Happy Promise Day Quotes Ideas On This Promise Day

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Find the latest and unique quotes about one of the most important days for your love life for the upcoming year that will show how much both of you care for each other and extend your love relationship.

Make this day memorable with promise messages, WhatsApp status, and promise day gifts and fulfill them further.

All we know is that Valentine’s Day- a day for love expression between two people having feelings for each other celebrated on 14th February.

The whole week of February, starting from 7 – Feb to 14 – February, is known as Valentine’s Week. People celebrate this week in many ways, including giving gifts, flowers, and romantic dinners. The days of this week, named as

  1. 7-February – Rose Day
  2. 8-February – Propose Day
  3. 9-February – Chocolate Day
  4. 10-February – Teddy Day
  5. 11-February – Promise Day
  6. 12-February – Hug Day
  7. 13-February – Kiss Day
  8. 14-February – Valentine’s Day

On Promise Day, love birds make lifetime promises and take an oath to fulfill them throughout life. Loyalty and faithfulness are the quality of a real relationship.

On the promised day, feel you’re beloved and that she/he is secure with you, you will never deceive by your side, and you will be her/his ever.

This week is special not regarding GF/BF relations but also for those whom you want in your life ever as your best friend, family, parents, and life partner.

Although words have a deep impression but keep in mind that actions speak louder than words, so make realistic and honest promises with your lover and realize him/ her that you will fulfill the whole year if you already had fulfilled them, then made new ones.

Avoid fake promises and fake relations as it is a famous saying that deception must come to its owner.

Here we have some best quotes and words of honor that will impress your lover, build your relationship, and are easy to fulfill. Moreover, you can write these promises on the cards and gifts.

  • I love my life because you are the reason for this love, and I love you as you are more than life.
  • I promise to always be with you whenever you need me. Happy Promise Day
  • Promises are well-built only because the one that gives them is strong.
  • Friendship is always beyond the promises, intentions, and demands, just worthies only to be sincere and honest.
  • Do not always promise that you can’t fulfill but be on your word.
  • People with good intentions make promises.
  • People with good character keep them.
  • A promise is a tremendous word that either makes everything or destroys everything depending upon the truthfulness of the person doing it.
  • The bogus, fictitious worthless people, lead to permanent wounds on their hearts.
  • Nothing is more poisonous than a fake promise that you do as a hope.
  • Although I cannot overcome your problems, I promise I will always be with you in the ups and downs of your life.

Best Happy Promise Day Quotes Idea for WhatsApp & Facebook Status

The realistic, honest, and love promises between two couples, better halves, and boyfriend & girlfriend. Here are some best promises for promise every day that you can put on WhatsApp and Facebook statuses.

  • I promise you to be loyal by my side and will always love & treat you like a queen/king Happy Promise Day.
  • I promise you that I will not use my cell phone, will not drink during driving, and will always remember all your special days and dates.
  • I promise to laugh with you at silly jokes, cry with you in sorrow and support you in every stage of life without counting any mistakes. Happy Promise Day
  • I will love & respect you beyond everything in all ages of my life. Happy Promise Day, my beloved.
  • I promise to share with you my money, love, and everything as nothing is more valuable than you. Happy Promise Day, my best friend.
  • I cannot talk about moons and stars, but I promise you to hold your smile and happiness throughout life.
  • I will always be yours and will never leave you alone.
  • Stay in my life forever, and I promise I will make your life a heaven on earth. Happy Promise Day.
  • My dearest wife, I promise you I will always love you, and you will be my preference ever in the ups and downs of life and will find me on the front line.
  • My dear friend, you beat my heart, promise me you will not forget all the memorable moments we spent together, our laughs, jokes, and tears. You will always miss me no matter where we are.

Promises You Need To Do With Your Parents:

  • My lovely & respective parents, I know I do not pay what you did for me from birth till now, but I promise you I will never leave you and will try to care for you as much as you did.
  • One day I will feel you proud of my hard work. Happy Promise Day
  • Dear Mom & dad, your smile is my courage, and I promise that I will never let it down. Happy Promise Day.
  • I promise you I will always follow your teaching in every aspect of life and will protect you from evil eyes.
  • These words will boost your impression of her, and she will fall in love with you.
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