Find the Accurate Methods Of Dyeing Stubble Without Affecting The Skin

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Rocking and short stubble make a man more attractive than the man without it. A man with a beard looks more competent, gorgeous, commanding, and caring. It boosts the personality and gives a younger look. Research proves that a beard attracts women more than a clean shave.

A little bit of trimming and dying makes your appearance bossier. But dyeing the stubble is not as easy as it looks. Revesencio explained in his research that a beard reduces sunburn damage, and men with a beard have less chance of getting skin cancer.

Certain factors affect it, and the most important is to find the accurate methods of dyeing stubble without affecting the skin. But do not be worry and place a smile on your face as we have found effective ways to dye stubble without having any color on your face.

First, the question arises why do the men like to stain their beards? The answer is it may be due to many reasons as most guys do this for grooming their personality while most of them try to hide the signs of aging. As the age pass, the hair starts to lose their natural color and becomes grey or white. It impacts a worse impression on others. And sometimes, any disease or hormonal imbalance turns hair into grey.

Methods To Dye The Stubble In An Adorable Way:

Here we will discuss the best ways of dying the stubble and preventing the staining of the skin.

Use of beard dye to color stubble:

It is challenging to dye stubble, but we have made it easy for you by several methods.

This method includes various steps as

Selection Of Dye:

First, choose a dye with a lighter shade as the inner mix gives dark color than on the box. For a natural look, choose the beard dye that matches your hair color. But remember, a dark natural color doesn’t give a natural look.

Never use a local dye for a beard, as its consistency is different from hair. The usual facial color is also not suitable for dyeing the beard as it burns the hair follicles. Try to buy a men’s grooming product containing hair dye and tools, a brand from the supermarket.

Choose the right tool for staining stubble as a small brush can prevent dye from spreading on the face.

Use Petroleum Jelly Or Natural Oils Before Dye:

Do not apply dye on the wet beard. Always use dry face and stubble as beard dye readily absorbs on dry stubble.

Before applying any dye, it essential to use a natural oil, Vaseline, or petroleum oil. It will prevent direct contact of color to the skin and saves skin from irritation.

Mixing of dyes:

Mix equal amount of the color base cream and developer in a tray or bowl that comes with box and shake until it comes in uniform color. Always read the instructions on the box to check if there is any specific way of application.

Now apply the dye to the beard in a small place for irritation test by brush. Brush the stubble lightly in a downwards direction and cover all the stubble with color. Avoid pressing brittles on to the skin. It may stain the skin underneath your facial hair.

Try your best to avoid staining of the skin and apply it & completely covers all the area.

Apply first on the light part to stubble, so that dye may stay there long and show the best result over there and wait till it dry. Most people apply it at night for the best color. But you can try it in the morning and give it maximum time to dry.

Wear a wide neck t-shirt so that dye may not stain the cloth you are wearing.

Cleaning Of Dye On The Skin:

If the dye accidentally meets your skin, then wipe it off with an alcohol-based wipe or makeup remover. Clean the borders around the beard where it meets the bare skin. Do it fastly as dye takes only 5 minutes to stain skin, so quickly cleans that area.

Usually, a dye takes 10-15 minutes to dye any hair. So, after the completion of time, wash it off readily. Taking more time may damage your skin. If you think that applying it for a long time will dye the beard more, then you are wrong as the dye only works at its specific time.

Remember that beard dyes are not suitable for every type of skin. So, if you have sensitive skin, try to use a brush on beard color as the beard dye has chemicals that may harm the skin.

Method 2: Use of a Brush on Beard Color for Staining Stubble:

The brush on beard color is water-resistant and easy to apply. But it is less permanent than others and lasts a day. For it, a clean and washed face is required. So, wash your face ad, let it air dry to get the color. Apply a natural oil to avoid color on the skin.


Choose the natural colors and then apply them by brush in it. Remove the excess paste from the tool brush, and then try in the upward stroke on the whole stubble or parts, where you want to stain.

Now put a drop of argan oil on your palm and pat on stubble after rubbing on your hand. Now wash it after completely dry before going to bed. It will keep your pillow safe from colorant.

By these two methods, you could best dye your stubble/ beard without staining your skin.

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