Voice over Internet Protocol – How it Can Help your Business

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Known as VoIP, this is a form of Internet telephony that totally by-passes the cell networks, allowing you to have real-time video calls with people from any geographical location.

While VoIP tech is nothing new, earlier versions were not really up to scratch and users experienced delays and buffering, but with the advancements in software and Broadband Internet, a VoIP system offers the business owner many benefits.

Voice over Internet Protocol-VOIP

Running on a secure cloud network

This is the perfect way to achieve global connectivity and with structured cabling from a leading Plano based company, your organization has a solid IT infrastructure on which to run a VoIP platform.

Popular VoIP programs include Zoom and Skype for Business, both of which offer powerful online collaboration tools, such as virtual whiteboard and file sharing.

Of course, you want your business communication to be confidential, which is what you get when you create a secure cloud network. Once you login to the Internet, you can call any cell phone or land number using your VoIP application and you can say goodbye to those sky-high phone bills, as VoIP is much cheaper to use than traditional telecom networks.

Total Connectivity

If you have your office wired with fiber-optic cables, hi-speed Internet empowers your organization and every player is on the same page, so to speak.

There is no bulky hardware to install if you wish to switch from cell phones to VoIP, the system can be up and running in less than an hour. Employees wear headsets for the next generation of digital connectivity. Click here for a few reasons to outsource all IT needs.

Virtual Meetings

If your team is spread across the country, you can arrange Zoom video meetings and using your secure cloud network, you and your key players can collaborate on projects in real time. A host of powerful tools are at your disposal and with updating in real-time, your projects are wrapped up to the deadline.

Slash your communication costs

We all dread that monthly cellphone bill and for a company, this can amount to a lot of money, which you can save when you move to VoIP.

If you would like to learn more about Internet telephony, talk to a local IT support company in Plano and they would be happy to give you a free trial with a call to anywhere in the world.

Cell numbers and landlines, you can call anyone with a digital device using VoIP and you have the option of just audio or with video, which is perfect. A voice call is often preferred and it’s nice to have the choice.

Works with any digital device

All you need to use VoIP is a digital device and an Internet connection, there’s no bulky software to install, what more could you ask from a communication system?

We’ve spent a few hours trying to find a downside to VoIP without success, if you can think of one, let us know please!We are fast approaching the launch of the Internet of Things and this will usher in a new era of digital tech and we can all enjoy global connectivity.

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