How To Shave Your Head Without Clippers?

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How to shave your head without clippers? This question is alarming for those who love shaved head. Hair clippers are the best devices that work more effectively and efficiently.

Therefore men prefer to shave scalps with hair clippers. But if the hair clippers are not present or out of order what is the best alternative in this situation. Hair clippers are usually for reducing the length of the hair to make shaving easy.

Many methods and devices are well-known for shaving head. As bald head has become a fashion and people are more enthusiastic about shaving head in a versatile way.

So if the hair clipper is not available you can look for other ways for shaving your head. The next best option is the use of a hair trimmer as an alternative to a hair clipper.

You can also reduce the length to make it short for perfect shaving with scissors.

How To Shave Head Without Clippers?

If the hair clippers are not available you can use razors and beard trimmer.

Shaving With Beard Trimmer:


You can trim your hair with the help of a trimmer. It gives the best and most attractive buzz cut. The advantage of buzz cutting is that it looks bald.

O’Rourke says that it is better to have gamine crop a longer form of a buzz cut. It gives a more versatile look than that of a bald head or buzz cut.

For the buzz cut mostly hair clippers are used, but you can do so with hair or beard trimmer. The thinner blades of the trimmer are perfect for fine detailing.

It would manage the trimming of long hair closer to the skin. Then you will be able to get comfortable, efficient, and perfect shaving.

After trimming, you can shave the head by the usual process if you want a bald head. Otherwise, you can enjoy the short hairstyle as well.

Shaving With The Manual Razor:

If you are not satisfied with the use of a beard trimmer, you can choose the manual razor for shaving your head also.

Razors give more smooth shaving than both clippers and trimmers. Most hair stylizing experts and barbers use razors for getting a smooth and clean shaved head.

How To Shave Your Head Without Clippers?

The reason is its in-depth hair removal capability. The razors provide perfect control, & precision in shaving. These are different kinds of razors categorized for different purposes.

There are three types of razors: straight razors, cartridge razors, and safety razors.

Straight razors are for in-depth shaving with one sharp blade that passes over one area of skin at once.

It requires skill and technical practice for perfect shaving. It is also a time-consuming device therefore only a few people can handle such razors.

Dual-edge safety razors are also like single-straight razors. They provide close shaving than cartridge razors. So you can use any type of razor for shaving your head.

But keep in mind that you cannot use the razor without shaving cream as it causes irritation and cuts on lubricated*+ skin.

A cartridge razor is more efficient than all the razors. The blades of the cartridge razors work on lift-and-cut technology in which one blade lifts the hair while the other cuts the hair.

The pivot heads of the razor are suitable for shaving at any angle. But these razors cause much more irritation than others. You can use a good shaving soap or cream for lubrication and cushioning effects.

Electric Shavers

The electric shavers can be used after trimming the hair to a short length in place of razors. The electric shavers usually have more efficiency and less chance of cuts or bumps. There are two types of electric shavers.

How To Shave Your Head Without Clippers?

Foil shavers

These shavers have a foil for covering blades and are for a slightly closer shave.

Rotatory shavers

These shavers are oscillatory blades that are perfect for less close shaving. These are preferable to manual razors as they are time-saving, more efficient than manual razors, quick, and can work on both wet and dry hair.

The other benefit is that you do not need to use shaving creams or lather before starting to shave the head with these devices.

But these are a bit more expensive than trimmers and more expensive than manual razors. If you want a bald head then an electric shaver is not a good option for you.

For this purpose, manual razors are perfect. It may cause skin irritation for the sensitive skin.

Depilatory Creams:

If you never want a shaved head with a razor or clipper, and you want to maintain the smoothness of the bald head, you can use depilatory creams as an alternative.

Different types of hair removal creams as available for shaving head in the market. You can buy the best product for your hair. The depilatory creams contain thoracic acid and thioglycolic acid which weaken the hair’s bond and make its removal easy.

You just have to give time after applying cream on the scalp and after some time you will get the desired result. But it is true these creams do not give perfect shaves like razors and electric trimmers. Furthermore, their smell is also irritating.

All these are good options as alternatives to clippers but always keep a few points in mind for smooth shaving of the head.

Do not try to shave the long hair. Always trim the hair about 0.4 to 0.5 mm. It will make your shaving easy and protect your device also.

Before shaving take a warm water bathroom as it opens the hair follicle and after shaving takes a cold-water bath it closes the hair follicles and reduces the ingrowth chances.

Use good shaving oil before shaving and shave balm after shaving to exfoliate the dead cells and moisturize the skin.

There are many methods for shaving your head but choose the one that suits your scalp skin.

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