5 Best Ways How To Make Stubble Softer?

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Stubble, whether short or long gives a glimpse look to the personality of a man. It is a way to boost muscularity in a man’s personality. It has become a trend to have stylish stubble.

According to research men having stubble are usually more liked by girls than clean shaved men.

But it is also true that no girls will like scraping on face due to beard hair. Such stubble also causes irritation to the men.

Therefor the stubble should be soft and smooth. It is a stressed question how to make stubble softer? As there will hardly a man who does not like to make stubble soft and silky.

In this article we have collected the useful tips to make the stubble soft and shiny.

When a man grows the beard first, he thinks it is easy to manage it, and he does not have to shave daily.

But in real it is tricky to manage the smoothness and softness of the stubble as beard hair are harder than facial hair. Healthy soft stubble is sign of healthy body.

If your stubble is sharp then there may be any problem in the body’s health related to nutrition. It may be due to high temperature and moisture level in your environment.

How To Make Stubble Softer?

To give stubble soft and smooth it is necessary to pay attention to the reason behind it. Prickliness, itching and dryness of the stubble indicate that your beard needs hydration and proper care.

Reason Behind Sharp Stubble:

Before applying any method to make stubble softer you must know the reason behind its sharpness. Usually short stubble has sharp and uneven edges that make stubble rough and abrasive in touch.

The short stubble has a length of between 0.4mm to 5mm. It is up to you what length suits you. The other reason can be skin type or moisture level in the area you are living.

The dry skin requires much hydration and if there is less moisture in the environment it will dehydrate the stubble hair. Too much washing of the face removes the natural oil from the skin and decreases the moisture level.

Steps To Make Stubble Softer:

Here are some basic tips that will help you in making your stubble a softer appearance. The soft stubble will also give you a lovely touch or feel.

Wash Your Beard With A Beard Shampoo:

First wash your stubble with a good beard shampoo to remove dust, dirt, and dead skin cells. Do not try to use scalp hair shampoo as the chemicals in such shampoos inhibits the growth of the hormones and affect its health.

How To Make Stubble Softer

Furthermore, such shampoos clog the sebum producing hair follicles and lower the production of sebum and dry the skin. So always use beard shampoo free from harmful chemicals.

Then after washing use moisturizing beard conditioner to maintain the moisture level of stubble skin and hair. Wash your stubble only 2-3 times in a week with shampoo having organic ingredients.

Use Beard Oil:

The next step is use of beard oil after washing the stubble. It is the best way to soften the stubble. It moisturizes the stubble hair and removes the dandruff.

How To Make Stubble Softer

Try to use the beard oil that is organic and natural such as jojoba oil. Jojoba oil removes the dryness and makes stubble fresh and soft. Furthermore, it is naturally similar to sebum oil, and it is perfect for both oily and dry skin.

It has the ability to encounter the side effects of oily skin such as acne and breakouts. Try to avoid beard oil having polyunsaturated fats such as seed oil and vegetable oi.

These oils become rancid with exposed to sun rays, heat and oxygen. So they will destroy the natural structure of your beard hair.

Use Beard Balm:

Some people mix beard balm with beard oil. The beard balm can be said as a thick form of beard oil. The main difference in between both is that beard oil provides moisture and beard balm locks this by forming a lipid layer on the stubble.

How To Make Stubble Softer

The Function of both is quite the same to soft the stubble and nourishes it properly. After washing stubble, apply beard oil and wait for about 2-3 hours.

After this period, take a small amount (pea sized) of beard balm by fingers and rub it in between the palm of your hands.

It will melt, apply it on the stubble. But don’t rub the balm on the stubble just start applying from root.

Brush Your Stubble:

The next step is to brush your stubble after using beard oil. It will allow the beard oil distribution evenly. When you brush your stubble, the hairs that are growing in different directions will start growth in a uniform direction.

For the healthy growth of beard hair comb your stubble 2- times a day. It will also remove the roughness of the stubble. Do not comb too much it will damage the hair.

Use Of Sandpapers Or Stubble Softening Pads:

The other best option is use of sandpapers or stubble softening pads. These are innovative and gives gently feel in touch.

When you rub these stubble softening pads on the stubble, they round off the sharp edges and gives and unique soft touch.

It is relatively a cheap solution of this problem, and you can enjoy 5O’clock shadow beard without taking the tension of his grumbling.


All these solutions are the best for softening stubble, but their constant use will give you an effective result. So do not leave a one-step just because it doesn’t show immediate result.


What Are The Best Organic Or Natural Oil For Softening Stubble?

You can use black pepper essential oil, patchouli essential oil, and natural vitamin E oil for softening and repairing f your stubble hair.

Is For Soft And Smooth Stubble Proper Food Necessary?

Yes. The food having inadequate nutrients or deficiency of vitamin D, C and omega fatty acid leads to production of brittle stubble hair.

Should Stubble Hair Be Soft Before Shaving?

Yes, because if your stubble hair are not soft before shaving it will cause beard itching, irritation and bumps during use of razor.

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