Best Vinyl Cutter Under $300

When starting a business with a vinyl cutter, it is essential to estimate the total investment and output. In the beginning, it is good to buy a cheap and affordable vinyl cutter.

When you think you have gotten proficiency and skill over it, you can move to the expensive and bulk vinyl machine. This article will help you in choosing the best vinyl cutter for under $300.

Vinyl cutters are an essential tool for creating fun in the world of art and craft. It is up to you what type of appliance you are using.

On the very first day, high-quality vinyl cutters were expensive. But now, due to technology, many improvements have been made.

No, you can get the best quality vinyl machine at an affordable price. The invention of the vinyl cutter has created a clap of thunder over the world of printing and cutting.

It is a versatile machine that is for delivering the best graphic designs on t-shirts, vehicles, and mugs, and also for making beautiful and eye-catching stickers and many more.

You can use them for earning and for fun also. The most amusing thing is that these machines are easy to use and are quick in working. You will not need to work hard for this.

A vinyl cutter in the range of $300 can handle all the projects well. The market is full of high-quality and affordable machines, and among them, we have collected the best vinyl cutters for you. We have also reviewed the guidelines that will help you in purchasing.

The Best Vinyl Cutter Under $300

Following are the best vinyl cutter in an affordable range. These are excellent gadgets for physical creativity and mental enjoyment.

  1. Silhouette Portrait 2 Vinyl Cutter
  2. Silhouette Cameo 4 Vinyl Cutter
  3. Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint Vinyl Cutter
  4. Brother CM350 Electronic Cutting Machine
  5. VEVOR Vinyl Cutter 28 Inch

Silhouette Portrait 2 Vinyl Cutter

When you visit the market for affordable machines, you will find the Silhouette brand first. At Amazon and other online stores, you will find the best vinyl cutters that have excellent quality.

Silhouette portrait 2 vinyl cutter is also one of the best vinyl cutters offered by it. It is a versatile electronic tool that resembles a printer in performance.

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It is perfect for cutting vinyl, cards, fabric, paper, and many more. Furthermore, it is the best portable machine with wireless Bluetooth connectivity and sharp auto blades.



It has an elegant & pretty appearance. It has a white capsule-shaped body. Likewise, it comes with a soft touch screen, having five buttons for upload, load, Bluetooth, pause, and accessing power. It comes with auto blades that adjust the cutting depth automatically. It works precisely and quickly within a short period.

Silhouette portrait 3 vinyl cutter is best to save time and cut about 2mm thick paper neatly. The thing that makes it adorable in use is a 24-color pen for its efficiency.

The Bluetooth connectivity has a range of up to 100 feet and can connect with iPad, computers, and other android mobiles. You can use it for small studio crafts, maker spaces, and classrooms.

Silhouette Cameo 4 Vinyl Cutter:

Silhouette cameo 4 vinyl cutter is another best vinyl cutter for under $300. It was introduced in 2009 and is a brand-new cutter. It is an ideal choice for those who want to earn money with a vinyl cutter. You can use it as a hobbyist at home or for a small business also.



Silhouette cameo 4 vinyl cutter is a high-quality cutter with unique and loving features. This desktop vinyl cutter has a dual cartridge that makes it perfect for cutting and printing papers, vinyl material, fabric, card stocks, and greeting cards.

This portable machine is compatible with Mac and PC. It facilitates the user with a sleek backlit panel that is perfect for projects. It provides fast working speed.

The dual-motor system allows the cutting of the material in two versatile ways. One carriage provides smooth unparalleled speed with a solenoid motor.

The 2nd carriage works with an entirely different style power and boosts the additional cutting. The auto blades are long and sharp for depth cutting. You will find nothing more precise than this for under $300.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint Vinyl Cutter:

Cricut is also a well-known brand for vinyl letters. The products offered by Cricut are more durable and pretty in use.

Cricut explores air 2 mint vinyl cutter is the best product that is 10 times stronger and high-quality. These original Cricut machines come with a 6 by 12-inch cutting mat. It is preciser than air 1.

