What Is The Full Form Of MLC?

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Abbreviations are often used in casual conversations to save time. By using an acronym, you can shorten a word or phrase.

There are many other reasons why people use abbreviations. Sometimes, it may be necessary to abbreviate a word to fit it into a limited space, such as on a sign or in a newspaper headline. In other cases, an abbreviation may make a word easier to pronounce, such as MLC. But sometimes it becomes confusing to understand the exact meaning of the abbreviation. Like most people get worried by seeing this MLC. As it is used for most of the phrases. In this blog, we will help you to know about MLC’s full form. 

Full Form Of MLC

Full Form of MLC

In governmental terms, an MLC is a member of a body that advises and helps to create legislation for a particular state or country.

MLC stands for Member of Legislative Council. In many countries, an MLC is a member of the legislature who has been elected to represent the people in their district or state.

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An MLC may be elected by the people in their district or state, or they may be appointed by the government. In some countries, an MLC is a member of the upper house of the legislature, while in others they are a member of the lower house.

The role of an MLC varies from country to country, but they generally have similar duties to other members of the legislature, such as debating and voting on laws. In some countries, MLCs also have the power to propose new laws. They are usually elected by the people in their district or state, and they serve fixed terms. Their job is to represent the interests of their constituents and to help make laws that will benefit the people they represent.

Important Facts About MLC

There are some important facts, or you may say conditions for MLC that are necessary to follow;

  • Their service time is about 6 years
  • The age of the candidate must be 30 years minimum
  • He must be fit for the job mentally 
  • Must not have a criminal background 
  • A person with basic education in science, arts, sport, or literature can apply for the post

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There are seven states in India where the legislative council is currently present. These states are Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal. The council serves as a check on the power of the state government and allows for a more direct representation of the people.

Other full forms for MLC

Some other full forms for MLC are 

  • Mixed Lymphocyte Culture
  • Maritime Labor Convention
  • Mortgage Loan Company
  • Myosin Light Chain
  • Maharashtra Legislative Council
  • Management And Leadership Coaching
  • Midwest Lacrosse Conference
  • Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy
  • Military Load Classification
  • Management And Leadership Coaching
  • Mini Line Card
  • Maintenance and Logistics Command
  • Monarchist League of Canada
  • Missile to Launcher Contactor
  • Multi Link Control Field
  • Multi Level Coding
  • Main Lobe Cancellation
  • Meters/Liquid Column
  • Modular Loop Carrier


In conclusion, an MLC is a member of the legislature who has been elected to represent the people in their district or state. They are responsible for creating and passing laws that will benefit their constituents. It is important to elect officials who will represent your best interests and who will work hard to create positive change. In addition to this, there are also many other words for which MLC is used as an acronym. In different fields, it is used for different phrases. We have enlisted a few above.

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