How To Keep A Bald Head Smooth Without Shaving?

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Keeping your head hair free is the best way to get rid of irritation, scurvy, rashes, and bumps, especially in summer.

Bald head has become a style now. It gives a cool and elegant look to the personality. After getting bald head styles, maintenance is the next basic step to look fit and healthy.

Maintenance of the bald head to keep it smooth and shiny is tougher than to get a bald head. In this blog we will tell you how to keep a bald head smooth without shaving.

Shaving is considered as the best way to keep the bald head smooth and shiny, but it has certain side effects such as there is more chance of getting cuts with a razor and sometimes the shaving cream causes irritation.

The people having sensitive scalp skin are more prone to small bumps and infection through shaving.

Therefor we have come with some tips that will keep bald head skin smooth and moisturized without shaving.

There are many other ways to get a bald head if you do not like to shave such as waxing, sugaring, use of electric trimmer, use of electric razor, tweezers, electrolysis and many more.

These ways are reliable and less awful than shaving. Some of them are painful while some are best. It is your choice what you like for your hair.

You know that the hair growth depends upon the body hormonal system. In some people the hair growth is fast and in some people it is slow.

No system is permanent to remove the hair even you require to repeat a system 2 to 3 times if you want permanent bald hair. The smoothness of the bald head also requires attention.

How To Get A Perfect Bald Head?

If you want to get a perfect bald head use electric trimmer. It is safer that protects the scalp from small cuts as compared to shaving.

For smooth bald head cutting the scalp should not be dry. To keep your scalp moisturized, use moisturizing conditioner. It will give a smooth cutting.

You can also use shave butter as lubricant. Moreover, your razor should be fresh and sharp. If you want to reduce ingrowths you can use a hot towel after cleaning hair.

It also keeps the scalp soft and smooth by compressing and stimulates the hair follicles. If you want permanent removal of hair the Electrolysis is the best option for this purpose.

This method is new, and it destroys the center of hair growth. It is a bit painful but after it, you will not need different razors such as cartridge razors and more.

It involves the chemical that destroy the hair structure when needles are inserted into the hair follicles.

These tips are to get perfect and smooth bald head.

Let us have a look on the tips to maintain this smoothness of the bald head.

How To Maintain A Smooth Bald Head?

For the smooth scalp it is not necessary to have a hair free head. If your scalp has hair even then it requires smoothness and well-treatment.

You can maintain the smooth bald head through following tips;

Use Moisturizers:

If you want a bald head with smooth skin then use a good moisturizer immediately after cleaning hair.


Moisturizer keeps the skin wet and reduces the redness and irritation that may occur after using razor or any other treatment kit.

Use Exfoliates:

To keep your scalp fresh, dirt and dust free use chemical exfoliate once in a week.


Furthermore, chemical exfoliate washes the oil and dead cells from the scalp and gives it a smooth look.

You can also use bald balm having botanical ingredients for soothing effect.

Use Sunscreen:

Sunscreen is for protection against sunburn. It is important as sunburn can damage the scalp and can cause rashes especially if you want to adopt bald head style in summer.


It is better to use the sunblock with SPF30 to protect the scalp from sunburn and other issue.

Use Of Bald Head Shampoo:

The people who think that on shampoo is not required for bald head are totally wrong. The bald head shampoo keeps scalp skin active, and dandruff free.

Furthermore, it plays a vital role in removal of oil from the head scalp and moisturizes the skin perfectly.

Things That Require Attention:

Be careful with patch test as scalp is the most sensitive part of the body. You cannot adopt every method for removing scalp hair such as via tweezers as it is painful.

The removal cream gives smooth skin, but you cannot use every cream for scalp hair removal such as Vaniqa is for face not for head.

Do not rub your skin especially that of scalp with hard thing to remove hair. Always prefer that method for hair removal that gives you less soreness and irritation.

Maintenance and smoothness are not necessarily for bald head. Your whole body and scalp skin always require your attention for best smooth growth.

Frequently Asks Questions:

Can I Get My Hair Back After Balding?

If the balding in men is due to hereditary pattern then it is impossible. If it is not hereditary then you will get them back it depends upon your body hormonal growth.

Why Do Bald Head Shine After Removing Hair?

Shinning on the bald head is due to production of the sebum by hair follicles. After removal of hair the hair follicles continue oil production that is why the bald head shine.

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