7 Best Laptops For Realtors & Real Estate Agents

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Today we will discuss the best laptops for realtors that will help them to make their more beneficial & easier with super-fast speed processors.

The laptop has become an essential requirement of today’s electronic world. There is no single field where you may say that laptops are not in use.

The market is full of diversified laptops, but every profession has different requirements. In this article, we have come up with the best laptops for realtors.

That is beneficial for them according to their needs. They have super-fast processors for processing the data in the best way.

There is a fast-growing advancement in laptops that makes it tougher to choose the best modal for their business development.

As a realtor or real estate agent, you must deal with multiple tasks, such as managing transactions, finding clients, updates about different areas, prospecting, arranging budgets, and paperwork.

That is why to maintain all this work online. You require the super fastest laptop for presentation to the clients. A super fastest laptop will help you to perpetuate all the data professionally.

But before going to the best laptops, we will discuss some key points that one should keep in mind while going for buying a realtor’s laptop.

Key Points for Buying The Best Laptop For Realtors

When we go for purchasing anything, we must have information about trending in the market, and we must know the qualities of things should have. So here are some key points that will help you in buying a good laptop.


We are living in an advanced technological world where everything is digital. So before purchasing any laptop, search for the famous brand and its performance.

The branded laptops have high quality. Remember that things on base on quality, not worth it.

Size & Weight

When it comes to size and weight, look for a laptop with a portable size and light in weight. The laptops should be travel-friendly so that you may continue your work during the journey.


When you go for the best laptop, check its performance which all lies on the laptop’s processor. It should be fast for searching, browsing, and compiling all the data for this purpose.

Its RAM should be enough to calculate and process the given data. Besides all this, the colors and clarity of its display should be best. You can also improve it by using the best GPU.

Storage Space

Being a real estate agent, you require a laptop with a lot of free space. It will protect and secure all the data of your clients and your projects also. Furthermore, it will provide a large volume of downloaded and installed data.

Power capacity

The power capacity/power life/ battery of your laptop should be long-lasting so that you may handle meetings and does your work without any use charge interruption.

Moreover, it must be durable, and its design should be according to your need. Always buy the laptop with a money-back guarantee and warranty. It will help you in replacing the one if it is not according to your work demand.

7 Best Laptops For Realtors In [current_year]

The following are the best laptops for realtors for [current_year] with unique features and performance.

  1. Lenovo Ideapad S145
  2. Apple Macbook Pro
  3. Dell XPS 15 Touch
  4. Microsoft Surface Pro 7
  5. Acer Aspire 5
  6. Lenovo Flex 15
  7. Huawei Matebook X

Lenovo Ideapad S145


Lenovo Ideapad S145 is among the best and most highly performed laptops of Lenovo Company. It is a travel-friendly notebook laptop with a thin body and light in weight.

It is a 15.6 inches notebook with a full HD display and 1920*1080 pixels of resolution. The LED-backlit non-touch display makes it more lovely and adorable.

This Lenovo laptop contains 12GB DDR4 RAM which is more than enough for large files, installed, and downloaded data. Furthermore, it has an Intel Quad Core i7-8565u processor that is powerful and provides fast data processing.

It is an 8th Gen pc and has a Windows 10 operating system. It fascinates your ideas in a better way and allows you to do something bigger and entertaining.

Moreover, its lithium-ion battery is more powerful and lasts up to 4- hours of constant work.

Other Accessories: 1 HDMI, Bluetooth, 1 USB 2.0, 2 USB 3.0, 4-in-1 media card reader, SSD 256GB, headphones, and a mic combo jack.

Cons: SSD is limited, and the display is not touched.

Apple Macbook Pro


Apple’s brand always comes with unique laptops that are durable and high-quality. Apple Macbook Pro is also one of those that suit the realtors much, but it is expensive.

It has a unique design that makes it attractive to customers. This laptop has a 13-inches brilliant retina with 300 pixels per inch panel.

The laptop has 2 Thunderbolts USB 802.11 AC Wi-Fi 10-hour long-lasting battery timing with 256 SSD storage and 16GB RAM.

It is lightweight and weighs about 4.9 pounds. You can carry it easily during traveling. The Apple mac book pro has an old magic keyboard along with backlit support.

It provides smooth functioning with the built-in trackpad. This laptop not only helps you in working but also attracts well-off clients towards you.

It also has an Apple T2 security chip that protects your data from encryption.

