How To Fix The Curved Toenail Properly At Home?

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The curved toenail is not a big issue but can lead to severe pain and ingrown problems to the toenail. Most people face this situation because of improper trimming of the toenail, wearing a small sized shoe, or excess stress on the feet. You can cure it at home, but most people are unaware of how to fix curved toenails at home properly. This blog will help you to cure this condition at home.

Curved Toenail:

How To Fix Curved Toenail

Curved toenail or pincer nail is the condition when the toenail moves inward toward the soft corners of the toe. If it exceeds, it may cause ingrowth of the toenail. It can be painful due to inflammation or bacterial infection.

Reasons & Symptoms:

The following reasons can lead to curved toenails.

Genetically Curved Toenails:

It is the main reason for curved toenails. If your toenail curves due to genetic, you need proper care.


Most of the curved toenail issues are due to traumas. The trauma that mainly contributes to such a condition is a collision of the toe with heavy things.

Small toe:

Most people have a short toe that bends the nail, and improper growth occurs.

Shortcutting of Nails:

Sometimes, the habit of cutting nails shortly also leads to curved toenails.

Sweaty Feet & Unhygienic Conditions:

Most people do not care about their feet. When feet remain sweaty or wet for a long duration, it could cause the toenail to dig deep into the skin. Moreover, a moist environment is the cause of bacterial growth stimulation that causes infection and swelling. So, it is necessary to wash your feet daily and trim nails weekly for a healthy life.

Wearing Short Sized Shoes:

If you wear tight shoes in length or width for a long time, the toe will scrunch together due to lack of space. As a result, the nails will start curving inward. So, try to wear proper shoes and always try shoes before purchase. Buy a pair of shoes with plenty of room space for free toe movement.

Deficiency Of Iron, B12, And Zinc In The Food:

B12, zinc, and iron are vital for the proper growth of nails. Taking an improper diet that lacks these nutrients may also cause nail curving or injury.


In the earlier stage, some pain with tenderness or swelling occurs that may cause severe infection and other podiatric issues due to improper treatment.

If you do not do proper care, this swelling will start filling up with fluid and cause pain even when no pressure is applied. The infected area of the foot will remain warmer than the rest foot.

It can also lead to cracked nail issues and peeling of the skin between toes. Moreover, for the diabetic person, this curved toenail can cause severe infection.


If the symptoms appear, you should go to a doctor or podiatrist for a checkup and further precaution. You can also treat it at home in the following way.

Soak the affected foot in the warm water for 10 minutes to half an hour more than 1- time in a day. For effective results and relief, you can add Epsom salt to the warm water tub. Epsom salt makes the skin and nail soft, and then it is easy to fix the nail.

Take this bath regularly until the skin becomes soft, and the pain reduces. Then you can move for the further process.

When the nail becomes flexible, lift it by placing cotton balls or dental floss under ingrown edges. It will also keep other parts of the skin separate from the affected area. You can snip the painful corners with the nail clipper. It will allow the nail to grow freely.

You can cut the nail across or only the place that bothers you. But remember, do not snick it in the back or curved direction.

To overcome the infection, use ointments such as Neosporin or bacitracin. These ointments will help to reduce inflammation and infection.

Use medicines to reduce pain and control anti-fungal infection.

Besides all these, it is best to use a correct curve to fix your curved toenails.

It is safe to use at home, and it corrects the bent nails within minutes. This corrector pulls the toenail upward without affecting the skin and allows it to grow. You can easily apply this process at home. After cleaning and trimming the nail properly, you will need to fix the brace at one end of the edge.

First, apply adhesive at one end and then check the length. You can trim the clipper according to the size of the nail. Apply the adherent on the other end of the toenail and hold it down to place the toenail. Then allow it to cure.

If the situation is not under control, then go to the doctor for further instructions. He will suggest partial nail removal or total nail removal, depending upon the present condition.

Partial Nail Removal:

If the situation is critical, then a partial nail removal process is applied. In this process, the corners of the toenail snip off. Then the nail is treated with phenol to prevent the back growth of the nail. The cotton having phenol is placed in the remaining part of the nail. Total nail removal process or Matrixectomy is for the severe condition if the curved toenail occurs due to thickening.


Wear open shoes or sandals instead of boots. Keep your feet clean. Check the doctor in case of infection.

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