Find The Perfect Nail Shapes For Chubby/Fat Fingers

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Nail art is the best creative way that allows you to decorate, reshape, and paint your nails according to your taste.

Manicure and pedicure are the best way to soften the skin and shape nails. Most people think, if they have chubby or fat fingers, then they cannot shape their nails properly.

But be happy now as it is the time to find the perfect nail shapes for fat fingers to make your look glamorous.

We have come with different nail shapes that will boost your beauty by an attractive look and hide your chubby fingers.

These shapes grow nails long and save you from worse feelings. This shaping of nails creates illusion and boosts your personality.

It is frustrating for people with fat fingers to have the best shape for their nails that inspires them well.

To overcome their stress, we have gathered the best nail shape in this article. Now you will not feel ashamed due to your fat fingers or spoiled nail beds.

These shapes elongate the fingers and give them a slimy and attractive appearance.

Best Nail Shapes For Fat Fingers

Everyone has a different finger shape and size. That is why they need, and the requirement of one is different from the other.

You cannot choose that look that suits one for you. Try to select the look and appearance that makes you attractive and suits your personality.

Many shapes make the chubby and short fingers attractive & give them a long and loving illusion. These shapes are

  1. Oval Nail Shape
  2. Squoval Nail Shape
  3. Almond Nail Shape
  4. The Coffin or Square Nail Shape
  5. Stiletto Nail Shape
  6. Round Nail Shape

Oval Nail Shape

Best Nail Shapes For Fat Fingers

There are many types of silhouettes that you can adapt for your nails, but the best thing is to choose the one that gives your finger a classy look with and without any nail polish.

The oval shape is the best shape that you can pick for the chubby fingers.

This shape pattern elongates the fingernails naturally and gives your hand a lovely look. For oval shape, start filling the edges where nail tips and nail bed meet and keep the head rounded.

Keep the shape average, not much around, and not pointy. Keep the tips soft and blunter and slightly tapered from the nail beds.

The egg-shaped nails make fingers slimmer. The shape is perfect for short and wide nails also. Avoid negative space design if you want to conceal the actual length of the nails.

Squoval Nail Shape


Squoval nail shape is the blend of both square and oval shapes. This shape gives a more attractive and gorgeous look to the short fingers.

It is perfect for those girls who have flat nail edges, but they do not like sharp corners. In this shape, lateral edges are neither much rounded nor flat.

It keeps edges soft and curved is easy to maintain. This shape is ideal for modern women who like dominance and adaptability. It gives them classic femininity. This shape is also suitable for girls having elongated fingers.

Almond Nail Shape

Best Nail Shapes For Fat Fingers

Almond nail shape is also a preferable shape for chubby and short fingers. It is a nail shape with slimmer sides and tapered & rounded tips.

This shape is lovely and is perfect for long nails and thin nail beds. The nail style resembles almond and gives fingers a delicate and attractive look.

Keep in mind that natural nails are weak to carry this style. So, if you love to have an almond nail shape, treat the nails with acrylic or gel.

It will make your nails strong enough that you carry the almond manicure. It is perfect for short and wide fingers, but your nails should be long for this.

The Coffin Nail Shape


For the glamorous and party be ready hands, a coffin nail shape is the best. The nails with this shape are long slim, and pretty having tapered tips and square edges.

It requires a bit of care, but it is the perfect shape for chubby fingers. It gives an adorned look to the hands and gives them an elongated appearance.

So, to enjoy such styling or nail art, the nails should be sturdy and long enough.

Stiletto Nails Shape


Stiletto nail shape is a suitable shape for those women who like lengthier and pointed tips than almond shape. It is also the perfect shape for women working in the entertainment industry.

The end of the nail becomes sharp and conic, and it gives an eye-catching look to the fingers. But you cannot get this shape of nails at home, so you need a regular salon to keep up for this. It gives a glam, lean, and stunning look to your hands.

Round Nail Shape

The round nail shape is also one of the most popular and classic patterns for fat fingers. It gives a slimmer and pretty look to the fingers.

You can do this shaping at home. This nail style an elegant and simple look. The round nail shape makes the tips of the nail round, and the nail looks squashed circle.

But during trimming and shaping the nails, you should be careful if the tool touches the skin or edges as it may ruin the elongation of nails. You can enjoy the styling more after applying black or glimmer nail polish.


All the shapes are fascinating for fat and chubby fingers, but the best one for short and wide fingers is almond, oval, round, coffin, and stiletto shapes.

For short and slim fingers, the shapes, such as almond, oval, Squoval, and round are the best.

Tips For Nails Growth

  1. Although different styling makes nails beautiful, you need to care for your nails for proper growth and shine.
  2. For growth and staunchness, apply essential oils. It will give maximum moisture, vitamin, and minerals.
  3. You can also use the intense cuticle repair balms by QTICA for this purpose.
  4. Apply nail gels and change colors every fortnight to keep your nails vigorous. For care of your nails, keep the best gel nail kit with you. Then you will not need to go to a salon for trimming.


All these shapes are perfect for chubby fingers, whether they are wide or slim. The most important thing is that you must have information about style and fashion.

What is in and out, and adopt the shape according to your hands? Besides this, you must know what type of paint colors/ nail polishes you can use.

Use bright colors on nails. They will not only give a stunning look but also divert people’s attention from chubby fingers.

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