Best Hair Straightener For Rosin Review in 2022

Rosin is a cannabis extraction extracted by heat and pressure. There are many methods to press rosin. But most common is extraction with the hair straightener. Hair straightener uses its power & heat to extract rosin from weeds. In this article, we will put a glance at the best straighteners for rosin. This article will help in understanding whether a hair straightener is best for pressing rosin or not.

Rosin is a less expensive chemical-free method to extract the blend of terpenes & cannabinoids from buds or refine hash. In this process, heat and pressure help to take out the mixture from the source. The heat melts the terpenes and cannabinoids, and then pressure squeezes them. This process is fast and easy. In this way, a solventless concentrate comes. There are many methods for heating and pressing. But to do with a hair straightener is the easiest and best way.

Why Is Rosin Beneficial?

Rosin is a solid form of resin and is very useful. It is an ingredient in ink printing, soap, photocopying, adhesives, and sealing wax. It uses as a glazing agent in medicines and an emulsifier in soft drinks. Many industries use it with a mixture of the pitch for making surfaces against glass and mystic smoke by mixing with wax and oil. Due to a lot of uses, it is more important in industries.

It is used for novelty purposes due to solvent-free qualities that make it pure and 100% concentrated. The people who love to dab and prefer concentrated medicines usually make rosin at home. Most of the extractions are flammable and not virtuous to make at home. But rosin is utterly safe to make at home. You require a good quality hair straightener to make it.

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The Best Way To Make Rosin At Home By Hair Straightener:

Pressing the rosin by hair straightener is an easy and stunning process. First, the place or tabletop that can withstand high pressure should be clean. Now fill the cannabis flowers into the small-sized bag. Fold the rosin parchment paper as the silicone coated side remains inside and place the cannabis flower-filled bag inside the parchment paper.

Before moving ahead, preheat the hair straightener at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. When you see this straightener is warmed correctly. Then place the parchment paper with a rosin bag in between the plates of the straightener.

At this time, you need special care, so press the plate slowly without harming the buds. Now apply the pressure gradually by placing one side of the hair straightener down to the tabletop, and the other side should face you.

Now you need to increase the pressure slowly. Until you put all of your body pressure over the hair straightener. Keep in mind that at the time of pressing temperature should be 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is not, then unplug the instrument and let it cool for a few minutes.

This pressure and heat will help in pressing rosin in the best way by a hand clamp. When you see it bears down, unfold the parchment paper & collect rosin by dab tool to scrape rosin from parchment paper.


With this method, the yield is less, but it is cost-effective and less risky. You can do it with a hair straightener of $100, having plastic casting and large heat-producing plates. Hair straightener is popular for solventless extraction. It is time saving and creates a feeling of sense and response by contraction of muscles.

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It is a sweat equity process that requires the whole-body pressure for pressing the rosin. Furthermore, it is not suitable for large-scale pressing. Pressure and temperature require proper control and maintenance that is not an easy task.

Best Hair Straightener For Rosin:

Infinitipro By Conair:


Infinitipro By Conair is a flat iron for more innovation in the rosin pressing process. This hair straightener has to press rosin at a maximum temperature of 265-445 degrees Fahrenheit. The straightener has unique features for rosin pressing, including a two-inch plate and 360 cord swivel. It has a microprocessor that allows the pressing of rosin with ten different temperature settings. It has infrared heat and an LED display for quality concentrate pressing. Not only that, but it has a shiny pink appearance.

Kealive Hair Straightener:


Kealive hair straightener is the best choice for rosin. It is most stylish and high-quality with infrared technology. This technology reduces the damage on the surface of the hair and so as for rosin. It has two-inch-wide plates that heat at high temperature and distribute the heat evenly. Moreover, it comes with an ergonomic handle and 3D plate for firm grip and fastens heat up. It is a travel-friendly product and has the best temperature control system.

XTAVA Infrared Hair Straightener:


XTAVA infrared hair straightener is the best choice for straightening hair and for the production of rosin also. It has 10- different temperature settings for hair, but this quality makes it perfect for rosin. These settings are according to the nature of the cannabis. For the more sensitive cannabis, the suitable temperature is 265 to 300, for mid-range 300 to 380, while the highest end of this hair straightener is 380 t0 445. It can maximize the number of pressing rosin at once. In most hair straighteners, wire extension is the foremost issue. But you do not need to worry about it as this hair straightener has 8 feet extension and 360 swivels. It also has an automatic shut-off after 60-minutes that prevents the device from overheating.

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Is It Possible To Press Fresh Rosin?

Yes. But it will require a solvent. While without the use of solvent, it is cost-effective. For this purpose, you need to freeze the fresh buds and then press after bubble hashing.

Is Rosin Toxic For Humans?

No oral toxicity occurs by it. It is minimally toxic for humans.

What Is Suitable Pressure For Rosin?

The suitable pressure for rosin is in between square 300 and 1000 psi.

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