What is the SHO Full Form?

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You may have seen the term “Sho” used online, but what is the SHO full form? This page will give you the definition of the term and help you understand its origins.

SHO full form is a Station House Officer.

A station house officer (SHO) is a junior rank of police officer in the British and Irish police forces. The full form of SHO is a Station House Officer.

The term “station house officer” is derived from the days when each police station had its own Inspector who was known as the station house officer. The station house officer was responsible for all aspects of policing in his or her assigned area.

The SHO, or Station House Officer, is responsible for preparing FIR files based on complaints registered regarding accidents, injuries, etc. The SHO is the first point of contact for citizens who need to file a police report. Furthermore, the SHO gathers information from witnesses and victims and then writes up a report that is forwarded to the investigating officer. Also, SHO keeps track of all the cases that are being worked on in the station and updates the investigating officer as needed. 


How to apply for an SHO Job?

You can be an SHO after the becholar’s study with minimum 50% passing marks. 

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SHO’s are the in-charge of police stations in India. They are selected from the post of Sub-Inspectors through promotion and have to clear the SSC CPO exam. Being an SHO is a matter of great responsibility as they have to maintain law and order in their area and solve cases.

In India, the salary of SHO is between ₹27000 to ₹104400 per month. 

The process of becoming an SI begins with appearing for and clearing the written examination conducted by either the central or state government. The next stage is an interview followed by a physical efficiency test and a medical examination.

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Candidates who clear all these stages are appointed as SIs in the police force. The written examination for the SI post is conducted by either the central or state government every year. It consists of objective type questions from various subjects like General Knowledge, Reasoning, Numerical Ability, English Language etc. However, the competition is so tough that only a handful of them get through it. The written examination for SI is generally conducted in two parts, Paper I and Paper II. Candidates who clear Paper I are eligible to appear for Paper II.

Other Full Form of SHO

  • Soft Handoff
  • Spanish Harlem Orchestra
  • Simple Harmonic Oscillator
  • Showtime
  • Student Honors Organization
  • Samenwerkende HulpOrganisaties
  • Senior House Officer
  • Super High Output


In conclusion, the SHO full form is a Station House Officer and there are many other full forms of SHO. The position of SHO is a very important one in the police department, as they are responsible for the safety and security of the community. If you are interested in becoming a police officer, then you should definitely consider becoming an SHO.

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