How To Shave Your Head With A Straight Razor?

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There are a lot of ways to get a smooth shave on the chin, along the cheeks side and head. Among all of them shaving the head or beard with a straight razor is most common. It is mostly used by barbers, and it is tricky to handle it.

This blog will help you in knowing how to shave your head with a straight razor. After this you will be able to have a smooth shave head with a straight razor at home.

In the earlier days, just a shaved beard was in fashion and people like a bald head to get rid of bumps and rashes. But now it has become a trend to get a bald head.

There are different methods that men adapt to remove hair from their scalp such as sugaring, waxing, creams, and many more.

Use of razor is considered the best and easiest way to have a bald head. The main reason behind it is the sharp blades and deeply hair removal capability. But there are chances of having cuts if you do any carelessness.

Therefore, shaving with a razor requires much care and focus. Shaving the head with a straight razor is preferred because it gives perfect result, control, and precision. You can shave the head deeply, but it is more time-consuming than that of using cartridges or electric razors.

If your skin is sensitive you can do it slowly and with care. For the proper shaving it is necessary to have a perfect tool for your job.

The straight razors are not for curved angles around the face or head, so it will be trickier for you to handle this situation. But if you choose the right set up you will be able to manage it properly.

How To Shave Your Head With The Straight Razor?

For the intimate bald head you will need some things to die your work best and easy.

  • Electric clippers to hold the hair near scalp
  • Pre-shave oils for moisturizing the skin of the scalp
  • Hot towel
  • Shaving creams


Before starting you need to prepare your head for the shaving. As if you do not do so, it will cause difficulty in shaving your head, or you may get small cuts.

The first thing is selection of razor. It is better to choose the straight razor with four to five sharp blades so that you can work well at once. For the flexible shaved head you can choose Schick’s Xtreme3 blades.

Do not forget to change your blades every month. Now before shaving the head, take a hot shower it will soften the hair, and you will enjoy smooth cutting. It also opens the pores and lowers the strength of the hair up to 80%.

Now apply pre-shave oils or transparent gel for moisturizing the hair, for comfort and getting rid of dead skin. But do not take a long shower as it will strip off the natural oil of the skin.

Buzz Of The Extra Hair:

Instead of wasting lather and time on shaving long hair, buzz off the extra hair to the stubble with the help of a sharp scissor.

You can take the help of an electric razor to cut hair near to the scalp. Furthermore, you can bind your hair with hair clippers and then cut off the extra-long hair. It will make your work easier and manageable.

Apply Shaving Lather On The Scalp:

After this, make the lather of the shaving soap like wipe cream with help of shaving brush and apply it on the scalp.

If you never want the use of separate scuttle you can buy Noah’s organic shave soap that is in creamy form. It is better to use warm lather that is only possible with scuttle.

The shaving cream acts as a buffer between friction of the razor and scalp surface. It reduces the chances of cuts.

Shave The Head With Straight Razor:


The holding way of a razor matters a lot because if you do not handle it carefully at the correct angle it will tear the skin.

According to the experts, while shaving your hand keep the razor at an angle of 30 degree, as the head s curves and has a different surface than the face.

Shave the hair along the grains, the direction of the grains will be in the direction you comb your hair. Now shave the hair slowly and firmly.

First shave the head in downward direction and then in the opposite direction. Use the heavy blade rather than the light one as it is perfect to put weight. The light should be enough and keep a mirror at the back of the head.

It will guide you about the movement of the razor on the head. After a complete shaving process, check carefully, whether there is need of repetition or not. If there is any need then you can repeat the process.

Wash properly:

After this rinse the head properly with cold water to remove the lather. The cold water will close the pores. After washing dry with a cold towel and wrap it on the naked scalp. It will keep skin soothe and reduce skin irritation. Do not forget to wash the blades after shaving, it is necessary to remove exfoliate dead cells, and germ s from the metal. The blades will remain sharp and hygienic.

Apply Aftershave Balm:

For smooth skin apply aftershave lotion, balm, or cream on the scalp. It is the most sensitive part of the body so to rehydrate it and moisturize it, do not use any alcoholic product.

The aftershave balm has natural oils such as jojoba oil and argan oil that are good for better protection against inflammation.


What Is The Best Direction While Shaving The Head With A Straight Razor?

While using the straight razor, shave your hair in the direction of the grains. Moreover, use the razor slowly to avoid cuts and bumps.

Why Do Barbers Prefer Straight Razor?

Straight razors give deep shaving and have less risk of ingrowth hair and hair bumps.

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