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Do you love to make t-shirts for you and your friends? Or you want to open a business making t-shirts? Vinyl cutters are the best option for businesses and homes. In the market, many vinyl cutters are available. But it is a difficult task to find the best one.

This article will help you for the best vinyl cutter for making t-shirts for your fun or business. With the best vinyl cutter, you can work from home and then start online selling your t-shirts.

It is a great blessing in the era of a pandemic, where you have to stay home for your safety. It is a good start for the mini fashion business. Vinyl cutters are the best machine to expose your hidden talent.

Vinyl cutters are compute-controlled machines that are specific to cut precise and fast graphics for t-shirts, sheets, signs, boards, and many more. The vinyl cutters can be called plotters with blades. The vinyl software in them are creating eye-catching designs, and the computer then controls the edges and operates them according to the layouts.

These vinyl cutters are perfect for printing and cutting t-shirts. They make work easier and save time. You can create cheap and unique designs on t-shirts with a bit worth of investment on the best vinyl cutter.

There are two types of vinyl cutters; vinyl cutters for home use and vinyl cutters for small business. You can also buy the one having the quality to use both at home and for business.

Categories of Vinyl Cutters on a Usage Basis:

When you go for vinyl cutters, you must know your need and usage requirements. You need to determine you the type of machine you should buy.

For commercial usage, the vinyl cutter machine must have the ability to cut material on a commercial scale besides vinyl. Such vinyl cutters are big, expensive, and complicated as they have to process sophisticated designs with high speed.

For personal usage, you can buy a machine in a compact size. It should be fit on a desktop. Such machines are operation, quick and cheaper than the commercial ones. Keep in mind that expensive vinyl cutters are best for one task at one time, while smaller vinyl machines have multiple features.

Making t-shirts for you or others is an amusing and loving task. You can start your own business of making t-shirts for school students and younger. It is an easier task and a powerful source of earning. For the progress of your business, the t-shirts or garments you sell must be appealing. The vinyl cutters are the best way for pressing t-shirts and printing beautiful designs on them by heat transfer method.

Criteria For Buying The Best Vinyl Cutter:

Following guidelines will help you in buying the best vinyl cutter regarding economy and performance. The selection of the vinyl cutter depends on your need.


The size of the vinyl cutter is essential to consider. If you want a vinyl cutter for personal use, then its size should be small, and for commercial use, you can buy a large machine. Moreover, look for a vinyl cutter that is easy to use.

Material and Cutting Depth:

For durability and longevity, the vinyl cutter should have high-quality material. A high-quality vinyl cutter is compatible with the designing and cutting of all types of materials. You can check the compatibility of the machine before buying it by using different materials.

The vinyl cutter should be able to apply maximum pressure. As cutting depth depends on the pressure machine applies to the material. Most of the vinyl cutters come with 210gf force and able to cut about mm depth rate.

The maximum cutting depth of a high-capacity machine is about 2mm. Such vinyl machines can cut leather and thick paper also. For the t-shirts, it is better to choose a vinyl cutter that can cut a plethora of materials.

Printing Size and Facility:

General vinyl cutter has only a cutting facility. Only specific machines come with printing facilities. For the t-shirt, it is the perfect option to buy a vinyl cutter with both cutting and printing facilities. The vinyl cutter having two cartridges provides the printing facility, and in these sketches, a pen is also available for various colors.

The vinyl cutters with one cartridge also give this facility, but they create issues during cutting after printing. So it is better to choose a vinyl cutter with two cartridges.

The other factor that requires attention with it is the printing capacity. You can choose the vinyl cutters with 100dpi to 600dpi printing capacity for best working.

Design Compatibility:

The machine should be flexible, and the voltage rating should be compatible with the supply line. There is specific software for specific vinyl cutters. Most of the vinyl cutters do not work with third-party software. But certain vinyl cutters are not compatible with third-party software.

They have their software that can work on Mac, window, and third-party software. You can buy a vinyl cutter with Pixscan technology that can detect the outline of any design.

These features are a must to consider before purchasing a machine. The machine that has the more precise cutting ability can cut more complex layouts. So it is necessary to check the cutting capacity of the vinyl cutter you want to buy. The vinyl cutters usually work on a 12×12 inch mat and more than it.


All the vinyl cutters come with a bundle pack having pickup tools, hooks, spatula, sheets, and paper adhesives, and vinyl trimmers. If you buy a vinyl cutter with a bundle, you will not need to buy them separately. But such vinyl cutters are expensive. The vinyl cutter you choose must offer wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so that you may fulfill other needs as well.

