What Is All The Fuss About With Dental Makeovers?

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There is a growing interest in full makeovers, as people start considering their new looks, and smile makeovers in Glasgow are becoming more popular as dental clinics are opening their doors and aiming to return to normality following COVID-19 restrictions.

Dental Makeovers Compared To Standard Dental Work

Dental makeovers differ from your standard dental work but they do have some overlapping features. During standard dental work, the goal is to maintain and preserve your health with the definition of a healthy smile already well-known and established in the literature.

But dental makeovers present a different set of final goals; the procedures used will vary from patient to patient, so one of the most important parts of the consultation is to ask what the aesthetic goals are and to set realistic expectations of treatment.

What Is All The Fuss About With Dental Makeovers

Treatments Involved

Treatments involved in a full makeover can range greatly from patient to patient, based on their starting conditions and aesthetic goals.


Veneering involves applying thin wafers of porcelain to the front surface of the teeth; it focuses on the most visually prominent teeth between the canines.

These offer one of the most complete renovations of your teeth’s aesthetics, easily obscuring chips, cracks, and staining and giving you total control over the appearance of the enamel shape of your teeth and even their alignment.

Resin Bonding

A relatively new technique, bondings use multiple layers of resin which are set by a UV lamp, in a similar way as gel nails are created. This allows a veneer of sorts to be formed on the front surface of the teeth in one session, by choosing the color and translucency of the resin the overall appearance of the bonding can be affected.

The set resin can also be carved and shaped using a drill giving it a natural look, allowing it to be used in a seamless restoration matching the bonding with the rest of your untreated teeth.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a common part of many dental makeovers and can have a significant effect but it’s important that the techniques used whether it be chemical lightening or abrasion matches the type of dental staining that is presented. Making in-clinic procedures far more targeted and effective than at-home kits.

Cosmetic Orthodontist Work

The role of cosmetic orthodontics has really come into its own with the growth of clear aligners. There was always a barrier to entry when it came to the cosmetic use of braces as in the short-term, at least, they were seen as significantly negatively, affecting the patient’s aesthetic this is much less of an issue with clear aligners as the name suggests they are entirely translucent and often fly below the radar in social situations.

Finding Suitable Practitioners And Clinics

Finding suitable practitioners can be a challenge. There are fine mixed skills required to carry out such impactful cosmetic work; the overall appearance needs to match the rest of your face shape, skin tone, and even how you intend to wear your hair. If you are looking for a new dental provider it’s important to check the online reviews and any portfolio work that they present.

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