Dell XPS 15 Touch

Dell XPS 15 Touch is also an excellent piece for the realtor’s job. This laptop is the best for work and relaxation.

Your job is not on the whole day, so in an easy and free hour, everyone likes to have some fun and enjoyment by video games, videos, etc.

Dell’s laptops provide large storage and fast processing for gaming with processing work data.

This pc is unique & attractive with a 4k resolution touch screen that allows you to show your projects and presentations vividly to your clients. Its long-running battery makes it more fruitful for use.


This XPS 15 touch pc has an Intel Core i7 processor for the fast working of all installed applications or software. It has 16GB RAM and 512GB of SSD storage which makes it super-fast for work and also provides large storage space for storing data and other stuff.

It has a 4GB GTX 1050 graphic card that allows the running of graphic-intense applications smoothly.

You can play video games as well. But it is a bit heavy, so it is not easy to carry it for long-distance.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the perfect choice for those realtors who want the benefits of 2 in 1 convertible laptop.

This surface pro laptop is the signature product of Microsoft that has a slim and portable package.

This laptop has a pretty interface that makes it suitable for estate agents with a 10th generation Intel core i7 1065G7 processor & 1.3 GHz that can reach 3.9 GHz if it is for Photoshop & illustrator apps.

It has excellent Ram and storage that makes it the first choice for realtors. With 16GB RAM, it allows the user to open more than a dozen tabs on google chrome.

It also allows you to edit video footage for the clients and the presentation of your graphic. It has 512GB of SSD storage to keep the data safe and improves speed.


This convertible laptop has a 12.3 inches display with a 2736*1824 top resolution that provides higher quality than any HD panel.

Furthermore, all the functions of the Windows 10 operating system are under the control of the surface pen.

It has standard connectivity and supports the surface accessories, surface pen, and surface arc mouse.

But keep in mind that this pc has no keyboard, so you need to buy a Microsoft type cover separately. The battery running time of this pc is about 10.5 hours with one charge.

Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire 5 is also among the perfect laptops for realtors. It provides excellent performance within a low budget.

t is suitable for those who like to have bulky laptops. It has unique and well-defined features that make it the first choice of all Photoshop beginners also.

This laptop has an Intel Core i5 8265U processor with a base speed of 1.6 GHz that can reach up to 3.9 GHz if demanded. It is not for gaming.


Its maximum storage and memory make it more adorable for realtors. It has 8GB RAM that allows it fast browsing, and 512GB storage is best to store the data and transfer data fastly.

It also provides excess space for further work. It has 15.6 inches full display panel with 1920*1080 resolution. It has a superior backlit keyboard and a trackpad.

You can run Windows 10 on this system which is a highly advanced window and more common these days.

The battery life of Aspiring 5 is about 9 hours. It is entirely the best laptop for work, but it is too heavy and bulky with 5.84 lbs weight and 0.7 inches thickness.

Lenovo Flex 15

Lenovo always comes with high-quality and the best laptops. Lenovo Flex 15 is also one of the best series of the Lenovo.

It provides high-quality performance with a touch screen. This laptop is different from others as it has an AMD RYZEN 5 4500U processor with a speed of 2.1 GHz.

It provides an extraordinary availability for heavy tasks, including games and running apps having GPU resources.


This laptop has 16GB RAM and 256GB storage which makes it perfect for multitasking purposes, including Adobe Photoshop and others.

Its 14-inch display with full HD resolution facilitates the customer with high-quality videos and working.

It is a 2-in-1 device, so it has a keyboard inside it. For bye, it has a physical shutter for the webcam also.

The battery life of this pc is about 10- hours. It also comes with digital pen support. It is more suitable for heavy tasks as well.

Huawei Matebook X

Huawei Matebook X is a gorgeous and well-built laptop by Huawei. It is premium and high-quality. It provides a comfortable feel with a metal surface.

It has 13.3 inches display with a resolution of 2160*440. It is perfect for professional realtors with an Intel Core i7 7500u processor of about 2.7 GHz.

It has the best performance for storing files and all other graphical work. In addition to this, this laptop has 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage.


That makes it perfect for fast browsing, transferring data, and storing all the essential data. It does not compromise on the keyboard and provides a smooth and lovely typing experience for everyone. 

It provides a secure login with a one-touch fingerprint scanner. Its keyboard is water-resistance, and it has a great screen-to-body ratio. It is a light weighted and travel-friendly laptop. Its battery time is about 8 hours.

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