Top 7 Best Laptops For Interior Design

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The laptop has become the demand of today’s life. Every profession, which is interior design or GIS software, has a specific requirement. Whether you are a professional interior designer or a student, you need the best laptop that works smoothly with particular software such as AutoCAD without any interruption in your work.

I sure you that after reading this article, you will not need to search google and other search engines for finding the best laptop for you. We have collected the 7 best laptops for interior design for professionals and beginners. Interior design is high demand and highly-paid profession. 

People are moving towards it quickly. Interior design is a multifaceted profession in which an interior designer plans, manages, and coordinates all the software nicely. Moreover, it also involves site inspection, programming, space development, conceptual development, and communication with stakeholders.

To carry out this profession, a PC requires. The interior designer works well for enhancement and investment for the best architecture of the building and rooms. It makes it beautiful and commodious to fit all the stuff. For such work, the interior designer requires a unique, sleek, and ultra-portable laptop.

The Pc should have the ability to accommodate all the work. He needs a super-fast computer that should be able to handle many tasks simultaneously. Let’s see what type of software usually interior designer does uses? & what features the laptop for interior design should have?

Specifications for laptop

For interior design, interior designers use CAD software such as AUTOCAD, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, Illustrator, Revit, Rhino, 3D Studio Max, Lumion, and many other 3D rendering software. You must know the spec for the best laptop. Choose the PC that should have the capability to run these smoothly.  It should have long battery life, good performance, high- quality built, and display.

Some Features Require for Interior Design Laptop

The best laptop for interior design should have the following features for best performance.


While buying a laptop, the first crucial thing is to check the processor. To run high software, the processor should be strong. Most people don’t look for a processor for a good laptop. Keep in mind that for interior design, buy a PC with a fast processor. Core i5, i7 of the 8th generation, and core i3 of the 10th generation are super-fast processors. They are the best for interior design. 


RAM is also a vital factor that demands attention. For the AutoCAD software, it is necessary to have the best storage laptop as you would be able to save your files and documents without any problem. For interior design, your Pc should have a RAM of 16 GB. For the best performance of your PC, your RAM should be good enough.


The laptop that you want to purchase for interior design should have an SSD storage space. A PC with large storage space will be good for the best performance. It provides extra space for storing large files and data and also makes its work fast and easy.

Graphics Card:

Most people don’t care and check the graphic card before buying the laptop. The graphics card is already in it, and you can’t remove it. This laptop should have a high-quality graphic card of about 512MB for best quality work. It will allow you to save data and improves the quality of the work.


We don’t recommend you a big screen for interior design as it requires more space to fit. But for this to work, your screen should have the best resolution and high HD quality. A screen with 15 inches measure and 1920*1080p would be enough for your 3D design. 

Battery life:

For interior design, the battery life of the laptop should be up to 10- hours. Such a PC will help you to work for a long time without any charging issue.

Best Laptop for Interior Design

We have collected the best laptops for your interior design work that are perfect for professionals and students. 



Asus always come with beautiful and attractive laptops for users. ASUS ZenBook ProO is the best laptop r interior designers. It is well-known for mobility and performance. The graphic designers like it due to its best working. 



The features of this laptop are unique and loving. It has a quad-core 6th generation processor that works fast for interior designing.

The Intel Core i7 6700HQ works with a clock speed of 2.6GHz that can boost up with turbo boost to up to 3.5 GHz. When we talk about RAM, you will need not worry as it has 16 GHz DDR3L with a speed of 1600 MHz that is a backing up of the processor.

The laptop has 512 GB SSD storage that is more than the traditional one.  This PCIe*4 SSD allows the user to open up all the programs at a fast speed.

The laptop facilitates the users with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphic card 2 GB VRAM that is best for every graphic.

The laptop has a 15.6 inches touch screen that displays 4k ultra-HD. The touch screen can also control by 10 points for small gestures and navigations.

This screen is best for video editing, Photoshop, and other graphic designs. Free wireless and Bluetooth connectivity are also available.

The sound quality is also remarkable. It is light in weight, and battery life is more than 6- hours. 

Lenovo ThinkPad P52S LAPTOP

Lenovo ThinkPad P52S laptop is the second number in our collection of the best laptops for interior design. It is more efficient for professional workers that use CAD, SketchUp, and Autodesk Revit. It is strong enough to handle all the software.



Lenovo laptops are well-known for their unique features and performance.

This Lenovo ThinkPad is 8th Gen with an Intel Core i7 processor & 32 GB RAM.

Processor works fast and efficiently for all software.

For the best graphics, the laptop contains P500 Quadro graphic cards. The Lenovo laptop has the best connectivity options. It provides support to the docking connector, HDMI 1.4, and many others.

The screen of the Lenovo thinkpad is for the brightness of graphics and other artwork. The laptop has a 15.6 inches LED-backlit display that provides an accuracy of work, and it also has a backlit keyboard that gives amusing softness during working.

