How To Get A Bald Head Without Shaving?

How to get a bald head without shaving? It is a very tricky question. It is mostly asked by those who do not like to clear their heads with shaving kit.

To get a bald head has become a fashion & style among men. The Shaved head gives a classy look to the personality.

There are several ways for clearing the head & among them the famous one is through shave. But it is not a good option for those who get irritate.

If you are one of those, then be happy because we have found some unique ways that will help you in getting bald head without shaving.

Bald head can be choice due to certain reasons. Some people like bald head to look classy and to enhance their personality style, while some people choose this style to get rid of dandruff, allergy, and breakouts.

The people of 35 years of age usually start losing their hair. That is why they choose bald head for attractive appearance.

Whatever the reason behind having a bald head the best thing is this it is not much difficult to get a smooth head free of hair.

There are many reasons to avoid blade or razor. The people with sensitive skin mostly not like the use of the razor as the exposed razor can lead to irritation, redness, or bumps on the head.

Moreover, this process requires time, will power, and full focus. It also does not give an attractive smooth head and gilding of the razor across the scalp also does not have cool feelings.

Sunburn, dermatitis, cuts and in growth hair are also some possible side effects. But if you get irritation with shaving there are many ways that give smooth head scalp by removing hair.

The Alternative Ways To Get A Bald Head Without Shaving:

You can obtain a smooth bald head with following ways. You can select one of these optional ways for your head.

  1. By use of depilatory creams
  2. Hair clippers
  3. Waxing
  4. Sugaring

By Use Of Depilatory Creams:


If you never want to shave you can surely move towards the alternative ways among them depilatory creams. These hair removing creams work the same as the shaving process.

How Do These Creams Work?

These creams are easy to apply, but you have to wait for a specific period of time until it works properly.

When you apply the creams on hair the alkaline chemicals in them break down the protein of the hair. Due to which hair strands become weak and dissolves easily on the surface of skin. It allows removal of hair while you wipe off cream. Veet, Nair, NAD’s sensitive hair removal creams are the best options.


  • Time saving
  • Reliable than shaving
  • Requires less attention and focus
  • Fewer chances of irritation as you can check for sensitivity by apply on arm in small amount


  • It does not give smooth and shiny scalp
  • The cream’s smell is pungent and irritating
  • It is likely impossible to control outcomes.

Hair clippers:


The other more reliable way to get a bald head is use of hair clippers. It is more convenient, pain-free, and fastest way than others.

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It is a versatile device that allows the users to get a style buzz cut. You can also cut your hair according to your required length.

The fast blade is secure to use and the clipper on it keep it safe from germs. There is less chance of getting infection than that of a razor.


  • Electric hair clippers are more reliable and efficient in use
  • There is less chance of cuts
  • Easy to maintain


  • It is not much suitable for smooth bald head
  • It cuts hair to about 0.5 mm length.


For the smooth bald head waxing is the best option. It is very tricky to wax head hairs. Before waxing make sure the length of the hair is appropriate.


You need to trim hair to about ¼ inch then you can apply wax easily and get desire result. It is a way to get permanent hair removal and smooth bald head.

It removes the hair from root or hair follicles and inactivates the enzymes.

How Does It Work?

The wax is easy to apply. There are two types of the waxed soft and hard. For the head scalp hard wax is suitable. It needs to warmer up again and again, and you can’t apply it at room temperature.

You can warm wax in a microwave. Apply hot wax on the head and allows it to hold the scalp stubble. Then remove it by pulling it off on becoming harder.

It is the best way to get a smooth shiny head scalp. This process does not require repeating after a short time as after waxing the hair takes a long time in growth.

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But if you already have a bald head than to maintain it you can use soft wax. In soft wax, strips are come with wax. You need to apply these strips on the scalp and after pulling off strips. It is a DIY-friendly way.


  • It gives a smooth and shiny scalp.
  • Furthermore, it is more manageable.


  • It is uncomfortable than all others.
  • It is not much suitable option for concentrated or dense hair.


Sugaring is the next option that you can adopt it for getting bald head without shaving. It is not much famous, but it is a very effective way. The sugar paste consists of water, sugar and lemon juice. You can apply it without warning in the room temperature. It is a natural process that along with removing of hair from scalp gives a smooth and shiny skin. You need to pull off paste from hair after it hardens.


  • It gives fewer rashes and redness.
  • It also removes hair from the root when you pull it off in the direction of hair growth.
  • Not only that, but it is a cheap way. You can make it at home.


  • It is not suitable for all skin type. So test it in a small amount before applying.


What Is The Biggest Side Effect Of Shaving For A Bald Head?

If you used to shave your head again and again then after some time to stop that growth hair will change their texture. You may notice gray ingrowths.

Is Waxing More Beneficent Than Shaving Scalp?

Yes because when you wax your scalp, the hair will take a long time in growth than shaving.

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