristles, thin, fat, curve, and tooth shape. For the lengthy shape use an arch brush and if you want to spread out the lashes you can use a comb like brush for mascara.

The finish of the mascara depends upon the brush you use for it. For the neat and clean finish, the brush should be clean because a weird brush when used for liquid mascara will give a rough look and take more time to dry.

Easy To Apply

Choose the mascara with easy application. Moreover, the mascara must be easy to remove. It is better to choose the one that is easy to remove with hot water. Such mascara will not require rubbing, and it will not leave spots after removal.

The mascara with easy slit off ability is less irritated and does not affect the lashes. It should be removed without damaging the eyelids and eyelashes. The mascara you choose should be acted as emollient and moisturizer for proper growth of the lashes. It should not look clumpy and should have smudged resistant quality as well.

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