How To Choose The Best Phone System For The Medical Office

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Being a doctor or medical officer is not an easy duty. It is full of responsibilities because a doctor’s professional care & affection can save any patient. The expert medical practice by any practitioner or specialist demands to be active and account for all efficient or effective ways to receive and handle the patient’s numbers and calls that are made or received. This blog will help you to choose the best phone system for your medical office.

The best phone system will help you a lot in handling the customer service issues and will make you able to compete will larger health care providers. The best-structured phone will help you to be patient-focused. Moreover, it will reduce the cost of hiring full-time resources.

A cloud-based phone system is the best cost-effective and budgeting system that helps a medical practice to keep in check and line.

Factors That You Need To Consider While Choosing The Best Phone System:

When you want the best phone system for your solo practice office, considers the following points. It is necessary to maintain your reputation in a small service area because a little negligence may affect your service reputation an impression on the patients.

Understanding the Requirements:

The first most important thing is to understand the requirement of patients and the office. Only then you could select the perfect system for your office. You need to ask such questions on your own, such as is your practice expanding?

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By proper phone handling service, is your patients increasing? Are you going to open new clinics to enhance the people’s flux? How many extensions does your phone service cater?

What is your main focus on inbound or outbound calls, and what is the amount of calls? Is there a need for additional phone lines to connect the modem, fax machine, and others with your phone? Have you a satellite office and technical staff? When you will pay attention to all these factors. You will be able to decide what would be best for your medical office?

Qualities the Phone System Should Have:

Your phone system must be able to communicate with the patients with a doctor without any complications. It must have the ability to handle all the problems that you may face related to customer service. It should have the following features.

Better scalability:

Scalability is the best feature of the phone system that allows the phone system to connect with more lines and extensions to multiple medical offices. Or if you are working in a hospital, it must be able to connect you to the other department.

Automated voice message:

Your phone system should have the quality of automated voice messages. It helps the caller to direct its call to the correct extension and its relevant staff. It will also help you to stay communicated to the patients.

Ability to handle multiple medical offices:

If you have multiple offices in different situations, your phone system must have the ability to connect to other servers.

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Patient’s health care:

Your phone system should have the quality to transfer the calls to a voice mailbox if the lines are busy or transfer the calls to the answering machine.

Connection various modes:

It is tough to carry multiple systems or phones for several tasks such as email sync, video conferences, voice messages, and fax. So your single must have all these features, including intercom.

With these features, your phone system handling person must be trained and transfer calls to mobile numbers, page concerned doctors, and add people to call without any hassles.

HIPAA Compliance:

Best Phone System For Medical Office

The whole health care department is answerable to the HIPAA, Health Insurance Probability, and Accountability Act. All the working of the health care departments with the phone system come under the radar of HIPAA. Your phone system must be conformable to HIPAA. It demands to deal with the patient’s information carefully. For this purpose, make sure that your phone system is secure, the patient’s data audit daily, not accessible to anyone, and handle by a trustable and trained person.

Two basic systems are available depending upon requirements and budget. You can choose any one or a hybrid of these two.

  1. Landline phone system
  2. VoIP phone system

Landline Phone System:

Best Phone System For Medical Office

Landline phones are reliable phones for security and use for decades in medical offices. For example. Desktop Corded Telephone. The local or regional service providers require to manage them. You can install the hardware on-premises that further facilitate you with many features, including forwarding and transferring calls. But with this system, you cannot use the internet. But this system is conforming with HIPAA.

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VoIP Phone System:

Best Phone System For Medical Office

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone system is famous now these days. This system is well-maintained and facile to use with the internet that offers many features, including auto answering, prescription refills, call forwarding, recording voice messages, call queues, and many others. For example. Panasonic KX TG9582B.  It provides quick & efficient working and allows multiple locations to use the same line. It saves money and is easy to use. To manage this system, only one person will be enough. With this system, you can improve staff management. VoIP also provides maximum security. It does not require the installation of hardware or and updating. VoIP is best with lower prices for small clinics and large hospitals. It is a copacetic system that you can handle easily.

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