7 Best Korean Shampoo For Hair Loss

Beauty of the women lies under shiny and strong hair. Women are more sensitive and touchier for their beauty than men. To live a healthy and happy life, strong, bouncy, and healthy hairs are essential.

If your hairs are falling due to any reason it will turn your confidence level to zero. Korean products are the best solution for hair loss, oily scalp, and dandruff.

We have come with the best Korean shampoo for hair loss for the healthy nourishment of your hair and prevention of continuous hair loss.

The Korean beauty industry is well-known for natural products for the skin and hair. Korean shampoos have medicinal herbs and plants that play an important role in removing the hair problems deep down to the roots.

These shampoos are rich in healthy nutrients and stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp. They also help to clean out the oily clogged follicles and give hair a shiny and healthy appearance.

There are many reasons of hair loss such as excess use of hair spray, heredity, dandruff and many more.

Best Korean Shampoo For Hair Loss

Following are the best Korean shampoos for hair loss. You have to select the one that is according to your scalp type.

  1. Ryoe Korean Jinsaengbo
  2. Aromatic A Cypress Deep Cleansing Shampoo
  3. TONYMOLY Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack
  4. Innisfree My Hair Recipe Treatment
  5. Dori Gold Premium Shampoo
  6. Whamisa Organic Seed Shampoo
  7. Wow Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

Ryoe Korean Jinsaengbo:

Ryoe Korean Jinsaengbo is the best Korean shampoo for the oily scalp. It prevents the hair fall and gives good health and volume to the hair. It contains hyulhenggibodan, ginseng, sesame seed and mume fruit as main ingredients that keeps hair strong.

Best Korean Shampoo For Hair Loss

Ginseng gives energy to the damaged hair while sesame seeds give maximum soothing effect to the stressed scalp and cleanses the dead cells from the scalp.

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They also nourish the hair and provide strength to the damaged hair. For the best result, massage the shampoo for 1-2 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. It is also the best option if your hairs are affected by chemicals or the environment.

Aromatica Cypress Deep Cleansing Shampoo

The other best Korean shampoo for hair loss is Cypress deep cleansing shampoo of the Aromatica brand. It deeply cleanses the hair and removes the dead skin cells, dandruff, and excess oil due to clogging follicles.

Best Korean Shampoo For Hair Loss

It allows the dull hair to grow with full shine. The French cypress, eucalyptus, and pine leaf give an invigorating feel to the hair. A woodsy and spa-like scent will keep you fresh.

It eliminates the excess sebum, itchiness, and environmental residue such as dirt and dust from the hair. It meets the EWG’s strict health criteria. But it is greasy and sticky. Its pine smell is irritating for some people.

TONYMOLY Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack

Haeyo mayo hair nutrition shampoo is the best product of the tonymoly. This product nourishes the hair with ultra-rich strength and hydration due to egg yolk and shea butter.

Best Korean Shampoo

It works perfectly on the hair and enhances their strength and longevity. It smells good that keeps me happy all day.

Not only that, but it soothes the damaged hair and makes them thick and healthy. The fortified nutrition enriched oils provide moisture to the dry hair and repair the damaged hair.

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It leaves the hair with a sweet smell of vanilla and macadamia nuts. The egg yolk gives shine and a healthy appearance. Shea butter and vitamin makes it perfect for stubborn and frizzy hair.

Innisfree My Hair Recipe Treatment

This best refreshing treatment shampoo is lightweight and provides a cooling effect to the hair. It leaves the hair weightless, healthy, and shiny.  It is especially formulated for oily hair.

Best Korean Shampoo

The ingredients in it eliminate the excess oil from the scalp, balance the oil level and make the hair soft throughout the day. The silicone in some shampoo weakens the hair follicles therefore it is free from silicone for best nourishment of the hair.

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It makes hair follicles strong and prevents the hair loss. It calms the scalp skin from itchiness and dandruff by providing moisture.

Dori Gold Premium Shampoo

Dori gold premium shampoo facilitates the user with the best KI gold energizing medical beauty method that cleanses the hair and makes it strong and thick.


The power of 10 active plant-based ingredients and ginseng prevents the hair fall and reduces the itching also. The methanol in it, moisture scalp deeply and herbals soothes the irritation that may occur due to dandruff.

It improves the blood circulation and controls the bacterial growth. Along with reducing hair fall it also improves the hair texture. But it dries the scalp so always use it with the best hair conditioner. It also hinders the astringent effects and protects the skin.

Whamisa Organic Seed Shampoo

Whamisa Organic seed shampoo is the best solution for oily scalp. An oily scalp is the major cause of all hair problems including irritation, clogging of pores, hair fall and others.


Its pH is in between 4.2­­-4.7. It contains soybean, hordeum vulgare seed extracts and rice ferment filtrate as main ingredients. They help in soothing the skin, exfoliating the dead scalp cells, and hydrating it in the proper way.

They control the excess serum and hair fall without stripping out the natural oils. But they are only for the oily scalp not for dry hair.

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

It is the best product of the WOW that is free from all harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and many others. It is a rich product having 100% pure, unpasteurized, and unfiltered apple cider vinegar, natural extracts, and oils.

The saw palmetto extract, argan oil and sweet almonds oil helps to detoxify hair & scalp. They remove the harmful chemicals and dry cells from scalp such as dust, dirt, pollutants, and styling residues.

Korean Shampoo For Hair Loss

This shampoo brings silkiness to the frizz and weak hairs and strengthens them. It prevents split ends and hair breakage and also removes the tangles of the hair.

The virgin coconut and avocado oil rejuvenates the weak hair and provides vital nutrients for hair health. It maintains the pH of hair and scalp and this quality makes it perfect for both men and women.

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The other ingredients in it including essential keratin protein saw palmetto extract and vitamin B5 & E strengthens the hair strands and make them soft and silky.

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Hair Conditioner Set slowdowns the hair fall and male bald pattern with the combining effect of shampoo and conditioner.

Best Buyer’s Guide For Korean Shampoo

When you go for the best Korean shampoo for hair loss, always first concern your dermatologist or hair experts to know about the reason behind it. Keep in mind if you do not know the cause behind hair loss no costly shampoo will work. Next is to know the type of hair you have.

If your hairs are dry then prefer the shampoo that provides maximum moisture to your hair along with preventing the hair loss. For the oily scalp, look for the shampoo having capability to control excess sebum without removing the essential natural oil from hair.

For the thick hair, choose the shampoo that can make them soft and strong along with removing the dirt as they fast become dirty. Moreover, try to use shampoo along conditioners to make them soft.

The thin hair has a soft scalp surface that is the reason behind hair fall. So choose a shampoo to make them strong and healthy. The normal hair mostly starts falling due to dandruff or irritation so try to buy a Korean shampoo having tea tree oil extract for them.

Try to use shampoo with organic or plant-based ingredients instead of chemicals. Wash your hair with cold water only as the cold water closes the pores while warm water makes them fragile.


Why Korean Shampoos Are More Preferable For Hair Loss?

Korean products are usually plant based and free of harmful chemicals. They are formulated in such a way that they repair the hair from roots.

What Are The Reasons Behind Hair Fall?

There are many reasons behind it such as heredity, dandruff, itching, stress, hormones, health issues and styling residues.

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