5 Best Website Builders for Therapists: Create Your Professional Online Presence

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Being a therapist, you learn how to treat patients for their relief & the way to communicate with patients. After the study, every therapist starts their private practice, empathizing, communication, mental health, and treatment.

Although physical networks and communication have their place now, a day’s online marketing is popular. Before you visit therapists, doctors, or professional people, check its status and performance on its website.

For your promotion and online practice, you need an accurate website. We have found the best website builders for therapists for their easiness.

A professional website does not mean to write there, “I am a physiotherapist or psychotherapist.” It means having a website that attracts the potent people who may look for the best therapists. Here is a complete view of the website builder and its importance for professionalism.

What Is A Website Builder?

A website builder allows the user to build a private website without the effort of adding manual code. This website provides the owner installation of alternative tools.

You can get the website according to your requirements. It also allows the therapist to meet online with people, listen to their problems, and solve them.

These websites make you more recognized and valuable if you manage them properly.

Importance Of Website Builder:

The website builder has the following benefits.

  1. The website builder provides the user with a professional website with essential tools.
  2.  The website builder allows the user to choose their favorite design without hiring a web designer/developer.
  3.  It saves them money and the precious time of the professionals.
  4.  It brings clients for professionals and becomes a source of cost for them.

When you work in such a sensitive area of the field, it is vital to choose the more c

Qualities The Website Builder Should Have

The internet is full of many website builders that offer a lot of websites. Everyone promises to provide a credible site, but it comes under different criteria.

Many of them are just scams and earn money with zero performance. So before choosing the best one, check the following qualities. It will save you time and money as well.

User friendly

The website builder should be user-friendly. It should have a user-friendly interface so everyone, from the novice to the professional, can take its service easily.

Blogging Features

The website builder should provide blogging features. It will help you create a blog related to your profession (therapy) to impress your clients. A good website builder will allow users to circulate articles or random thinking. It will increase the ranking of your therapeutic website to the top among all in the search engine.

Professional templates

Choose the website builder with the best professional templates to make your website more attractive and well-organized. Unique templates will make your therapy website more credible for clients.

Your website should have the potential to impress your clients of all ages, including a teenager, younger, single, and married, and should be accessible to all.

SEO Tools

When anyone searches anything on Google or any search engine, the keywords & SEO tools must be influential. It will help your clients come by your clinic if your clinic is in the 10 ranks in search engines. So, the website builder you choose should have the tools for local SEO.

Advanced features

The website should have advanced features to stay in contact with previous and new patients. It can be a live chat or advice about any problem. Moreover, it should have the facility for clients to book their appointment by themselves.

Best Website Builder For Therapists

The following are the best website builder that creates professional websites for therapeutic professionals.


Squarespace is the best affordable website builder for therapists with flexible templates. It provides full control of content on your website.



  1. Squarespace contains 100+ mobile-optimized templates that need no adjustment for mobile devices.
  2.  Moreover, It has a website with embedded blocks of google maps so patients can easily find or call you.
  3.  Squarespace provides unlimited bandwidth and storage with 14 days trial offer.
  4.  It offers free registration of domain names for one year to therapists.
  5.  It offers an option for live changes and 24/7 customer support.
  6.  If unsatisfied with its performance, you can get your money back within 12 days.
  7.  It provides unique features for blog writing for therapists.
  8.  It is, overall, the best website builder for therapists. But template loading is slow, and website editing is time-consuming.


This website builder is also one of the popular website builders for therapists. It provides 7 templates with different segments, including bio, contact form, space for research, and many more. The websites built by this do not need any web designer, and you can use the photos in its given library in case of no self-photos for publishing or interface.



  1. It allows the therapist to download documents from the website.
  2. The booking features on its website allow clients to book an appointment and pay online.
  3. Wix provides a free trial period, bandwidth, and storage.
  4. Moreover, It drags and drops editing tools and provides a 12-day money-back guarantee.
  5. It provides complete customer support help, and a plan is available there.
  6. Its SEO wiz also ranks the website higher on the search engine.
  7. But you cannot change the template once you get it, and analytical tools are paid & not free.


Wordpress.com is also among the well-known websites for therapists. It has two categories: worpress.com & wordpress.org. The first one is not free & the second one is free. Wordpress.com facilitates therapists with a lot of features on the website.



  1. WordPress allows therapists to build a website by purchasing a custom template from any site.
  2.  WordPress has excellent SEO options.
  3.  It has splendid blog features that allow therapists to introduce clients to their practice and work.
  4.  Moreover, It provides e-commerce capabilities.
  5.  But its available templates need to be fresh and unique. They are outdated.


  1. It is a mobile responsive website builder & is always available for clients.
  2. You can connect the website to google analytics and other social media websites for publicity.
  3. Site120 allows the user.
  4. It allows the patients to schedule appointments and has an online payment option.
  5. Moreover, it has 100+ templates.
  6. The timeline of the website has unique features.
  7. They allow visitors to see your CV, education, licensing, certificates, and achievements you get during practicing.
  8. It provides a 14-day money-back guarantee.



This website is user-friendly and offers affordable money that will stay within your budget. It facilitates therapists with 60+ free templates. It has an intuitive interface that allows the user to adapt the theme according to their need.
Weebly allows users to install extensions and apps, but you need a premium plan. Moreover, it has an additional autosave function for saving every.

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