For the professional interior designer, it is a great advantage that its battery time is long-lasting. The battery life is 8-9 hours.  The features of this laptop make it among the favorite ones for interior designers.

But its webcam is not much good for video calls. You may have to invest in a separate webcam for it. Its price is reasonable with its features and performance.

APPLE MacBook Laptop

Apple Company offers the best quality software and hardware for every field.  For the interior designer, APPLE MacBook, laptop is the best one. It has all the qualities that an interior designer’s laptop should have. This laptop is perfect in pricing, quality of processor, size, and beauty. It has discrete graphics. 



The Apple MacBook laptop has a 12 inches retina display with 2304*1408 resolution with 178-degree extensive angles. For the higher impact, it designed the pixels for a large aperture. The laptop has LED backlighting.

It is light weighted and slim, giving a classic look. This laptop has the best Wi-Fi technology and also has good Bluetooth connectivity.

It is a multi-purpose laptop and is best for an interior designer with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB flash storage for digital content, files, and documents.

It has a reliable and cool Intel core m3 1.2GHz processor that makes it a suitable choice for interior designers.

But its price may be high for some people and besides this touchpad is also absent in it.

DELL Precision M5510 Laptop

If you are looking for the best spec laptop for an interior designer, then DELL Precision M5510 is the best smart, attractive and portable laptop. It is the best budget laptop for professionals and students. 



The dell precision The M5510 has a super-fast Intel core i7 6820 HQ processor. It is 6th generation but has a clock speed of 2.7 GHz that is more than enough for running graphical software.

The laptop has fast execution of the data without any problem due to 32 GB RAM. The dell precision has large storage available for graphic applications, data, and files.

The SSD capacity of it is about 500 GB. We know that for an interior designer’s laptop, it is vital to have enough graphic cards.

This laptop also has an NVIDIA QUADRO M1000M graphics card with 2GB VARM. For the stunning visualization, the Dell laptop has a 15.6 inches Ultra HD display screen with 3840*2160p resolution.

Besides it, this laptop has the necessary connectivity ports and a windows10 operating system.

The battery life of it is about 16 hours that is no more than a blessing for graphic and interior designers. The backlit keyboard makes it more attractive for users. 

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Laptop

Microsoft surface book 2 is the new and advanced version of Microsoft surface book. This advanced version has the versatility of switching from laptop mode to tablet mode. You can rotate the screen, and it is detachable from the keyboard so that you may enjoy handy work. 



In terms of features, it is also the best and perfect laptop for interior design. The worker will enjoy working on it without any interruption.

The display screen of Microsoft book 2 is outstanding with color accuracy and high-resolution transmission. It has a 13.5 and 15 inches display with 3000*2000 p resolution.

As it is convertible so you can use the tablet mode with the stylus, but you need to buy a pen separately. It helps design the graphics and other work. It is excellent in terms of performance as it has an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor with 16 GB RAM and an NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card.

It never disappoints the users with its slow speed. It provides the maximum power speed to run a lot of software such as Revit & SketchUp.

It is the perfect hardware for this software. The battery life is also reliable for both tablet and laptop modes. It is about 12 hours with continuous work, and for a tablet, it is about 10-12 hours. It has a window 10- operating system. It allows the users to get access to all navigations and applications without any problem. It does not have Thunder 3 ports, but it is the best for designing tasks. 

HP PAVILION Power GTX 1050 Laptop

For interior design engineers and students who like to have light laptops, HP Pavilion POWER GTX 1050 is perfect. It is lightweight, and you can easily carry it with you. It provides the worker full enjoy during work. 



HP PAVILION POWER GTX 1050 Laptop is equipped with a 7th Gen Intel Core i5 7600 HQ processor with a clock speed of about 2.5 GHz that can TurboBoost to 3.5 GHz.

The 12 GH DDR4 RAM makes it capable of handling multiple tasks with ease. The SSD capacity of this laptop is 1 TB with a speed of about 5400rpm.

This laptop has a windows 10 and can store all the data. The keyboard of this laptop is comfortable for typing and navigation. It has a battery life of about 10-hours maximum.

It also has an HP support assistant that provides updates and also fixes the issues. It is not a gaming laptop. It is best for interior designing only. 

DELL XPS 15 Laptop

DELL XPS 15 Laptop is another of dell’s best products for interior designers. It is the foremost preference of the designers due to its vibrant display and powerful performance.  It is among the best notebook series of the Dell that does every task with ease. 



Like all other dell’s products, its features are also loving and amazing.

It has the 8th Gen Intel Core i7 8750H processor that offers fast working for an interior designer with 32 GB RAM, 2*16 GB memory, and 1 TB solid state drive for a large amount of data.

It is a super-powerful machine that can run smoothly with dozens of open tabs on chrome. This laptop contains the best fingerprint sensor security system.

The qualities of the dell XP include having a battery life of about 20 and half an hour.

It has good placement of the webcam for the best videos. It is an overall mind-blowing masterpiece for interior design and graphics, but the prices are high for some people. But if you want to get more facilities, you should invest in the best one.

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