Best False Lashes For Asian Eyes

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Everyone knows that eyes are essential sense organs of our body, and we are also blessed with eyelashes that protect our eyes from harmful things and increase the beauty of our eyes. Some people have large eyes and eyelashes, & some have small ones.

It has become a trend in people with small eyes and hoody eyelids, such as Asian American women that they large eyelashes to increase the beauty of their eyes.

With the developing technology now getting large eyes, lashes are not a big issue. Many false lashes are available, & we have selected the best ones for Asian women.

Most Asian women have small eyes and short eyelashes. It may be due to heredity or due to any syndrome.

False eyelashes are the best solution to this problem. But the selection of false eyelashes is a tricky task.

Choosing eyelashes that do not match your eye’s appearance will give your eyes an unnatural, intense, and ridiculous look.

Therefore, it is essential to select high-quality false eyelashes for women having monolid eyes. Long and voluminous lashes are the desire of every woman, and we have found the best high-quality false lashes to fulfill this desire.

Selection Of False Eyelashes:

The selection of false eyelashes depends upon the type of Asian eye shapes and the shape of eyelids. There are the following types of Asian eye shapes. The Asian eyes are almond, round, triangular, deep-set, and narrow. The eyelid shapes are

Mono eyelids: these eyes have no eyelids and are common in Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans.

Double eyelids crease: some eyes have clearly defined lines, creating big, sparkling eyes.

Single eyelids crease thin, small, and unclear eye lines.

For choosing the best, the first thing that requires attention is the length of the false eyelash. Its length should be according to the length of your genuine eyelashes. The next thing that can make lashes more pretty is the curvature of the false eyelashes. A C-curl eyelash looks more pretty on Asian eyes.

The false eyelashes you choose should be comfortable, light, and easy to use.

Choose eyelashes with durable and high-quality reusable material that does not irritate the eyes.

Best False Eyelashes for Asian Eyes

The best false eyelashes for Asian eyes are.

  1. Red cherry False Eyelashes
  2. Dolly wink Koji False Eyelashes
  3. LANKIZ False Eyelashes
  4. Ardell Natural Multipack Lashes
  5. Kiss Products Looks So Natural Multipack False Eyelashes

Red Cherry False Eyelashes:

For Asian eyelash extensions, red cherry is a well-known brand. Red cherry always offers something exciting and more loving related to eye beauty. It offers curly and tremendous curly eyes to give a cat-eye look to Asian eyes.


Red cherry false eyelashes are the best Asian eyes having soft tapered ends. This pair of false lashes gives a natural look to the eyes.

The thickness and length give a glamorous look to the eyes. These false lashes are of 100% human hair and are easy to apply.

These are easy to carry due to their lightweight. The mascara adds more beauty to its glamorous look.

Dolly Wink Koji False Eyelashes:

The Dolly Wink brand is your best choice if you want a natural look. Dolly Wink Koji’s false eyelashes are the perfect eyes for hooded Asian eyes.

These false lashes give a wider appearance to the small eyes. These lashes are thick and have good quality, soft feathery.


They have durable material that allows you to wear them many times. These false lashes are expensive and have irregular gaps between lashes that may cause a problem.

In one pack, you will have 2- pairs of lashes. These false eyelashes are not voluminous and too much dramatic.

LANKIZ False Eyelashes

LANKIZ false eyelashes add up more beauty to Asian beauties by giving an eye-catching look to their eyes.

These false eyelashes have handy synthetic fiber that is soft and durable. These lashes are thick and give a glamorous look to Asians.

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You can wear these false lashes up to 10 times. Each pack of these LANKIZ false eyelashes contains 5 pairs of eyelashes.

You can wear lashes if you want to add more drama. These are flexible but are not resistant to water.

Their durability makes them a favorite among Asian girls. But due to no resistance capability, you cannot use these lashes on your wedding day.

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Ardell Natural Multipack Lashes:

Ardell false lashes are for a stunning look to the appearance and makeup. They are available in multi-layer shapes for a variety of eyes. Ardell’s natural multipack lashes give an attractive frame to the Asian eyes.


For the fuller appearance of the eyes, it is the perfect choice for Asian eyes. These false eyelashes have 100% sterile hair synthesis.

They are handy crafted perfectly and fit eyes without causing any irritation. These false eyelashes are easy to clean and light in weight.

You can wear them on your wedding day. These are vegan and 100% cruelty-free. They are reusable but cannot be worn for a long duration.

Kiss Products Looks So Natural Multipack False Eyelashes

Kiss products are the best products that beautify Asian beauty with high quality. It looks so natural. Multipack contains the best to appear fuller. These give a thicker appearance to the eyes.


Kiss products look such a natural multipack that comes with 5- pairs of eyelashes. Their tapered-end technology allows them to blend with natural eyes without realizing their falseness. These eyelashes have light and soft material.

These eyelashes are easy to carry with contact lenses. These eyelashes are cruelty-free and keep eyes free from irritation.

Also, these are lengthy, but you can adjust the length according to your original eyelash length. But they might be flimsy for someone.

The Best Way To Apply False Eyelashes

You must know the proper way of applying false lashes to the eyes. It will help you stay longer lashes on your eyes.

First, you must check the eyelashes’ right and left parts.

Then check the length of the lash by placing the shorter part on the inner corner and the longer part on the outer corner.

If it is according to the length of your real lashes, then it is good; otherwise, you can cut it with the help of a small scissor.

Then apply a small amount of the glue along the line of the original lashes. Allow it to dry, and then apply eyeliner & mascara over it.

Frequently Asks Questions

What Are The Best False Eyelashes For Asian Eyes?

There are many false eyelashes for Asian eyes, but the best is red cherry false eyelashes.

Can False Eyelashes Damage The Original Lashes?

Yes. These fa lashes can be if you do not apply and remove them correctly. These false eyelashes are extensions that enhance the natural beauty of the eyes.

What Is An Alternate Way To Avoid Glue For Sticking Lashes?

The glue that you use may harm your original eyelashes. You can prefer magnetic eyelashes. They are safer and more reliable in use.

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