7 Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet Review

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The shape of the foot arch affects the workability of the foot. If you have flat feet, simple shoes are not suitable for you as they will cause pain during movement. We have collected the list of the best and latest shoes for the relief of overpronators.

The people having flat feet know well that living with overpronation is not as easy as one thinks. It causes discomfort and uneasiness during and after the walk.

The best shoe which holds the shape according to flat feet will be one of the best cures for the survivor.

What is Flat Feet?

Beneath everyone’s foot, there is a small gap or curve that is known as an arch. This arch seems little but has a big job in body stability. It acts as a natural shock, absorber, weight balancer, and support in taking steps.

In some adults, this arch may be absent by birth or due to any injury, then it is known as overpronation or flat feet. Mostly in this situation, the foot rolls inward, and natural alignment disappears.

This condition may occur due to natural disasters, hereditary, pregnancy, being overweight, by birth, or any injury. About 20% to 30% of adults are suffering from this in the world.

It is not much chronic but leads to several problems such as pain in the arches, plantar fasciitis, pain in the low back and limbs, etc.

What Type Of Shoes Are The Best for Flat Feet?

You know that transplantation of the arch is not possible, so the only best and easiest way is to wear shoes that support the arch. It will help you a lot in enjoying a normal lifestyle with flat feet. So before finding the best shoe for your flat feet, first put glance at the qualities of the shoe.

The slip-on walking shoes will be best as compared to the lace-up as they are more durable and provides efficient ventilation.

Moreover, they support the feet for a walk in such a way that the gait looks normal and gives proper toe space for bending the foot.

The sole with cushioning insoles will be the best option for fallen feet as they can keep their feet comfortable and provide maximum shock absorption areas.

Multi outsoles shoes will provide relief and remove discomfort and pain with flexible material. The gel sole shoes also are right for them as the gel gives cushioning and comfort faster than the foam insole, and it also prevents the foot from getting hot.

The shoe must be supportive of stabilizing the movement and saving the arch from collapsing. The shoes with a proper orthotic insert will alleviate the pain, stress, and fatigue of the foot and joints.

Key Feature Of Flat Feet Shoes

  1. The shoes with the following key feature will help the overpronator to walk steadily and straight.
  2. The shoe must have a footbed to build a lift from the middle of the shoe and the best arch support for walking.
  3. Along with a firm outsole, the shoe must have a flexible toe box for proper movement and bending of the foot.
  4. The round-toe box will be perfect for this purpose.
  5. The heel area should design in such a way that the shoe becomes the best shock absorber and stable while working on rigid and uneven surfaces.
  6. The shoes should have a multi-surface outsole with soft and stiff material.
  7. Shoes with a breathable design will be best for ventilation along the sides of the shoe.
  8. It will also protect the foot from bacteria and a shoddy odor. You will get active, fresh, and dry feet after working out.
  9. The shoe must have a moisture-wicking lining and dual upper material for flexibility, coolness, and comfortability.

The Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet:

Here is a well-defined list of the best walking shoes for flat feet along with their pros and cons that make it easy for you to select the one according to your foot shape.

  • Brooks Addiction Walker
  • Drew Flare Walking Shoes
  • Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoes
  • Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 walker Shoes
  • Adidas Ultraboost ST Unisex Shoes
  • VIGSHOENIA Performance Women’s Walking Shoes
  • Propet Stability Walker Sneakers

Brooks Addiction Walker

Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

Brooke’s addiction walker is one of the most famous shoes in the US for both men and women. It is suitable for those having flat feet, not only for formal walks but also for jobs just as servers.

It facilitates the walker with free pain movement all day and keeps them fit and active. The shoe gives a steady walk and prevents the arch from collapsing.

The upper surface is attractive and elegant. Due to extra slip resistance ability, it is pretty for men and women working on slippery surfaces.


  • Mesh fabric leather for breathability and comfort
  • Comfortable, reliable, and durable in build
  • The Cushioning midsole provides stability in the walk.
  • The outsole is exceptional and slip-resistant
  • Fit the foot size
  • Best shock absorber and pain reliever


  • It is not stylish, so for fashionable, it may not be the first choice.
  • The shoe is a bit expensive due to its excellent working and fabric.
  • The shoe has medium-lightweight, but it is a bit heavy for most people.

Dlew Flare Walking Shoes

Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

Drew is+ considered sports shoes, but it is not true at all. These are orthopedic shoe designs for flat feet to provide a pleasant sensation during a walk and run.

The removable insoles make it perfect for all types of flat fetters. For those having deep flat feet, it is a source of comfort and security.

It protects the foot from discomfort and arches from bending during movement. The upper leather makes it perfect for ventilation along with a moisture-wicking line for the dry and odor-free foot.


