How To Sleep After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

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Wisdom teeth removal sometimes looks and feels very painful and irritable, especially when the patient wants to eat something or wants to sleep. Although dentists try their best to make the procedure smooth and easy for the patients but due to anesthesia given to the patients, they usually don’t feel discomfort at that time.

Sedations keep them calm after the procedure. But there are certain people who feel less comfortable or sedations have a low effect on them. They have difficulty sleeping. In this blog, we will tell you how to sleep after wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom teeth are very important teeth but if it creates changes in the mouth then it hurts. In this condition, it is better to remove the wisdom teeth. After the removal of wisdom teeth, much care is required while sleeping and eating. It will save you from severe pain and infection as well.

In the United States, it is the most common surgery and people usually experience it at the age of 16 to 21. But it is recommended to remove the teeth only if it causes any problem. Usually, after the removal of wisdom teeth severe pain, bruising and jaw swelling occur that you can avoid by taking the given precautions.

How To Sleep After Wisdom Teeth Removal

How To Sleep After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

For a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to take proper sleep. But after wisdom teeth removal loss of sleep is a usual process due to post-surgical pain. So if you want to enjoy a sound sleep then you will need to follow the given options.

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Remove The Gauze

Most dentists place gauze pads over the incision site after the removal of a wisdom tooth to stop the excess flow of blood. This gauze should be removed after half an hour of the surgery. If after coming back home you feel dizzy or want to sleep then it is better to remove the gauze immediately so that you might not choke it in sleep.

Apply Ice Pack

If you feel pain or areas around the removed tooth swell then apply an ice pack to the swollen parts around it. For taking a sound nap it is necessary to have less pain and swelling as well Ice pack is the best way to reduce swelling.

Lie In the Right Position

After the removal of your wisdom tooth, never lie flat. It is better to sleep with an elevated head and for this purpose take one or two pillows below the neck. If you lie flat your will experience more swelling or maybe bleeding start again. If you find it tough to sleep with one pillow you can pile up a few below you for lean and back support. Try to avoid sleeping on your own side for at least two days.

Take Proper Medication

After the 6-10 hours of surgery when the effect of anesthesia decreases, the pain of the tooth reaches its peak. So if you want to sleep soundly, never forget to take medicines regularly without any pain. Otherwise, you will feel discomfort in sleep due to pain and would not sleep.

Sleep In A Comfortable Environment

When you go to sleep, take yourself as a normal person. Keep your room dark and cool and follow your routine habits for a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

Further Instructions

  • Moreover, follow the further instructions as well such as
  • Drink more and more water to stay hydrated
  • Avoid physical activities for at least two days
  • Never smoke or don’t use any type of tobacco
  • Use nutritional supplements, drink milk and fruit smoothies to satisfy your appetite
  • If you are a diabetes patient then try to maintain your sugar level and never use sugar or such diet products to maintain your sugar level.

Follow the instructions of your oral surgeon and use his recommended products. Never brush your teeth after wisdom teeth removal. If you listen to his instructions you will not face any difficulty.

Take an appointment with your doctor and go for an immediate check-up if you still feel any infection or such issues.

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