The blades of the cutter should be sharp and of high0quality. Moreover, the vinyl cutter should be safe in use. It is essential to check the warranty of the vinyl cutter. Some manufacturers claim 6-month warranty, and some offer 3 year guarantee. You should purchase a vinyl cutter that can last longer.

Best Vinyl Cutter For T-Shirts:

Our top pick vinyl cutters for t-shirts are.

  1.       Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine
  2.       Silhouette Cameo Pro Vinyl Cutter
  3.       Graphtec CE7000-40
  4.       Heat Press Machine For T-Shirt
  5.       US Cutter MH 34in A Bundle

Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine:

When it comes to finding out the best quality vinyl cutter, you cannot forget Cricut, a leading company famous for high-quality vinyl cutters for different purposes. Cricut Explore Air wireless cutting machine is one of its best products for the t-shirt. It will help you in establishing a good t-shirt business.


This vinyl cutter has a dual cartridge that makes it twice faster in working. Moreover, due to this quality, you can replace one with a sketching pen for cutting and printing at the same time. This feature will make you able to cut box and fold line at once and replace one place with the other in case of a problem.

Its precise working quality makes it adorable among customers. Cricut Explore Air wireless cutting machine has an excellent cut technology that allows it to cut into small pieces precisely.

You can cut large designs for t-shirts and banners as it has a maximum range of 11.5×23.5 that is perfect for them. The adjusting blades do not require adjusting the setting of pressure and cutting depth. Cricut design online software allows the user to get instant access to different layouts for free.

You can download the images and designs. This vinyl cutter has wireless Bluetooth connectivity for any computer. It comes in an affordable range. It can cut over 60- materials easily.

Silhouette Cameo Pro Vinyl Cutter:

Silhouette also offers high-quality, fast, and durable vinyl cutters for cutting purposes. The Silhouette Cameo pro vinyl cutter is the best vinyl cutter, ideal for spreading your t-shirt business on a commercial scale. It can convert your small-scale business into a multinational job.


It can load a 20″ roll of heat vinyl transfer. Moreover, this vinyl machine can print the projects up to 60 feet. It is one of the best cameos pros that is Mac compatible.

This 24″ vinyl cutter has an auto blade tool that makes it perfect for t-shirts. It has outstanding printing and cutting capacity and comes with one-year warranty. The only thing that may cause tension is the uncomfortable design of the auto blade. It is short in size, and if you want a larger vinyl cutter, you will need to buy it separately, which is expensive for Silhouette.

Graphtec CE7000-40 Series:

Graphtec CE7000 series consists of professional vinyl cutters suitable for both beginners and professionals. This Graphtec CE7000-40 is perfect for cutting and designing t-shirts for personal use and commercial scale. It comes with Mac-compatible software.


It has an advanced registration mark sensing system that is quick and fast for cutting and printing projects. You will never disappoint by investing in this vinyl cutter machine. These vinyl cutters are available with a cutting force of 450gf and speed 1000mm/s. It is also best for printing HTV.

The company claims a 2 to 5 years warranty for this vinyl cutter. For the more productivity data link, a barcode feature is also there. It eliminates the need for a computer with USB thumb drive connectivity.

Heat Press Machine For The T-Shirt:

If you are starting the t-shirt manufacturing business, and you cannot afford expensive machinery. Then do not worry as we have found the best quality vinyl cutter Heat Press machine for the t-shirt. It is an ideal choice for beginners. It is a portable machine that is perfect for an easy task. Furthermore, it is easy to operate, and this quality makes it more adorable.


It is self-operating, you need to set temperature and time, and then it will work. It gives a professional look to the designs of the t-shirt. This machine takes 5 minutes to heat up and automatically shut down after 30- minutes. It is a budget-friendly and user-friendly vinyl machine that you can use for fun and hobby.

Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in The Bundle:

USCutter MH 34in the bundle is also the best quality and affordable vinyl cutter for beginners. It can cut papers, masks, t-shirts, and vinyl material. It is the best vinyl machine in performance. Furthermore, it has a 34-inch blade for cutting heat transfer vinyl and t-shirts. It has good cutting size, 39 inches per second cutting speed, and 350 gm force.


It is user-friendly and can also print logos, pin striping and letters. Its software has all essential features that make it the first choice for collaboration on a single unit. Its dual ball-bearing media roller system and spool function are time saving. But it has material limitations. It is easy to use and comes with one-year warranty.


All the vinyl cutters are the best. You can go for one that meets your requirement. But before purchasing, it is necessary to check reviews. Do not rely on others and check your product by yourself.

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