Ruggable Rug Reviews That Will Help You In Buying The Best One

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Rugs are the best option to keep the floor dust and stains free, especially for those who have pets in their house.

Obviously everyone wants a neat and clean floor but sometimes our floor gets stained due to falling off of any food, or becomes dirty due to a pet accident and in all these conditions a rug plays a very important role.

It protects our house from being too dirty and by using a rug you can give a new look to your house.

Cleaning a rug by hand is not an easy task, almost every one of us wants to have a rug that is machine washable and easy to carry.

The latest Ruggable rugs in the market are machine washable. In this article, we will put a glance on people’s reviews about advantages and disadvantages of a Ruggable rug.

Reviews are the experiences of the people that they give after using any product. They help the new users to know whether that product is good for them or not.

Through review, we can better understand the use of that product, its quality and company’s value. As Ruggable are new and most of the users are unaware of their importance and use.

What are Ruggables?

Ruggables are easily washable, unique and stylish two-piece rug systems. These are stain-resistant and light.

The base of the Ruggable is rubbery and the top is washable. These are not like regular carpets and are good for living areas.

These are specifically designed for parents and pet owners. When we have children in the home, then it is impossible to keep floor stain and dust free.

Like this, due to pets mostly we see pet hairs, pet accidents and dust coming from their paws at home.

Although we remove them, it is not easy to get rid of the smell without washing the rug. Moreover, the simple rugs are usually heavy and not machine washable.

The qualities of the ruggables make them a user’s favorite choice. The size of a Ruggable is about 6*9 inches, and it is an expensive one.

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Ruggable Overview

The idea of ruggable was given by Geneva Bell in 2010. The main purpose behind it is to make a rug that is easily washable. The top of the ruggable is soft and made up of the 100% polyester and thermoplastic rubber bottom.

The bottom is of synthetic material that is latex free. The cover of the ruggable is water-resistant, while the inner is of polyurethane. The corners have triangular pieces of silicone that make them non- sticking.

 You can also find them plush and padded ruggable for you. These are available in different designs and shapes.

Ruggable Rug Reviews

Ruggables are liked by most people as its top layer is attached with Velcro-like grip and easily removable. At first people don’t give attention to ruggables as they take them as simple rugs that are heavy to carry. But with passage of time after usage, most of the people found them fantastic.


These are water-resistant and light. It means you can wash them in the machine without tiring your hands. Easily washable. Have cling effect technology. Super-soft under foot and it feels amazing while walking on it. Available in different designs and paint.

Stain-resistant and it is easy to remove a pet’s accident and then wash the cover for odor free ruggable. You can easily install them to the place where you want. One of the most amazing things is that ruggables are, they are flat and easy to vacuum.

During the cleaning process, the corners don’t fold inside and remain flat. These ruggable have interchangeable designs. If you don’t like the print of the ruggable you can buy a new top layer with an attractive design.

You can easily switch to the seasonal design for giving an adorable look to your floor according to the season and mood. In the living, especially in a house with naughty mutts, it is challenging to keep a rug in its place.

While most of the customers that have used Ruggable give positive reviews about it. They said ruggables are good for staying ability.


Everything is not good for everyone. It is not necessary that the product good for one person will also be liked by others.

There are many people who don’t like the ruggables and review negatively about them.

Negative reviews help the companies or brands to make improvements in their products.

Many people complain about the curling of rugs that give a worse look to the products. Although the company claims its product is the best and user-friendly, many customers face this problem.

The ruggable with curling edges will give a worse appearance when children or pets put their feet on the curly edges.

Ruggable manufacturer companies claim cushioning under feet and amazing feeling to the walker. But most of the customers complain about the thin traditional rug feeling under foot.

They complain that after washing, the ruggables become thin and don’t feel like cushions. Due to this, they are considered more uncomfortable than rugs that are pile and padded.

But it is not for all brands. There are some brands that are offering soft and comfortable ruggables also. Most of the people complain about the design of the ruggables.

They said designs of ruggables are not proportional to the dimension of the ruggables which give a bad appearance. They review that the company should pay heed to the right design according to the dimensions.

After washing, ruggables take much time to dry. If you are drying them in the dryer, they will take a long time to dry. It will block the space and waste your time also. If you have proper space for hanging them, then it is better.

Ruggables are more expensive than traditional rugs. It is due to their unique manufacturing. But still they are good for homes with animals and pets.

Positive reviews are more than the negative reviews.

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