What You Need To Know About Graduation Invitations

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The big day has arrived! 

You worked hard, spent sleepless nights studying, and stopped going out with friends, but finally, you finished your studies. 


Now it’s time to share that joy with everyone who’s been by your side on this journey, and the best way to do that is by inviting them to the graduation.

And that involves producing a neat graduation invitation. Do you already know how to make yours? So come with us, and we’ll fill you with ideas and suggestions on how to make a graduation invitation, from the simplest to the most elaborate, from nursing to business administration. Come and see:

Best Graduation Invitation

What To Write On The Graduation Invitation

In addition to mentioning the basic information on the graduation date, time, and place, the invitation should also bring the graduate’s considerations about this special moment.

In general, it is advisable that the invitation follow a structure that starts with a general message, goes through the achievements and overcoming obstacles, and ends by thanking everyone involved with the trainee.

The general message can reflect the student or a quotation taken from some literary work. If you are religious, it is worth betting on a biblical passage to open the invitation.

Then talk about what you lived, learned, conquered, and overcame over the years of study. You can even name the companies you went through.

Finally, close by thanking. This is an important stage of the graduation invitation, the space you have to show your gratitude and recognition to everyone who directly or indirectly participated in this achievement.

Start by thanking God – if you are religious – or something bigger you believe in. Then mention your parents and how important their support and dedication were to your success.

Teachers come next – Without them, you wouldn’t have learned anything. Therefore, demonstrate your recognition and say that you look up to them as great professionals.

Finally, quote friends, boyfriend (a), wife, husband, children, godparents, uncles, grandparents, and even loved ones who have passed away. List all those you believe were important to this achievement.

Examples of phrases for the graduation invitation:

  1. “All achievements begin with the simple act of believing that they are possible”
  2. “True winners know that great conquests require great sacrifices, but even so, they never give up fighting”
  3. “What makes someone a winner is not just crossing the finish line, but also the path taken to victory”
  4. “If we are determined to fight for a dream, it is probably because it exists to be conquered by us. Believe in that and never give up!”
  5. “Winning in life is to transform suffering into learning and never give up no matter how big the falls”
  6. “There are no winners without effort, nor rewards won without a spirit of sacrifice”
  7. “Beating other people is not a sign of victory, but surpassing yourself is worthy of glory”

Tips For Making A Graduation Invitation

  • Prepare a photo of you in your clothes or at the location of your area of ​​expertise to illustrate the graduation invitation.
  • If you choose to make the invitation at home, know that it is possible to find ready-to-print graduation template 2023 on the Internet.
  • Use formal language but without the need to be overly elaborate. In some parts of the invitation, such as the thank you, it is possible to use a more relaxed language depending on the person to whom you address the word.
  • Remembering a story or a funny case can also be interesting for the graduation invitation.

However, remember that the graduation invitation is limited space, and you will have to fit all of this information in there. So be as succinct, brief, and objective as possible, but without leaving emotion aside.

Did you write down all the tips? So now you should move forward with sharing this guide with other classmates and friends who are also graduating with you.

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