  • Nubuck/ drive leather for a soft touch and attractive look.
  • Having an orthopedic footbed for excellent arch support.
  • Durable and comfortable with the sturdy outsole.
  • Moisture-wicking lining to keep foot sweat-free.
  • It removes the pain and stretchiness in the foot with a moderate heel style.
  • Perfect for nurses and doctors.


  • (Expensive) than others.
  • Not available in all stores, you can buy it online.
  • Not much supportive and reliable for mild flat feet

Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoes


The shoe is excellent for running a walk and playing both indoor and outdoor games with perfect synthetic material and low arch design.

You will love the beautiful style and unique working of Ryka women’s devotion plus 2. The upper layer is breathable and durable for efficient working.

Support is provided by anatomical insoles, while Lycra padding beneath the tongue and collar provides extra comfort.


  • Have soft and ventilated, mesh Lycra and synthetic material.
  • Anatomical insoles for comfort and protection from rubbing.
  • oft and stiff footbed for arch support.
  • Padded collar and tongue for protection.
  • Durable and lightweight material.
  • It has eight pieces of radiused rubber for breeze hitches-free movement.


  • Not stylish but comfortable in the long term.

Mizuno Wave Inspires 16 Walker Shoes


For overpronators who like to wear Mizuno shoes, it has come with its latest Inspire series for their tranquility and stability in walking and running. It helps the survivors to enjoy a normal lifestyle without any worry. The shoe provides a high level of comfort and makes the walk more pleasing than ever with its unique features.


  • Com-Path grounding concept for a quick and stable ride
  • The midsole is denser and has reshaped plates for the support of the arch and cushioning.
  • The new midsole is more flexible and reliable when the foot rolls inward, protecting it from damage.
  • The outer leather is smooth and durable with a moisture-wicking lining.
  • The outsole is durable enough for a balanced walk.
  • The internal toe cup is for a sleeker and more elegant look with soft and breathable mesh.


  • The toe box is a bit narrow which is uncomfortable for some people.

Adidas Ultraboost ST Unisex Shoes


Adidas is a well-known brand of unique and stylish shoes for flat feet, women, and men. It always comes with some trendy and loving leather shoes for walking and running. Adidas ultra-boost ST is also one of the most famous among both genders.

This shoe is also perfect for surgeons and nurses. The shoe has boost technology in its midsole for prolonging exceptional comfort and stability in the walk. If you are passing by severe flat feet issues, this shoe will bring high comfort for you.


  • The shoe has a stylish and modern look with mesh and proprietary primeknit leather for ventilation and activeness.
  • The midsole is soft and cushioned for comfort.
  • The footbed is for excellent arch support.
  • Pretty leather sole and lace-up closure


  • Expensive
  • Large heel cup

Vigshoenia Performance Women’s Walking Shoes


Vigshoenia shoes are love and perfect for those women who like to have stylish shoes along with comfort. The shoe has maximum flexibility, durability, and stability level. Moreover, it provides traction and high-quality slip resistance during the walk and runs.


  • The following features make it more attractive for ladies.
  • The synthetic, textile, and suede uppers are light in weight and flexible in traction with breathability and fast airflow.
  • The shoe keeps the foot cool, bacteria and sweat-free
  • The high-density memory foam insoles, according to the shape of the feet, are well-enveloped and supportive. Moreover, the insoles are replaceable.
  • The outsole is light and tested by EVA ultra-light technology that is skid resistant and lessens the pain and burden on the foot.
  • Available in various designs and colors

Propet Stability Walker Sneaker


When we talk about flat feet motion control, the stability of the shoe matters a lot. The stable shoe will give the perfect movement to the shoe. Sneakers are high-rated shoes with excellent stability. People always prefer it due to high working proficiency.

The sneakers always come with uniqueness and exceptional performance in terms of stability support, motion control, and shock absorbance.

Propet stability walker sneakers are especially for diabetics, who have flat feet. We know that diabetic people are more sensitive, and a few problems in them can lead to severe conditions. For them, too hot or cold fabric/leather is not suitable. So this shoe has moderate motion control ability.


  • These Medicare sneakers provide a high level of conformability and relaxation all day ad perfect for all types of foot deformities.
  • The leather is durable and soft enough for cushioning.
  • The soles provide a high level of shock absorbance.
  • The rubber sole is a perfect slip-resistant
  • The outsoles provide stability during the walk.
  • The shoes are affordable.


  • Available Only In Limited Colors

Final Verdict

Flat feet are of different types, ranging from precise to severe flat feet. All these shoes are the best for flat feet and are also suggested by podiatrists for foot deformities. You can select the best one from above these according to your foot type and pediatrician’s advice.

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