Can’t Hear Phone Calls Unless on Speaker

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If you need to utilize your phone principally for accessing and making calls, you’ll realize that this is invariably an effortless experience.

However, after utilizing your phone for a while, you may find it challenging to hear on the other end. If you don’t hear people on the other end, then you may have tried to make the call by means of a speaker phone, and you will observe that your hearing has been impaired.

It occurs with most people who complain that they can’t hear their phone calls unless on speaker. 

If that’s the case, then perhaps your Android ear speaker isn’t working correctly. This speaker allows you to hear people by placing the phone next to your ear.

If you can’t hear people this way, and only when you turn on the speaker, then it’s likely that your ear speaker is malfunctioning.

Can’t Hear Phone Calls Unless on Speaker

The Reason Behind This Issue

The main reason ear speakers have a problem is that there’s debris stuck in them. Therefore, sounds can’t come out of your earpiece, and you’ll need to clean your receiver.

After you have finished this process, you’ll be able to hear sound from your earpiece again without disturbing the speaker. Before you try any fixes, be sure that you inspect to resolve this issue.

Can’t Hear Phone Calls Unless on Speaker: 7 Best Methods

Increase Your Call Volume

This might sound like beginner’s talk (and it is), but most of the time, you are unable to hear calls because your Call Volume is extremely low or next to zilch.

Depending on where the Volume Buttons or Bars are located on your phone, tap on the upper end of the bar (or the top volume button).

This will increase the call volume on your phone; however, if the volume button does not seem to help in increasing the call volume, follow the steps below:

Go to Settings and then tap on Sounds and Notifications (different Android devices have different names for this same setting). 

Go to Volumes and then check the angle where the dot stands on the slider for Call Volume. 

If it is not high, slide the dot to the extreme right to increase the volume for Call.

Take Your Earpiece Out And Clean Its Port

If your earpiece is out of service, it may be a hardware problem, which means there may be a buildup of lint or junk inside.

Countless times, this blockage is lint or tissue paper from a pocket that has been worn into the earpiece.

If you hear knats or other debris on the earpiece and hear a little paper such as tissue or lint, gently use a tool like a tweezer to get rid of the particles.

If your earpiece is protected by a metal grill, do not open it yourself and have an expert do it instead.

Clean Headphone Port

The headphone port is most often located in the proximity of the charging plug or at the top of the phone. It must be clear or free from rubble in order to be completely usable.

Your phone, whether it is an iPhone or an Android, considers that you are connected to headphones and transmits all that you say and record (call data) into the imaginary headset.

To test if your smartphone has been unlocked by an open door, try turning up the volume of your call, and if you spot an accompanying headphone symbol in the bar, this implies that your headphone port is clogged.

Use a clean needle to clean out the port on your headphone. You can also wick a small amount of cotton on a needle as well and use it to clean out the port.

Toggle Airplane Mode On/Off

Most people know how to turn on and off the airplane mode on their phone, but not many know that you can also do this with your computer.

Airplane mode turns off all wireless signals so you can use your phone without interruption. If you’re having trouble with a weak signal, airplane mode will help.

If your earpiece begins malfunctioning after a short while, you should quickly turn it off and switch over to airplane mode. Once you have done this for several seconds, it will likely take care of the issue.

Depending on what it is that’s stopping you from hearing audio unless you are in speaker mode, toggling the airplane mode might help fix your issue as well.

Reboot Your Phone To Set The Volume

It’s possible that a minor yet unrelated bug is interfering with controlling the volume, which ultimately may require you to reboot your phone. One possible solution is to restart your phone and see if the issue persists.

If you’re like most people, your phone’s volume can be a bit low. A quick reboot could fix that. Here’s how: 

Power off your phone. 

Hold down the power button and the volume up button at the same time until your phone reboots.

Once it reboots, release both buttons.

Reset Network Settings

If you have ever had to adjust the volume on your phone, you know that it can be a pain to go through all the settings.

Resetting your network settings can make this process much easier. By resetting your network settings, you will be able to automatically restore your phone’s default volume setting.

If you want to reset your network settings, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold down the power button until the screen turns off.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Down buttons, until the device turns on.
  3. When you see the Samsung logo, release the Power button.
  4. Press and hold down both the Volume Up and the Volume Down buttons for about 10 seconds, then release both.

Change your Phone Case

Some cases have a built-in microphone and speaker, while others simply add bulk and muffling to the sound.

You can also use a set of headphones if you want to increase your privacy. The best way to find out what setting works best for you is by trying different cases and listening for yourself. 

Reconnect your phone to the tablet that you’ve installed your screen protector on if you recently had it installed.

It seems like the screen protector was not professionally installed, possibly leaving your screen blocked.

Check that the phone is pluggable, and you will probably discover it functions away from there.

If your phone case blocks the bottom of the microphone, there is a chance that the earpiece microphone may malfunction.

Just make sure that your phone case doesn’t allow such a thing to happen. If a generic phone case is used, check it to make sure the microphone is not obstructed.

If such a cover is a requirement, find a case that is designed specifically for your phone.


There could be a number of reasons why you cannot hear your phone calls on the speaker. By troubleshooting the issue, you can determine the source and hopefully find a solution.

Whether it is a problem with your speaker or the phone itself, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most importantly, stay calm and don’t panic. With a little effort, you should be able to get your phone call on speaker again in no time.