5 Best Exercise Bikes For for Short People

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Being short is tough, but not a curse. As if your height is short, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy a healthy life. The world has become advanced.

It is easy to keep yourself fit and active with the exercise machines, and it is also the demand of time. There are many exercise machines in the market for people to lose weight and keep them fit.

But most of them are not suitable for short people but do not worry; some best exercise bikes are also there with specific features for people who have short legs in the market.

In this article, we have come up with unique featured exercise bikes that are highly rated, so that short people can enjoy a healthy lifestyle like others.

Among many other advantages of recumbent bikes, one of the best is that you do not need to sign up for the gym, and during this era of COVID-19, you can remain healthy by staying safe at home. These machines come in different loving designs for other body parts.

So before going to the best exercise bikes, first we outline the qualities that exercise bikes should have for short people.

Important Features The Bike Should Have

Before purchasing the exercise bike, take into consideration the following points;

The Distance Between Pedal And Seat

Let us start from the distance between the pedal and the seat. Short people prefer the exercise bike with a minimum and appropriate space between the seat and pedal.

There are many such models in the market with adjustable seats. You must make sure that you can move the pedals without straightening your knees and pushing your toes.

The padded seat should have a medium height so that it may keep your hip aligned. It will save your back and hip from tiring.

Height of Handlebars

The handlebar’s height should be adjustable to overcome the stress on the lower part. The other counterpole thing is the distance to the handlebars.

Just like that of pedals, the distance b/w handlebars from the seat should be less. Try to buy a recumbent bike whose padded seat can adjust in up, down, back, and forth directions as well.

Stability and Durability

The exercise machine that is of a tall or small person must have a sturdy structure. It must be stable and durable for exercise.

The Equipment Size

The exercise bikes are of different sizes. Some are bulky and hard to handle for even a 5 to 6 ft. guy. So chose the one that you can carry easily according to your height.

Types Of Exercise Bikes

 The exercise bikes are divided into three categories, including

  1. Indoor bikes
  2. Upright bikes
  3. Recumbent bikes

Indoor Bikes

These cycles have classic and glaring features. Its hand bars are away from a seat in an arch position that allows forward and backward movement.

These cycles are valuable for getting muscles more engaged during exercise in a standing position.

Upright Bikes

These exercise bikes are more popular for a gym workout. The exercise bike has classically built with a pedal arranged in an aligned position under the feet.

The seat supports the weight and provides the best exercise for cardio and the lower body. But if you exercise for a long time, it may cause soreness in the legs.

Recumbent Bikes

These bikes are best for home trainers and working out at home. These exercise bikes are more comfortable and lean for exercise. Its handlebars are present on the side than the front. The exercise bike is best for reducing stress at the joints of the worker.


There are two types of flywheels; heavy and perimeter weighted. The purpose of the flywheel is to provide the force for the spinning of leg muscles. 30-40lbs heavy wheel would be best for this purpose.

Digital System

 Every exercise bike has a digital system. Makes sure that the exercise bike you choose will show calories burned, time, speed, level of resistance, RPM, and pulse correctly.

Drive System

The other important thing is the drive system. There would be a chain or belt driven. A chain-driven system is present in outdoor bikes, and belts are indoors.

But both work well, so before buying the bike, check them and choose an exercise bike that is more reliable for you.


Best Exercise Bikes For Short People

  1. Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Spin Bike
  2. Marcy NS-716R Recumbent Exercise Bike
  3. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike
  4. EFITMENT Indoor Cycling Bike
  5. ANCHEER-B3008 Indoor Cycling Bike

Health & Fitness Exercise Spin Bike By Sunny

Sunny exercise spin bike is the perfect bike for short legs. It has a 4-ways seat that can rotate up, down, back, and forth and keeps the body fit.

The bike is comfortable and has the perfect size for the shot persons. 22lb flywheel provides a smooth ride just like that of the road.

best exercise bike for short legs

The bike has attractive features, including a chain drive mechanism that reduces the stress on joints & muscles. The resistance is adjustable with a knob in front of the seat.

The heavy-duty steel frame is also suitable for heavy usage. The exercise bike is secure with pedal straps and a felt fabric brake pad.

The weight of a bike is 21 pounds, and it can bear 220 pounds weight. It gives a perfect and fit body with good performance. But during exercise, it is tough to handle hand bars, and it requires much maintenance.

Marcy Ns-716R Recumbent Exercise Bike

Marcy NS-716R is the best recumbent exercise bike for keeping the muscles of short legs fit and active.

This bike has unique features such as an adjustable and comfortable seat. The handles are on both sides of the padded seat and build as secure and stable for intensive exercise.

bike for short legs

Besides this, you can also change the level of resistance with an 8-preset tension adjustment knob. The bike has a digital tracking panel that tracks time, distance, speed, and calories.

The machine has 55 lbs weight and transport wheels. But due to the lightweight of the exercise bike, some wobbles may occur.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic upright exercise bike is the perfect choice for people looking for a bike with minimal spacing between pedal and seat. It is easily adjustable and has a starting height of 5’3”.

The exercise bike is attractive with a large, padded seat for comfort and support. Further, for checking the heartbeat, the monitor is there on the handlebars.

The 8- level magnetic tension system makes it perfect for beginners and all others who like intense workouts.

best exercise bike for short legs

You can also fold up the bike for storage. The roll wheel at the bottom is easily foldable. The weight of this machine is 42.8, and its weight bearing capacity is 300 pounds.

It has a large LCD for a display of speed, distance, and calories burn during exercise. This bike is excellent for the fitness of the legs and lower body parts.

Efitment Indoor Cycling Bike


Efitment Indoor Cycling bike is preferable due to its comfortable seat. The bike has a magnetic drive system that works well with a belt and provides a smooth and noiseless ride.

It has come with a media shelf for your phone or tablet so that you may easily enjoy live streaming and music without any hurdle during the fat-burning process.

The other features include a heartbeat sensor, fitness tracker, and adjustable handlebars. It has 40 lbs. flywheels and is perfect with 4 ways seat. The features of the bike are cool, but it is quite heavy and requires maintenance.

Ancheer-B3008 Indoor Cycling Bike

Ancheer-B3008 Indoor Cycling bike is the best exercise bike for people with inseams of 5’27”.  The features of this bike are adorable and perfect for short people.

According to the experts, a heavy flywheel is suitable for small people, and its flywheel is accurate according to the expert suggestion.

It provides a heck of a workout. The B-3008 has a belt-driven system with a long-felt pad for resistance. This machine is noiseless as you can exercise calmly in a peaceful environment.

best exercise bike for short legs

The hand bars are non-slip and can rotate in only up and downward directions, which is quite well when your hands get sweaty.

The seat is rotatable and can move in 4- ways. The base adjustment will help you to level the back end of the bike.

Moreover, you can also adjust the strands to one line if the floor is uneven. Although the bike has a full statistic display, you must buy an extra tracker for heartbeat tracking as the machine’s display has not to pulse sensor.

It also has media tack to place mobile phones and tablets as you may enjoy music and others during a workout.

Final Verdict

Exercise bike is perfect for fitness, but they also need maintenance. For accurate proficiency, you need to read the booklet that comes with it carefully before you.

It will help you in understanding the working of the bike. Moreover, clean it daily and take it to a professional trainer once a month. He will check the hidden parts and malfunctioning that you would be unable to see.

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