Best Vinyl Cutter Under $300

This masterpiece is perfect for cards, home decor items, cute gifts, and fashion merchandise. It facilitates the user with wireless cutting, writing, and designing. Moreover, 920 print patterns and 50000 printable images in the design space are a great source of fun. You can also upload your designs.

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It is available in various eye-catching colors such as black, mint, raspberry, and sky. For proper working in different sizes, you will need to place machines side by side. It has an excellent work mechanism that increases the speed of materials.

It is perfect to work on vinyl, iron-ore, and card stock material. Furthermore, it comes with a Cricut pen that helps to make hand-written cards and other projects.

But it emits noise during operation that is a bit offensive. It has an impressive design library with a lot of attractive designs. It facilitates the user with connectivity with other devices.

Brother CM350 Electronic Cutting Machine:

Brother CM350 electronic cutting machine is more than a budget-friendly vinyl machine with a scanner. This scanner helps to remark the design by scanning it. It makes work easier for the worker. It facilitates the user to preload the layouts and creates the best one according to their taste.

Best Vinyl Cutter Under $300


The features of the Brother CM350 electronic cutting machine include an integrated scanner, canvas space support, and adjustable blades. It has wireless connections and provides an 11.7×11.7 inches area for cutting vinyl material.

The other quality that makes it different is online connectivity for designs. It comes with a web-based and desktop-based version. It can cut, draw, and scan designs on paper and fabric. This electronic machine has a touch LCD with high resolution.

You can create the designs with a built-in scanNCut2 application that eliminated the need for a computer. This vinyl cutter is perfectly compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. It can work with both ScanNCut2 (an online transfer app) and ScanNCut Canvas (a cloud-based app). But it does not support Apple devices. It can work in Standalone mode if required.

VEVOR Vinyl Cutter 28 Inch

If you are serious about your business with a vinyl cutter, then this VEVOR vinyl cutter 28 inch is ideal for you. It aims to provide the best-integrated job with a classy performance.


VEVOR vinyl cutter 28 inch is the best affordable portable vinyl cutter that comes with a stand. Its features make it the first choice of job. It works fast with a cutting speed of about 10-800mm/s.

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It is light in weight & 24.8-inch width is perfect for cutting vinyl material and others. Furthermore, it has a large LCD backlit screen with a button to control its functioning. It cuts the material accurately with 10-500g cutting force.

VEVOR vinyl cutter is not compatible with Mac. But it is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. It has fast and adjustable blades with Roland compatible blade holder. It is overall perfect for the vinyl business.

Guidelines For Buying The Best Vinyl Cutter Under $300

For a machine under the affordable range, it is necessary to find less expensive accessories. Along with high-quality material, the other features should be supportive and well-functioned. These days, electric cutters are in action.


There are many drive motors. But in vinyl cutters, stepper motors are more affordable and precise. But these are for small businesses only.

For commercial-scale working, servo motors are best as they work smoothly and are perfect for versatile creativity. But the vinyl cutters with servo motors are a bit expensive.


There are various vinyl cutters in the market that have wireless Bluetooth connectivity. These are for the connection of the vinyl cutter with the cloud-based app and online design apps.

Such vinyl cutters are affordable and the best in performance. Moreover, if you are looking for a vinyl cutter, you can choose one compatible with all windows.

The vinyl cutter that can’t support any windows or Mac is not suitable for your business.

Types of Material

The selection of the vinyl cutter depends upon your type of business. Certain vinyl cutters are ideal for vinyl material, & paper card stocks, etc. if you have a commercial profession in fabric, you can buy a vinyl cutter that can cut and print fabric, leather, and even wood.

Tracking Precision

For the projects, the vinyl cutter should have high tracking precision. The vinyl cutters with digital-driven have 10- times more tracking precision than the standard one. For high tracking precision, the quality of the software should also be the best.

The vinyl cutters usually have different sizes and capacities such as desktop models that have 12*12″ and 12*24″ cutting mats.

The pressure of the vinyl cutter should be 500 to 800 grams for cutting the thick material. It is better to choose the vinyl cutter with one or more years of warranty and customer support.

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