Step-by-Step: How to Use Solid Cologne Like a Pro

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The solid colognes are natural wax-based creams. They have beeswax, shea butter, or natural oils. They are for aftershave use and make the personality of men effective.

The shea butter-based colognes preserve the fragrance and provide natural nourishment to the body. Solid colognes are for pleasure and boost the confidence level during work.

But most people do not know how to use cologne effectively and appropriately. In this article, we have arranged the proper use of solid colognes for your ease. Solid colognes are used rather than water due to the following perspectives.

Benefits Of Using Solid Cologne

  1. Solid colognes are beard balms like by clean-shaven guys. Egyptians first used solid colognes.
  2. They have a solid fragrance that lasts longer and a wax-like consistency that lasts longer than a liquid one.
  3. They are available in small packaging and are lighter in weight. That is why you can put cologne in the pocket and use it any time.
  4. It has revolutionized the man’s grooming industry. It is easy to fragrant yourself by rubbing it on stubble without getting anyone’s attention.
  5. When you are working in an office or any casual function, it is awkward to spray aftershaves.
  6. It contains natural ingredients such as essential oils or shea butter that moisturize the skin adequately.
  7. The aftershaves contain alcohol that makes the skin dry and causes rashes and irritation.
  8. Solid colognes have a strong fragrance that lasts for 2-4 hours and keeps you fresh and active.

The Unique And Effective Ways To Use Solid Colognes

There are many ways to wear solid cologne. It can not only use for the face, but you can also wear it on other body parts for fragrance. The wearing way of solid cologne is quite different from liquid sprays. It is a stepwise process. 

First, place the beautifully designed square in the center of your hand so that the index finger and middle finger hold it from the bottom and the thumb on the top.

Its lid movement sometimes confuses people, so open the lid clockwise with the thumb. This swivel open will give a pleasant fragrance.

Only swipe it over the surface of the wax with two fingers and avoid digging. You can swipe off more times to get more fragrance, but keep in mind that a chunky amount of wax can’t give you a bump of fragrance.

First, apply the solid cologne on both wrists inertly. It will control the level of fragrance and helps you to achieve a high level of scent.

Moreover, when you shake hands, it will impact a strong impression on him. Besides this, solid cologne does not wash off while washing hands. Only soap can remove its fragrance.

Like wrists, the neck is also the key to the traditional spot that is reliable for wearing cologne. It will provide long-lasting effectiveness and comfort than liquid sprays.

Apply the solid cologne to all the pulse points of your body. The elbow, the wrists, the neck, place behind the ears, and the knees are the chief pulse points.

Applying it on these points takes about 30 seconds to warm according to body temperature. It warms according to body temperature, creating a signature scent and fragrances your body all day.

You can also apply it to the mustache and beard as a conditioner. It is vegan, cruelty-free, and has natural oils that soften the hair and condition it best.

Using the solid cologne aftershave gives the skin a fresh and elegant look. Solid cologne can also work like critical creams. They remove the dead skin cells, moisturize the skin, and provide it a soft look.

It is the best choice for people who work at woodshops, car garages, and construction sites. It gives a natural fragrance and softens the skin around the nails. Apply it after washing your hand by swirling your fingers over the surface of the solid cologne.

Types of solid colognes

Solid colognes are of three types.

  1. Natural solid colognes
  2. Synthetic solid colognes
  3. A mixture of natural & synthetic colognes

You can wear the best one according to your skin type.

Atural solid colognes have essential oils, shea butter, and beeswax for hydration. But their fragrance is ultimately an alternative to a designer’s swoosh.

It all depends on you what type of scent you want to wear. Synthetic solid colognes are formed by chemists and contain synthetic wax or oils. They are odorless and have a long-lasting effect. Odorless means that scent design is not an alternative.

Solid colognes are the best alternative to spritz fragrances. These are easy to wear and are available in pretty gadgets. These are best to carry during traveling.

You can use solid colognes for various purposes, and proper use keeps you healthy and prevents your skin from smelling.

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