How To Reduce Face Fat By Yoga?

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Usually at the end of winter most of us become fatty due to excess intake of fatty foods including nuts. Along with gaining weight fast on the body, our face also becomes chubby.

In winter, heavy clothes help a lot to cover body fat, and it doesn’t look awkward. With the exercise and control on the food, it is easy to remove the excess body fat, but it is challenging to reduce the face fat. 

To get a face with beautiful cheekbones, and stellar jaw lines, you have to work hard. The use of medicines is not a good option for this. Here is a complete guideline for those who want to get rid of chubby and round faces. It will help you to know how to reduce the face fat by yoga?

Yoga or exercise is the best way to overcome the fats gained by body and face than any food or medicine. Whenever a body gains weight, it becomes prone to many health issues.  It is the latest trend to choose yoga and face slimming exercise for making your face slim and thin.

Facial yoga has become popular among women to tone the face and remove the lines and wrinkles from skin. It is most popular among aged women to reduce the aging signs. It is the most effective and long-term process that is also money saving. 

Face yoga along with other benefits also keeps the face stressed and active. It strengthens the muscles of the face and keeps the skin clear and active. If you are also worried about a chubby face, then these easy yoga exercises will help you to have a smart and slim face.


How To Reduce Face Fat By Yoga?

Following are the yoga poses to reduce the face fat.

Chin Lock:

This yoga pose is also called as Jalandhar Bandha and is perfect for shaping and toning the face and jawline muscles. You can easily reduce the fat of your double chin and cheeks through this pose.


  1. Sit down in lotus position and keep your hands on knees
  2. Now take a deep breath
  3. Raise the sternum on your chin and lock chin on the sternum
  4. Bend your head in a forward and downward direction and keep in lock position for some seconds.

Cheek Uplift:

This yoga pose is especially for losing the face fat and giving the younger look.


  1. Smile broadly, in the seated position.
  2. Place middle and index finger of your both hands and then uplift your finger towards the eyes.
  3. Repeat this step for 30-45 seconds and repeat it frequently in a day.
  4. It is for making the cheekbone visible and prominent.

Neck roll:

If you don’t like to have a double chin, then this yoga pose will help you to get rid of the extra fat on the chin.


  1. Sit straight in the lotus position and hang your hands in the forward direction.
  2. Now roll your head to one side and slowly move in towards the second side in a full circle form.
  3. Move head in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction and repeat this step for multiple times.
  4. But if you have any backbone or neck problem then first consult your doctor then start this yoga.

Fish Face:

For losing the weight from the cheek area, fish face yoga is the best choice. For this 


  1. Pout, your lips as you take a pouty selfie. 
  2. Now suck the head inside until your lips resemble fish lips. 
  3. Now smile in this position. 
  4. Repeat these steps many times in a day. 
  5. It will help you in losing the weight from the cheeks and other sides

Lion Pose:

For getting a slimmer face, the lion pose also known as Simha Mudra step is the best one. It helps to get a slimmer face by reducing face fat and toning the muscles.


  1. Sit down in the lotus position and place your hands on your thighs.
  2. Open your mouth wide by dropping jaws
  3. Now stick your tongue in the downward direction towards the chin
  4. Now breathe deeply from the mouth so that your throat may make a sound like the lion
  5. Repeat these steps many times for effective results

Jaw Release:

Jaw release pose is helpful in reducing the double chin. For this:


  1. Sit comfortably
  2. Now tight your chin in the upward direction and pull it opposite to the gravity
  3. Keep this position until your neck feels stretched.
  4. Now release your chin slowly by breathing out from your nose

Tips For Effective Exercise:

Facial exercise helps in fat reduction and also releases the toxins from the skin pores. So for an effective result.

  1. Do yoga once in a day and don’t overboard yourself
  2. Do exercise for about 10-15minute, and you will feel excellent results within one week.
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